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It's time for new creativity exercise for you and your kids!

Take a camera, dress kids appropriately and go explore!

Yes, today creativity exercise: to capture the exploring moments. Kids just love to go to new places, playgrounds, parks, search and explore everything around. It can be so much fun. Just have camera ready and follow them, watch around for best composition, wait when they come at this point, or create this moment with different questions (not just boring - "Can you stand there" (what of course could work :) But maybe use some playing moments ask "Looking for fairies", or "treasure" or " pirate ship" or just a new bird or animal depends what your kids love to do, what their interests are.

We with kids been exploring a new playground at far school. We drove around and found great place with few playgrounds and a secret passage, and a boat, and a playhouse. What a great place to be! Kids just love to explore everything around, and adults as well. We just followed them :)

Here is a few pictures, we all had fun!