Groom Getting ready {Auckland-Hamilton-Tauranga wedding-couples-engagement photographer}

Getting ready moments is a most interesting and special time of each wedding. Im usually capturing a lot of bride getting ready moments during weddings in Auckland, Hamilton, Tauranga and surroundings areas. 

It's really important for couple to have a complete story of their wedding day: from getting ready till reception. I found this moments really special and full of fun, romance and some thoughts and wisdom atmosphere.

It's lucky when I have a complete story of the wedding day with capturing both - bride and groom getting ready moments, because groom often stays behind the scene as bride have her priority place, ha-ha!

Here is a few pictures from my recent wedding which shows the spirit of groom getting ready moments. Groom and groomsmen, relax atmosphere, details shots with environment, atmosphere, suits, rings, shoes, tie etc.: moment of putting suits on, father or groomsmen helping, pictures with groom's family (they so important on wedding day!).

Sometimes I have time to shoot groom in between of bride getting ready when they staying in the same location, but I am also love to help out other wedding photographers and do second shooting work, when I able to shoot groom and his groomsmen getting ready for a longer time before the wedding ceremony, it's such a fun moments! 

Enjoy this gallery!

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