Candid Documentary Wedding - Engagement Photography

"Timeless...Romantic...Real...I love to capture beauty in the details and harmony in the moments!"

Olga Levien (Levien & Lens Photography - L & L) is an Auckland top wedding photographer {New Zealand}, document your unique memories in timeless, romantic and real style - mix of documentary and fine art. Working with her husband Matt completing a strong photography team. Mainly serving West Auckland, NZ and surrounding areas (Northland, Waikato, Bay of Plenty).  Destination weddings-elopement & engagement-couples photography domestic in New Zealand and worldwide-international {Australia, Pacific Islands, Europe: Italy, France, UK, Sweden etc.} with two top photographers. 

"The way I photograph is often intimate and personal. I love to capture raw emotions and connection between two souls, beauty and harmony in the candid natural moments. I would love to capture your special story in images that mean something to you and will be treasured forever. Let the adventure begin". Olga

"I love to see and capture the joy of the wedding day and see couples who became our friends, truly enjoying these moments passing so fast. Its so special to catch a split second moment that became a memory". Matt

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We are proud of the recognition and awards {more details at Publications | Awards}:

 20 Top Photographers, Wedding Photographer Society TOP 12, Rangefinder Contest Winner, NZIPP Iris Awards {8 awards}, Lemonade & Lenses International Contest Winner, Click Contest Runner-Up, Editors Choice 2016-2018, Bridal Guide, etc.

Thank you to our awesome couples | friends for these achievements! You are our everything!