St Matthews Church Ceremony | Auckland Wedding photographer

Simeti & Faith

St Matthews Church Auckland City, Dream Centre - Wedding Venues

Every wedding is so special! I can't believe how many events, emotions and feelings you can fit in just in one day and how many different type of photography happens:  details, portraits, kids pictures, family formals, couples special moments, documentary and lifestyle shots, candid shots of everything around.

I just love all this atmosphere!

This day 26th of June was such a special for beautiful couple - Simeti and Faith! These guys been the most amazing couple! Hard to imagine they together since their first meeting at high school, what a romantic story (school boyfriend became a husband :) 

It was amazing to move through this day with guys: getting ready at their houses (bride and groom not seen each other till this special moment in church where all families struggle to hold their tears, groom as well - Faith been so beautiful walking down the aisle).

Its amazing moments when bride went down to the aisle and groom been waiting for her near altar. Need to mentioned they choose an amazing church for their wedding - St Matthews Church in the heart of the Auckland City near Skytower. The interiors and architecture looks great, amazing lines, shapes and proportions, make you feel you in Gods House.

It was a little bit rainy and we decided to stay in church after the ceremony to take amazing shots with bridal party. We had so much fun and some lyric sensitive moments as well. Been pity to leave this location but people been waiting for us in other place - reception at Dream Centre in Manukau.

Over 500 guests been waiting for bridal party, excited and happy for couple. Need to mentioned Friday traffic from City to Manukau was just terrible (we spend at least 1.5 hour driving), but guys had real fun inside a big Limo, singing and dancing as much as they could in the small space :)

Reception will bring to the day more touching moments, dance and fun. Some speeches from friends and family, cake cutting, special waltz by couple and bridal party with swapping partners and parents involved :) Beautiful island dancers. It was really sensitive moment when all groom family been dancing together (and need to mentioned its a really big family :) Even grand grandma was standing in line with everyone. Bride received some traditional presents, their was few performances and items. Bride and Groom was so shining and full of energy. It was fun moments when bride and all party been dancing together. 

It was all so special and treasured moments. It was really hard to cut down any picture, they all turned just amazing (around 1000 edited pics!)

Thank you so much for inviting me to your wedding and sharing these special moments with me.

Happy future together, SImeti and Faith! See you soon!

Thanks for help to my second photographer Sonja and to my husband who made me a favour and shoot in the St Matthews church from the gallery (it was really important shots to take for me, because church just amazing! and couple looks just great in this interiors :)


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