Sweet 10 days Baby Boy - Newborn Photo Shoot {Auckland lifestyle photographer}

Newborns - what a gorgeous little things to photograph! So sweet and cuddly! You want welcoming them in this world, support and help to explore.

Little toes, fingers, sleepy eyes, so tiny babies!

I had a honour to take a lifestyle pictures with new born baby Matvey yesterday, just 7 days old (up to 10 days they really sleepy and you can try different poses while they saw a dreams :)

Amazing how life goes fast. Just few month ago I been taken pictures with his little cousin Max. They so happy to have each other and will grow together, happy mamas :)

Baby Max

Baby Max

So now time to take a pictures with little wee boy Matvey. He so beautiful and sweet, fragile and strong little baby! He even lift his head at some point photo shoot (when been laying on tummy - what a strong boy!)

Newborn photo shoots always takes a lot time, need be patient with each posing, settle baby (proper feed before), had really warm room (preheat before, so baby feel warm without dress),  use white noise etc. Usually mummy feed baby, we took some shots when baby still active and then when baby asleep put him in prepared props (bean bag, feeding pillows, blankets, put heats on, change outfits during the shoot carefully), click from all different angles and positions. 

Sometimes baby awake during the shoot (even if mum sure he gonna sleep at least 2-3 hours, but surprise-surprise! - sometimes his routine work different from usual, and baby soon awake and need feed and been settle again. Its could take a time what we usually using for take another shots with mummy and prepare another props (basket, boxes, blankets etc). And lucky enough - baby sleep again and we could do our magic shots!

Lucky enough we had ability took him outside in basket (he went to second deep sleep). Just love these shots, happy with this opportunity! And even when he wake up we manage to took some shots with Mama Alexandra (baby been undress, so really fast some water come on mummy's dress)! Thats been unexpected but we finished with few more shots. 2.5 hours shoot done!

Meet little baby boy Matvey!

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