Commercial photography Auckland | Pictures for website

What could be better playing with toys? Having a photo shoot with a lot of toys! :)

So many cute little things what can make kids and their parents so happy. Thats what I done last Saturday - had a commercial photo shoot for Pioneer Wooden Toys. Pictures turned out just amazing! 

I was so happy to see them live on their Facebook page straight away: little wooden furniture, bed set, living room, kitchen etc Also big trucks, cars, rocking chair, riding truck, real kid size ironing board, washing line and much more. Kids were so happy to play around all these toys! My little models: William and Anna-Bella did a wonderful job just by having fun with these little treasures while I been shooting around.

What a fun time! Enjoy this pictures.

Please let me know if your interested in taking pictures for your website, blog, head shots for your company or social media. I would love to help!

Contact me with any questions!