New Direction - Family | Kids | Maternity | Newborn photography in Auckland

Im so excited to announce a new direction in my journey - Family | Kids | Maternity | Newborn photography in Auckland, as well as my educational projects for photographers {Ebook “Tales of the Moments” and live and online workshops “Love, Light & Laughter”.

As a mum and photographer myself I treasure these moments with my kids, they growing so fast. I had a lot of inquiries from my past wedding clients about maternity/newborn shoots and can’t accomodate them all till now.

I decided to do a big leap in my photography, business and lifestyle and take on ONLY limited number of weddings {10! per year comparing with over 40 weddings last season!} and also switch focus to short couples, family sessions and elopements to spend more time with my family. My kids 6, 7 and 12 years old need my attention and support.

I’m very excited to move deeper into the new revenue and switch attention from big events to intimate sessions with ability to capture closer even more love and connection! I appreciate your support! Spread the word around!

I recently did a shoot with Natalia’s family and it was just incredible! Enjoy these highlights in photo gallery and let me know if you would like to book a session {only limited number of spots left this year}!. Get in before the Christmas!

  • Do you want to watch me shooting this family | kids photo shoot and learn everything from me? Join 4-weeks online workshop at Click Photo School “Love, Light & Laughter”. I can not wait for this adventure begin {28 October}

and… we are moving a house, again! Not far though, just around the corner from Hobsonville to Whenuapai :) I’m also thinking about creating in-home studio {work in progress}. I can not wait for new personal projects and collaborations!


Workshop for photographers in Auckland done {New Zealand wedding photographer}

Im so excited to share with you a quick news and sneak peek from my recent workshop for photographers in Auckland. We done amazing discoveries, soul searching, few creative shoots, portfolio critique, all things business and so many Ah-Ha moments! So amazing people joined from all around New Zealand and not only wedding but also family photographer.

Thank you to a great Creative team:

Couples: Georgiana & Codie, Tracey & Chris, Makeup - Lipstick & Co team @lipstick_and_co_team Dress designer - Harriett Falvey @harriettfalvey Venue - HU’s Art Farm @husartfarm .

Family of four - Muriwai Beach photo shoot {Auckland couple-kids photographer}

Im so excited to share with you a sneak peek with family of four - Natalia & Sam with their sweet daughters on Muriwai Beach {Auckland}. This photo shoot was just incredible, full of love, light & laughter, with couple and kids photos. Its a great honour for me another photographer and my friend, Natalia - Little Lovely NZ, trusted me to do photo shoot of her beautiful family!

Enjoy this quick sneak peek!

  • watch me shooting this session in my online workshop at Click Photo School, only two weeks to go now!

Contact me with any questions!

Forest + Beach Pre-wedding photo shoot {Auckland engagement photographer}

Im so delightful to share with you amazing forest + beach pre-wedding photo shoo with Hui & Alwen. Couple made their way from Hong-Kong to Auckland for their engagement session, it was a please to be their photographer.

We went to Riverhead forest first and then moved to the Muriwai Beach. It was amazing light and atmosphere. Such a magical comparing with original shooting date when was pure rain. Couple took a gamble and reschedule for their very last evening in Auckland, they moved to airport right after the session.

Enjoy highlights of this romantic photo shoot in the gallery! Let me know if you have any questions!

  • For photographers: “Love, Light & Laughter” online workshop open for registration at Click Photo School. Reserve your spot early to ensure availability!

Engagement session - Muriwai Beach {Auckland wedding photographers}

Im so excited to share with you a engagement session sneak peek with gorgeous Cherrie & Cecil at Muriwai Beach . Couple made their way from Hong-Kong before their wedding. Such a pleasure to be their photographers and document so many romantic, real and beautiful moments.

Couple shared their story: “We met ten years ago at the University. We took the same class in Philosophy, which was compulsory. Then we were being assigned to the same group for a project. We went out to a restaurant near the campus for noodles on our first date.”

Need to mentioned weather in Auckland at this time of year very changeable with lots of rain, we even rescheduling their session. Luckily this day was great. We had just enough sun to capture the beautifu of Love & Light and all connections.

Enjoy this session photo gallery!

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Before and After | Editing Workflow and Post-processing {Auckland engagement | wedding photographer

I never shared here my Before & After, what I do in my editing workflow and post-processing. There a lot of magic and work to enhance the world around, bring some colours, pop the subject, make background looks beautiful and my couples look their best, and add some contrast, as our cameras just can’t often translate how we see the world and how we feel it! Of course it all starting on location with getting it right in the camera, creating connections, compose boldly and choosing the right angle and perspective to translate emotions. But it also a lot of time afterwards working on details and bringing your vision to reality!

As an Auckland engagement and wedding photographer I traveled all around and visited many beautiful places at photo shoots, but my heart belongs to stunning West Coast Beaches {Piha, Muriwai, Karekare, Bethells etc}.

As an Artist Im bringing my vision in the final process creating beautiful, emotional and real photographs that connects to couple love and storytelling.

Enjoy my Before & After to see what I changed in post-processing Jess & Jason pre-wedding session. Watch me shooting and editing this photo shoot in my online workshop “Love, Light & Laughter” at Click Photo School {registration open now, spaces fill out quickly, get in first}.

Before {SOOC - straight out of camera image}

Screen Shot 2019-09-24 at 10.09.46 AM.png


Before and After | Editing Workflow and Post-processing {Auckland engagement | wedding photographer



Before and After | Editing Workflow and Post-processing {Auckland engagement | wedding photographer


Screen Shot 2019-09-24 at 10.12.49 AM.png



Screen Shot 2019-09-24 at 10.10.22 AM.png


Before and After | Editing Workflow and Post-processing {Auckland engagement | wedding photographer

Let me know if you have any questions!

Love - Light - Laughter - pre-wedding session in Auckland {engagement - wedding photography}

Im so excited to share with you my recent session on Muriwai Beach. Great news its been filmed for my online workshop “Love - Light - Laughter” at Click Photo School. You can see me creating connections and shooting this pre-wedding session in Auckland with Synthea & Nathan, such amazing couple, just had their engagement and preparing for upcoming wedding in may. Such an exciting time!

This beautiful photography gallery truly reflect all emotions, real moments and document feel of adventure. Couple been dancing, walking in the water. Once I even got washed out by unexpected wave {luckily camera was save}.

Enjoy highlights in photo gallery:

Clickin Walk 2019 - Karekare Beach + Falls {Auckland lifestyle family-wedding photographers}

Im so excited to share with you photos from very special event - annual Clickin Walk 2019 on Karekare Beach and Falls, where women {Auckland lifestyle family-wedding photographers, Clickin Moms} comes together once a year to meet, chat and take some photos on the way.

This time we met on amazing setting with gorgeous landscapes - wide open Karekare Beach, place where famous Piano was filmed.

We usually rotating location {last year it was Auckland City, previous year Muriwai beach}, and this time it was just perfect for finding peace and tranquility in a nature setting.

Enjoy highlights in photo gallery. What a pleasure to organise and meet so many wonderful people!

Don’t forget to secure your space for online workshop “Love, Light & Laughter” at Click Photo School {28 October}. Spaces are limited to ensure best possible experience. This time we go deep and personal!

Love, Light & Laughter | online workshop for photographers - Registration Open {Auckland wedding-family photographer}

***The Secret Revealed!!!***

The project that I been working on for almost a year, putting all my knowledge, my heart and my soul, "Love, Light & Laughter", is LIVE now!

Registration for Online Workshop for photographers is officially opened at Click Photo School!

* Reserve your spot early to ensure availability! Spaces are limited for best possible experience!
It will be amazing ride full of learning, inspiration, soul searching and discoveries, new friendships and individual feedback on assignments and portfolio! Let the adventure begin!

Learn more below:


Learn to create emotive imagery that speaks from your heart by working with visualization and intuition, using landscape marks, and finding ways to connect to your subject. Olga will provide tools for personal and professional growth by teaching you new techniques, workflows and tips, as well as encouraging and supporting your development as an artist and storyteller.

“This workshop is about YOU, your passion and struggles, your journey and discoveries. I'm simply here to help you find your strengths, to enable you to discover and translate your unique voice, to improve your photography and storytelling. I’ll help you grow and progress, as you discover your Voice, learn a solid understanding of the elements of the frame, bringing light, composition, elements of design, moments and storytelling together, while keeping your photography and home life in harmony, enabling to connect to your audience, and continue progressing.”

The course aims to discover the student's personal strengths. It will provide tools for personal and professional growth by learning new techniques, as well as encouragement and support for the student’s development as an artist and storyteller. This course is not genre specific and all photographic interests are welcome.

This course is beneficial for both new and experienced photographers.

You will learn:
-           how to develop and refine your personal photography voice and style

-          how to effectively communicate and direct your subjects to reveal the heart of your  photoshoot

-           how to create emotive imagery and showcase connection

-          how to use psychology in photography

-          how to use location and landscape marks in your photography

-           how to incorporate different elements of design for stronger composition

-          how to see and make the most of light

-           how to see and shoot through the moment

-           how to finish in post-processing in line with your style

-          how to put your work “out there” and connect to your audience

-           how to find the direction of your photographic journey

-           how to create a “photography map”, to keep progressing, continuing to stay true to yourself as you develop your skills and talent

OlgaLevien-wedding-photography-workshop-Love-Light-Laughter-36-2 copy.jpg

Olga Levien is a New Zealand artist, mum, mentor, and a successful award-winning wedding and family photographer. You’ll often meet Olga on the wild Auckland beaches capturing connection between couples, or at the ice rink mastering her spins and jumps in adult figure skating competitions.

She’s also an everyday storyteller seeking adventures and loves to capture family activities with her three active little ones. “I love to capture the beauty in the details and harmony in moments”. Olga connects her passion for photography and teaching in her educational projects. She earned her PhD in pedagogical science and has worked as a teacher and a university lecturer. Originally from Saint-Petersburg in Russia, Olga met her Kiwi husband overseas, in Europe, and moved countries for LOVE.

Her class aims to help students discover their authentic voice and their strengths as a photographer and artist. Learn from Olga’s world of creating powerful connections and emotions in her photographs, learn to shoot on location in any type of light and environment, be inspired, gain practical knowledge and skills and ... many more surprises!

Join Olga on this exciting and inspiring adventure packed with tips and fresh techniques!

Best of the Best Destination Contest winner by Junebug Weddings; Best Couple Photographer by LooksLikeFilm; RangefinderFamily Contest Winner, 5th placeShoot & Sharecontest {couple category}; TOP 12 Wedding Photographer Society;100 Photographers to Watchin 2018 by Click & Company; The Voicecollection finalist 2018 {Womanhood category}; NZIPP Iris Awards{8 awards}, Top 10 New Zealand wedding photographers by Junebug Weddings; 20 Top Wedding Photographers by Hongkiat, Top 60 Elopement Blogs; Best of 2018 by Dear Photographer; Lemonade & LensesInternational Contest Winner, Editor's Choice 2016-2018 etc.

Best of 2018 | 2019 - family-kids personal photos {Auckland wedding engagement photographer}


This season pass so quickly, one of the best so far! . I mostly benn shooting in Auckland {family-newborn photographer} and travel around New Zealand and beyond {to Pacific Islands, Germany, and Bali as wedding engagement photographers with my husband Matt - associate}. i would love to share with you best family, newborn photos as I already shared top wedding-engagement photos of the season.

As a photographer and mum I treasure all these special moments that fly by so fast! Enjoy highlights of this season in the gallery.

Contact me with any questions!

P.S.: Im so excited about my upcoming workshop “Love, Light & Laughter” at Click Photo School. It’s going to be amazing 4 weeks full of learning, inspiration, new friendships and personal feedback and growth. I would love to have you join!

Love and Light - Pre-wedding session in New Zealand {Auckland engagement photographer}

Love and Light - these two words perfectly describing this gorgeous pre-wedding session New Zealand - Auckland with Hui & Elwin {couple made their way from overseas and it was a honour to be their engagement photographer and document such emotional and real moments}.

Gorgeous Hui & Elwin! When couple made all the way to New Zealand from Hong-Kong for their couple's session, it was rainy, but they decided to take a gamble and move the session to their very last evening before fly out of New Zealand. Luckily sun come out this time for a couple of minutes and we manage to capture beautiful moments and connection, just before couple head to the airport form the beach. Such a great memories! Safe travels!

Enjoy this quick sneak peek, more pictures coming soon!


  • another exciting news - new online workshop with Click Photo School coming in October. It will be all about Light, Love & Laughter, creating connection and emotive imaginery. It’s going to be amazing 4 weeks full of learning, inspiration, new friendships and personal feedback and growth. I would love to have you join!

Mudbrick Vineyard Estate: Charlotte & Joseph {Auckland wedding photographers}

One of the last weddings of this season took place in Mudbrick Vineyard Estate {Waiheke Island, Auckland} in May, where Charlotte & Joseph celebrated their special day surrounded by close friends and family. It was a honour to be invited to document such magical moments as their wedding photographers.

Couple shared their story that been on the reception tables as well: “The tale of how they met is a classic modern-day romance. Charlotte and Joseph matched on tinder in 2015 over the Easter break when Joseph was down in Wellington visiting his family. They connected over similar pasts and spent the next couple of days playing 2 truths and a lie and getting to know each other. On the 6th of April 2015, a few hours before flying back to Auckland Charlotte and Joseph agreed to met up at a café in Wellington. While walking to the café Joe asked Charlotte ‘Have you ever watched friends?’ Charlotte played it cool, tried not to let her inner friends freak out and said ‘who hasn’t?’. He had mentioned to his sister that he was going on a tinder date and her response was ‘do you think she is going to walk in, see you and leave?’. It was then that she knew she would get along with his Family. From the start the relationship was long distance with Charlotte living in wellington and then moving further away to Sydney. Although the distance was hard on them both they knew that this was something different, special, and distance or not they needed to figure out just what this was…”

The proposal: “ In September 2017 Charlotte and Joseph were off on a holiday to Samoa.. Charlotte had a small hope that this trip might involve a proposal, knowing that joe had already gotten a ring and despite him telling her before the trip that it was not going to happen as he hadn’t had a chance to talk with her dad yet. The first 3 days in Samoa Charlotte and Joseph stayed in some beach front fales in a smaller village. These fales had no locks on the doors so we were advised to take anything of value with us when we were out during the day. After going out a few times the only valuables joe took with him was his phone and money so Charlotte came to the conclusion that he must not have the ring with him as surely he would not be that careless. Thinking now that the proposal was not going to happen on this trip Charlotte decided to give joe a hard time and point out all the beautiful places in Samoa that would be perfect for a proposal, little did she know that he was that careless and had the ring. After 4 days and about 6 perfect proposal opportunities pointed out by charlotte they went back to the main island in Samoa and checked into a resort. At dinner that night joe took the ring with him and was planning to propose. After dinner he asked charlotte if she wanted to go for a walk along the beach, thinking that sunset on the beach would be perfect. But charlotte’s response was “ Na, I don’t feel well, can we just go back to the room”. The next morning, with charlotte feeling a bit better they decided to go for a walk before breakfast. They walked out on this beautiful natural pier that was lined with palm trees and had a landing at the end. Charlotte was about to point out another beautiful location for a proposal when joseph shut her up by getting on his knee and asking her to spend the rest of their lives together, and of course she said YES!”

Such an amazing love story!

Great Creative Team: Dress- Stella york (from bridal brilliance); Makeup and hair- Olga Gill; DJ- Will Kapa; Acoustic singer- Alex London and Auckland wedding photographers - L & L - Olga & Matt {Levien & Lens photography}.

Enjoy highlights in photo gallery and contact me with any questions!

Learn how to capture storytelling on weddings at my upcoming workshop in October - Love, Light & Laughter at Click Photo School. It’s going to be amazing 4 weeks full of learning, inspiration, new friendships and personal feedback and growth. I would love to have you join!

Delaware Estate - St Mary's Church {North Shore wedding photographer}

Im so excited to share with you one of the beautiful events in Delaware Estate and St Mary’s Church {North Shore} - Gabrielle & Luke’s wedding that I had honour to be photographer at.

Couple shared their story: “Luke and I have been together just over 9 years. We met when I was about 14 and started dating when I was 16, we have been through a lot together. When I was in year 11 I was in a very bad accident and was in a neck brace for months, Luke was incredible. When I was 19 my mum was diagnosed with breast cancer stage 4 and after horrible treatment she recovered. 4 years later my Dad was diagnosed with neck and nose cancer who also had to go through severe treatment. Once my Dad's treatment was coming to an end, we found out my Mums cancer had returned. 6 weeks later my mum passed away. Life hasn't been easy, but Luke has been there through it all with me and has always been there for my family, just as I am for him. We are not only partners, supporters but just best friends.”

Great Creative Team:

Wedding Planner - Becks at EnvyEvents; Band - The Pick upz; Make up Artist - Agnes; Hair - Amy; MC - Matai Rangi Smith; and Auckland wedding photographer - L & L photography {Levien & Lens}, thank you Tashina for assisting.

Enjoy highlights in photo gallery, contact me with any questions!

Best of 2018/2019 Season {Auckland wedding and engagement photography}

I want to share with you today best of 2018/2019 season - my amazing couples - in Auckland, wedding and engagement photography. Traveling to Europe, Fiji, Bali and around New Zealand.

Last season started at the end of August and finished at the beginning of May, with so many amazing romantic and real moments, such a great memories. Its so hard to choose just one picture from the session/wedding from hundreds and thousands of them, Im so in love with all couples and weddings!

Enjoy these highlights in Best of 2018/2019 season gallery!

Thank you so much my amazing couples for your support and love!

  • Learn how to capture real and emotional moments at my upcoming workshop “Love, Light & Laughter” at Click Photo School. It’s going to be amazing 4 weeks {from 21 October} full of learning, inspiration, new friendships and personal feedback and growth. I would love to have you join!

Family of four {Auckland newborn-kids photographer}

Winter is a perfect time to get some family photos taken {Like this family of four in Auckland}, especially when you just had a newborn. Such a precious memories of your kids, so treasured moments for mum and da and me as well as their photographer. Im as a mum of three myself totally feel connected to these beautiful people and their little ones! Such a beautiful and treasured memories!

This time I visit gorgeous house at North Shore where I met Meg, Mark and their two little ones - Lily and Zakki. Thats how this family describe themselves: “Mark is dad and he loves golf Meg is mum and she is ? Idk , - Lily is 18 months and loves the wiggles to bits , loves to dance , loves books, Zakki is just four days old . He is small dark and handsome. Bob is our ragdoll seal point cat . He is a good looking dude and he knows it. Jagger is our blue point ragdoll and she is a sweet doll”. You can get such a great vibe just from this awesome description!

Enjoy highlights of our session!

Contact me with any questions!

  • Learn how to capture storytelling moments in my upcoming online workshop “Love, Light & Laughter” at Click Photo School. It’s going to be amazing 4 weeks full of learning, inspiration, new friendships and personal feedback and growth. I would love to have you join!

Moody Styled Shoot - HU's Art Farm {Auckland wedding photographer}

We had an exciting collaboration this winter - moody styled shoot at HU’s Art Farm {West Auckland}. Few wedding vendors come together to create an amazing atmosphere and some stunning photos: photographer - Olga Levien at L & L; make-up artist and hair stylist Olga Gill; gorgeous model - Ioana Damiani; dresses - Jessica Bridal; planner, stylist, flowers - Becks at EnvyEvents and stylish venue - HU’s Art Farm {with variety of shooting locations}.

It was a rainy day and we been happy to work under the cover in such a gorgeous location, get creative and “capture the beauty in details and harmony in moments” - my mojo!

Enjoy highlights in photo gallery!

  • Learn how refine your style at my upcoming workshop “Love, Light & Laughter” at Click Photo School. It’s going to be amazing 4 weeks full of learning, inspiration, new friendships and personal feedback and growth. I would love to have you join!

Traveling Dress Project publication - Personal photography {Auckland fine art photographer}

Winter is a perfect time for recharge and bring in more creative vibe. One of the ways is Traveling Dress Project - a personal photography and way of collaboration with other photographers, from Auckland, around New Zealand and beyond, including Australia. Eight incredibly talented lifestyle and fine art photographers come together to choose one dress and send it to each other, taking pictures with their daughters in their personal photographer style. Its such a great way to try something new, get inspired and capture a few stunning photos , treasured memories with our family - little ones. My daughter been very excited to try this dress on, explore around the bushes at some rainy afternoon. You can see our photographs below and some more photos from all artists, shared these photographs when dress made a full travel around the globe.

Enjoy highlights and memories in The Traveling Dress Collective Blog publication and few our photos below

  • learn how to find your Voice in any genre {including personal projects} at my upcoming online workshop “ Love, Light & Laughter” at Click Photo School. It’s going to be amazing 4 weeks full of learning, inspiration, new friendships and personal feedback and growth. I would love to have you join!


Learn - Love - Light - Laughter {Auckland wedding photographers workshop}

We had amazing time and Learn - Love - Light - Laughter at my Auckland wedding photographers live workshop. It was 2 days full of shooting, inspiration, creative discoveries, all things business and much more. We found new friendship, creative boost, mojo and there was so many heartwarming moments!

It was such a treasured time in West Auckland in The Barn, Honeysuckle cottage, Muriwai Beach and forest. SO many A-Ha moments!

Thank you so much to all incredible photographers attended the workshop and share their goals and doubts, we work on boosting the confidence and finding strength and areas of improvement through portfolio reviews and more. See their amazing photos from the workshop below {and few of mine as well, I get a chance to sneak a few in between of chatting and helping everyone to find their ways}.

Thank you amazing creative team joined us in this beautiful location:
@lipstick_and_co_team - hair/makeup
@harriettfalvey - wedding dresses designer
@envyeventsnz - planner/stylist
Jerusha & Alan - couple
Juliette @snorkelstosnow
Venue: The Barn and Honeysuckle cottage

and your Auckland wedding photographer - Olga Levien L & L

Look forward to our next run in October! Not long to go now! {also don’t miss Melbourne run in December and February}. Details at photography workshop site.

Big news: I just signed the contract for another educational project with international Click Photo School, my online workshop! I already had amazing collaboration with them last year with my Ebook “Tales of the Moment”, it was truly incredible experience. I can not wait to present new learning materials in October and connect with people, help them progress, find connection in their photographs and connect with inner voice and the subject, and find their balance in photography, business and life. Watch this space for more details!

Enjoy highlights of our amazing time on Learn-Love-Light-Laughter workshop - experience - shootout for photographers in Auckland, New Zealand.

Karyn Worthington

Karyn Worthington

Sophie Jane

Sophie Jane

Olga Levien

Olga Levien

Olga Levien

Olga Levien



Sophie Jane

Sophie Jane

Behind the scenes by Kirsten

Behind the scenes by Kirsten

Olga Levien

Olga Levien

Sophie Jane

Sophie Jane

Kirsten Walsh

Kirsten Walsh

Chloe Lodge

Chloe Lodge

Olga Levien

Olga Levien

Orakei Bay - Kings Garden Cafe {Auckland wedding photographers}

This was one of amazing event in Orakei Bay venue and Kings Garden Cafe {Auckland} where Danielle & Hugh get married surrounded by close friends and family. It was a honour for me, their wedding photographer, to document such a special moments on this day where even rain cant stop on the way of this celebration. We spent the couples photo shoot at Hobson Bay walkway between the ceremony and reception at cafe.

Couple shared their story: “He proposed on a Samoa trip. We were snorkelling out in the deep and he hid the ring underwater on a piece of coral... I thought I had found someone elses beautiful diamond ring by chance, I turned around and he was on one knee ! ROMANTIC” Such incredible story!

Great Creative Team:

Dress: Bariano Suit: Cerruti Flowers: Roses Mt Eden Makeup and Hair: Rouge & Scout Celebrant: Cora-Allan Wickliffe and Auckland wedding photographers - Olga at L & L, Levien & Lens photography.

Markovina Vineyard Estate {West Auckland wedding photographer}

It was an amazing day in Markovina Vineyard Estate {West Auckland} where Nicole & Juan celebrated their special day, it was a honour to be their wedding photographer. This lucky couple was a winners of my Wedding Photography Giveaway, and it was a pleasure to document their full day. Need to mention from the first meeting we became friends and i was so thrilled couple shared these warm and cosy atmosphere, love and positive moments with me.

Great Creative Team:

Dress: Kellylin Couture Suits: Hallensteins Flowers: Bloomin Krazy Make Up: Kate Manihera Celebrant: Joe Shave Mariachi: Mariachi New Zealand

and Auckland wedding photographers - L & L - Levien & Lens photography