Christmas 2014. Celebration with family. Event photography

Christmas  - its a special time for everyone (adults buying presents, kids waiting Santa and Christmas morning).

This Christmas day we woke up early and found presents under the Christmas tree. William became old enough (2.5 years) for understand whats happening. He been really happy get his new big truck. Anna-Bella, our little one, get pretty doll with pram. So morning start with presents and continue at my mother- in-law's place at North Shore where we spend nice and relaxable Christmas day with family (5 adults, 3 kids and 2 dogs :).

Christmas presents, wraps everywhere, cards and decorations, barbecue, Christmas lunch slowly move into dinner :), Pavlova (yummy desert called by Russian ballerina Anna Pavlova - close to me), kids on the slide, bubbles, fun...

And We finished this day with driving back home late evening through City centre and seen beautifully decorated Franklin st. Here lives Christmas spirit - Lights, reindeers, Santa, elves, angeles, love hearts...   Traffic was really slow, all people in cars been watching great decorations, slow down near each house, enjoy, take a pictures (me too!). Thats made our day!

And when kids been sleeping in car we realised its was first Christmas celebration when we could relax (kids now big enough for not take all our attention and power :) It was really cute to watch William playing with his new cars - put them in line and counting. I clear heard numbers up to 6, impressed :)

Merry Christmas everyone and enjoy your family time and holidays! Have rest and relax!

Here pictures coming :)