Best couple | engagement photos - Shoot & Share {Auckland wedding photographer} Award

So incredible news just happened - I been announced in the best couple | engagement photos by Shoot & Share contest based on public votes. Its such a honour for me, Auckland wedding photographer, to receive this award - 5th place from over 46000 submitted photos just in this category. Its a pleasure to be in the row with so talented international photographers. This is an amazing awards with opportunity for audience to choose their favourite photos. To be in the top 20 is a big honour {by the way announcements still going, fill free to watch first places in the video slideshows}

Thank you so much to my awesome couples who make all dreams come true in emotional, artistic, and real photographs!

Enjoy this best photos with winners!

The Best Images of 2018 - Dear Photographer {Auckland wedding-family photographers | Publications - Awards}

Im so excited one of my photos been included in The Best Images of 2018 by Dear Photographer Magazine and Community. Its such a big honour for me as Auckland wedding-family photographers to be in this international publication - awards.

The photo is chosen from one of my maternity sessions in Auckland on Muriwai Beach with beautiful couple Conny & Stewart at winter time in New Zealand. Such unforgettable memories and breathtaking photo shoot!

Enjoy it!

Conny & Stewart

Conny & Stewart

The Voice Finalist - Auckland wedding photographer: Awards - Publication

Im so excited to announce one of my images from Josh & Linda engagement session became The Voice finalist. Its such a great honour for me, Auckland wedding photographer, to be presented in this collection with finalists from all over the world. Congratulations to all talented artist to win this Awards! All photos from collection also been presented as a publication in Click Magazine - one of prestigious international publishers.

Need to mention, there was over 48000 submissions! Im so trilled to be one of the photographers - finalists! Its like dream come true! What a great way to start a New Year!

Enjoy full The Voice collection and spot this image below in “Womanhood” category {I could not wish for any others!}

Josh & Linda

Josh & Linda

P.S.: To my friends-photographers - don’t be afraid o put your work out there, you don’t have anything to loose! Dream Big and just go for it!

{also you can capture amazing moments with any equipment! My favourite Sigma 35 mm Art was in service that day and I used for this session Nikon 50 mm 1.8 Dx one of the kit lenses that I used when I got my crop camera at the beginning of photography. You just need your eye and ability to see the moment!}


Top 50 Best of the Best Destination Photo Contest Winner by Junebug Weddings - L and L {Auckland - New Zealand wedding photographers}

I'm so excited to announced one on my photos with Tina & Tony at Karekare Beach made it in Top 50 Best of the Best Destination Photo Contest by Junebug Weddings. Its such a honour for me L & L {Levien & Lens photography, based in Auckland New Zealand photos by Olga Levien} to be in such talented company of wedding photographers from all over the world.

Its truly unbelievable to make this list of best wedding photographers in the world!

I appreciate this opportunity and truly grateful for this acknowledgement.

Have at look at all these amazing international destination photographers art work and enjoy this photo with Tina & Tony who made their way from Australia to have their photos taken by me, Olga Levien, Auckland based wedding photographer!

We had such a blast! 

Iris Awards NZIPP {top award-winning wedding photographers in Auckland}

So exited to share with you amazing news: one of my images just got an award at Iris Awards by NZIPP {Wellington, New Zealand}, such a honour to be in a row with top award-winning wedding photographers and represent Auckland region.

Im so stocked with amount of talent in each category. Its a pleasure to win a Bronze Award in Wedding In Camera Artistry Category. Congratulations to all my friends-photographers, you are so talented!

Thank you so much for my awesome couples who made all dreams come true!

Iris Awards NZIPP {top award-winning wedding photographer in Auckland}

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Top 100 Wedding Photographers 2018 | Best Weddings Photographers Worldwide {Auckland elopement photographer}

So excited to be included in Top 100 Wedding Photographers 2018 by Wedding Photographer Society - Best Weddings Photographers Worldwide Magazine.

It's such a huge honour for me, Auckland elopement-wedding photographer to be in this publication with premier international destination wedding artists. Such a great place to be! I amazed by the level of talent in this magazine.

Enjoy the featured publication and breathtaking imaginary!

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Lemonade and Lenses Contest Winner - Wedding Category {Auckland - New Zealand elopement photographer}

So thrilled to receive fantastic news - one of my photos won Lemonade and Lenses Spring'18 International Contest - third place in Wedding Category. Such a great honour for me, wedding - elopement photographer in Auckland {New Zealand}, to be in the row with such talented photographers from all over the world. 

Have a look at all winners in newborn, child, senior, family, birth, boudoir, maternity, and of course weddings categories! 

Thank you so much for this award, it means a lot to me! Such a pleasure to receive a winning notification second time in a row!

Rangefinder Contest Winner {Auckland - New Zealand lifestyle wedding-family photographer}

I have amazing news: my personal project photo just won a Rangefinder Contest - first place in Children category!

You might know already I not only a wedding photographer, but also mum of two active little ones and often enjoying take a family photos. It is truly rewarding experience and allow me to remember different moments of my kids life and practice in photography, allow to show my Voice and artistic vision. Its a great honour to get amazing recognition from photographers not only in Auckland, New Zealand but all over the word!

So thrilled to be in the row with such a talented photographers and been publish in such prestigious publication as Rangefinder {New York, USA}.

I appreciate this attention to my work and recognition! Thank you so much for all kind words!

Another amazing news, this photo just been published in Click Magazine as well {check their latest issue!}. Can't be more pleased with this! My advice to all photographers - Don't be afraid to put your work out there, it eventually paid off !

Olga Levien in Wedding photography: 20 Top Photographers {New Zealand weddings photographer}

Its such an exciting news and great honor to find mine name in the row of 20 Top wedding photographers around the world. I'm, Olga Levien, a New Zealand based wedding photographer with experience of capturing beautiful and emotional meaningful moments on weddings all around NZ: Auckland, Waikato, Bay of Plenty, Northland including a South Island: Queenstown, Wanaka, etc.

I never thought my romantic and real photographs get noticed and mentioned in such a prestigious publisher and get viral around the world. 

Congratulations to all international wedding photographers from overseas and local Rambo Estrada who been included in this list! Thank you for choosing me and showcase my work, I appreciate it!

Its mean a lot and at the same moment not allow to stop and enjoy the moment, but move forward, progress and create natural, candid, and breathtaking imaginary.

You can find the details in this Article: "Wedding photography: 20 top photographers and their masterpieces"

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Clickin Walk 2017 photography contest winner {New Zealand lifestyle photographer}

I been surprised when I found out one of my images from international Clickin Walk just won 1st Runner Up - Best All Around contest winners.

I recently told you about our amazing Clickin Walk on Muriwai Beach {Auckland} with talented women-photographers. This inspirational walk running all around the world in the same weekend and organised by ClickinMoms - great community of women-photogprahers {full of support, advice, learning and inspiration}. I been one of New Zealand organisers.

Its a great honour my image been chosen from thousands of photos all around the world. I really appreciate it, but the best thing ever - we had amazing time all together, so good to catch up and talk photography, babies, kids and life.

Look forward to our next catch up in some beautiful, wild and amazing location around New Zealand}.

Have a look at the details of Clickin Walk contest winners and full gallery with highlights from our walk.

Clickin Walk 1st Runner-Up winner

Clickin Walk 1st Runner-Up winner

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Epson | NZIPP Iris Awards 2017 results {Auckland-Waikato-Bay of Plenty New Zealand wedding photographer}

Great news coming from Wellington {New Zealand} - Epson | NZIPP Iris Awards: our prints won Silver + 2 Bronzes in Wedding Creative category and 2 Bronze awards in Wedding Classic category.

Its a good experience. Winning awards not make you a better photographer, but the process of evaluating your own images, moving through your weddings and engagement session, picking photos what best speaks to you and according to your Voice and Style, re-editing them many times till its feels right and sending off to the public, share with photographers community, listen to their feedback definitely make you step up and became stronger. I totally recommend it to everyone.

I would love to say "Thank you" to my awesome clients who supporting me all this time {its pity I can't submit images from each wedding | pre-wedding session, every one of them so special and unique {NZIPP limiting the number of prints entering, but I still can keep them for the next year :)}.

Also Thank you to judges for valuable feedback {i especially appreciate their discussing over my Silver award image in Wedding Creative category, good to listen it online, so valuable feedback} - approximate quote:

Nathan: "Strong and obvious story... We are seeing the bride at the end of her photo shoot and she put a lot of effort... Its more like an anti-wedding shot, not staged candid moment. Its great photographer shared this images with our community." Sarah: "Its not just about the bride, groom there too..."

Enjoy these aware-winnig images and let me know if you have any questions!

Epson | NZIPP Iris Awards 2017 - SILVER {Wedding Creative}

Epson | NZIPP Iris Awards 2017 - SILVER {Wedding Creative}

Epson | NZIPP Iris Awards 2017 - Bronze {Wedding Creative}

Epson | NZIPP Iris Awards 2017 - Bronze {Wedding Creative}

Epson | NZIPP Iris Awards 2017 - Bronze {Wedding Creative}

Epson | NZIPP Iris Awards 2017 - Bronze {Wedding Creative}

Epson | NZIPP Iris Awards 2017 - Bronze {Wedding Classic}

Epson | NZIPP Iris Awards 2017 - Bronze {Wedding Classic}

Epson | NZIPP Iris Awards 2017 - Bronze {Wedding Classic}

Epson | NZIPP Iris Awards 2017 - Bronze {Wedding Classic}

{I shooting weddings mostly around Auckland - Waikato - Bay of Plenty and surrounding areas, but also happy to travel around entire New Zealand and overseas, especially off-summer season in New Zealand} 


Wedding Society Award - Best wedding photographers worldwide {Auckland New Zealand weddings photographer}

Excited to share with you some news: one of my images just won Wedding Photographers Society Award May'17 {Best wedding photographers worldwide}. So honoured to be in the row with such a talented international & destination wedding photographers from all around the world and represent New Zealand wedding photography {Im serving mostly Auckland, Waikato, Northland and Bay of Plenty areas, but travelling everywhere in NZ and around the globe}.

Enjoy these amazing images on Wedding photographers society website and have a look at our image from Kara & David wedding on Waihi Beach. It was such a beautiful and emotional, warm and cosy atmosphere. Couple been ready to do adventures things, climb up the rocks and its totally paid off in great memories and stunning photographs {which as you see get acknowledgement around the world}. I appreciate every minute with this couple and wish them all the best, happy future together in Canada.

Kara & David, Waihi Beach

Kara & David, Waihi Beach

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First look with dad {Auckland-Waikato-Bay of Plenty wedding photographer}

Its not a secret first look with groom became more and more popular lately {the moment when groom see the bride for a first time before the ceremony}. Im as wedding photographer capturing a lot of these beautiful moments on weddings all around New Zealand {mostly Auckland, Waikato and Bay of Plenty areas} and overseas. 

But for traditional couples who prefer to see each other when bride walking down the aisle, there a great alternative and such a special moment: first look for bride and her dad. Its such a treasured moments and memories. I always exited to see happy tears and lots of emotions around {even if Im a photographer and observer I still can get teary as well :)

If you looking for tips to organise this moment, here they are:

1. Keep dad away from bride's getting ready location for some time {so he don't had a chance to see his daughter-bride accidentally before the curtail moment}.

2. Let dad take the best position turning back to the bride's location {can be great to set this scene at the getting ready place or just next to it where plenty of space for photographer to walk and shoot around the moment and bride have space to walk towards her dad}.

3. Let dad wait for a few minutes {its can make the anticipation and emotions even sharper and photographer had a chance to let know the bride her dad is ready and she can start walking and grab his attention when she close}.

4. Make sure mum + bridesmaids {or other family members} can observe the scene nearby. Its really special moment for them as well. Quit often then family members hug each other, cry or laughing.

5. Turn around! To make this moment happen Bride can call her dad, touch the shoulder or close his eyes when she comes closer {all depends from personalities and what feels right to do at this moment}. Make sure its not too early, but just next to the dad.

6. Let moment happening unfold {bride, dad, family and bridesmaids just enjoying the moment and photographer capturing all the emotions, moments and details from far and close.

Illustrating this moments I just want to showcase these amazing emotional event with first look {bride and her dad} from my two recent weddings {second wedding gallery not even ready yet, but these moments with dad was so treasured and emotional}.

Enjoy it!

Kara and her dad {wedding highlights in the Blog}

Ilinke and her dad {final gallery in progress :)}

and Juliette with her dad {this capture won NZIPP Iris Award in Wedding Classic category}

I just this morning been catching up with Juliette after in cafe and it was so nice to chat about her and Jonny and her amazing family. {one year after their wedding gone so fast! time just flying!}

first look with dad - Castaways {Auckland wedding photographers}

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NZIPP Iris Awards winner {Auckland lifestyle wedding photographer}

Im so excited and honoured to announce that few of my images have been AWARDED this weekend at NZIPP Iris Awards, most reputable New Zealand Awards.

It was my first time entering, its really scary to put my work out there and at the same time I feel its motivates me and made realised there way to go and I need to push myself and progress! 
Thank you so much to my awesome clients who have made this happened, for your support and treasured time together!

Huge congratulations to all talented photographers and friends who had outstanding recognition - check out full results here
Thanks Evoke Studio for amazing quality prints!
Wedding Classic and Wedding Creative {Bronze}

Wedding Creative Award

Wedding Creative Award

Wedding Classic Award

Wedding Classic Award

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Look what inside {New Zealand award-winning lifestyle wedding photographer}

Look what I received this morning, parcel been laying at the door steps. I discovered it when come back after drop kids to pre-school and post USB to my awesome wedding clients.

It was a postage which fly all over the world from USA, from Lemonade and Lenses, beautiful magazine. I been excited to open the package and found the fine art print with my award winning photograph {first place} in Winter International Contest 2016 by Lemonade and Lenses. There also was a lovely note with congratulations and one of the issues of this gorgeous magazine. I'm so excited!

Thank you so much for the great honour to be a winner of the international winter contest in wedding photography category in a great company of so talented photographers from around the world. Im really appreciate it!

Look what inside the parcel :)

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