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I'm Olga Levien, a New Zealand award winning wedding photographer, wife of a handsome kiwi husband and Mama of 2 beautiful babies - prince William and princess Anna-Bella; Click Pro at Click & Co.

I am originally from Saint-Petersburg, Russia {sorry for any further grammar mistakes} and met my husband overseas in Europe. The next thing I know, we moved to New Zealand (a very beautiful country with wild nature and a great lifestyle), based in West Auckland. Our two babies were born one right after the other (that was the plan!). They are so gorgeous and active. Yes, they can be a nightmare sometimes, but I love every moment with them. My husband completing my photography team and capturing amazing moments with our awesome clients.

My past teaching experience helps a lot with organising my sessions, I earned PhD and was a lecture at University. I am a people person, I love to talk and make everyone relax, even in hectic moments!

When I was little I dreamt about:

Photo by my dear friend Belinda Silk

Photo by my dear friend Belinda Silk

  • travel - and now I live in Hobbit country and I am happy to travel around for destination weddings!
  • being a figure skater - I started to learn figure skating when I was 25 and can do jumps and spins now - all things are possible if you really want them to happen!
  • history - going back in time to explore and experience different time periods and wear beautiful dresses - now I love to create these artistic moments with my camera, no limits for imagination!
  • want to know more? check other random facts about me :)
Photo by Anne Paar

Photo by Anne Paar

I love storytelling and being part of engagement and wedding celebrations, capturing all the feelings, seeing moments of both laughing and crying, documenting the true story of your special day. These are such treasured memories - everyone deserves to have their story told in images that speak from the heart! Love is all around us!

I would be excited to photograph your special moments, raw emotions and bring out beauty in the details. From the first love, to engagement right into the wedding, and then creating a new family with little ones.

My style is artistic, emotional and natural. I love light, black and white, timeless feeling, movement, with both contemporary and retro styles! I love my beautiful and elegant brides and grooms, treasuring their natural, fine art photographs. I love to find beauty in details and harmony in moments and spend time with great people. My Blog features my personal accounts and stunning sessions with my awesome clients.

Let me create beautiful memories for you through the art of photography!

Warmly, Olga

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 20 Top Wedding Photographers by Hongkiat: TOP 12 Wedding Photographer Society; 100 Photographers to Watch in 2018 by Click & Company; Rangefinder Contest Winner, NZIPP Iris Awards {8 awards}, Lemonade & Lenses International Contest Winner, Click Contest Runner-Up, Editor's Choice 2016-2018, Bridal Guide, etc.

Thank you to our awesome couples | friends for these achievements!


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