Bridal Portraiture | Photography Tips {Auckland-Hamilton wedding photographer}

Bridal Portraiture is one of my favourite genre, and one of the most exciting moments on the couples wedding day. Maybe because Im myself a women and want to capture all this beauty and happiness on bride's special day. 

Im always full in love with my brides when I see how they getting ready during the wedding day, putting make-up on, dress and vail, walking down the aisle, being with the groom. Its such special moments!

Then comes all hectic and busy time but I always love to make special time for them to relax, take a big breath, have intimate moments with groom along at location photo shoot. Then comes time to take just a few shots with bride, show her character, personality and beauty.

If you ask me how to make the most beautiful bridal portraits on your wedding day I can tell you: its not a secret - just need ask bride to look at love of her life, at her groom | husband will see in her eyes all the beauty, passion and love. Its special moments!

Bridal portraits can be romantic, editorial, but also fun and crazy :) It all depends from personality of the bride and photographer of course. I like to go with the flow and feel my couples what they love to do, what pictures can be special for them. Sometimes you can be surprised when even fun loving brides found after the wedding session romantic photographs in their final galleries and full in love with them. You never knows ;) 

So lets create these beautiful moments, have some breath in between of this hectic day and capture beauty and happiness!

Here is my recent bridal portraits with my stunning brides, thank you so much for sharing these special moments with me. Love you all!

Enjoy this gallery!

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