Father's Day feature by Fearless Photographers {New Zealand award-winning wedding photographer}

What a great news come this morning: my picture from Ngawaiata & Sefo wedding been chosen for Father's Day gallery by Fearless photographers, great community of best wedding photographers in the world! It's great place to be and Im happy to represent a New Zealand wedding photography :) Its not an actual award but its great when your images get acknowledgement and take place in beautiful emotional gallery by so talented photographers around the world, Im so honoured!

Fathers and brides {or fathers and grooms} relationship are so special and I love to capture these unique moments on the wedding day. 

"Weddings mark an important new phase in the life of a child and a family, and dads—whether they wear their feelings on their sleeves or tend to be more restrained—are rarely untouched by the emotions and meaning of the milestone. Especially for the father of the bride, walking his little girl down the aisle is a deeply meaningful and long-awaited experience.  
As these images by Fearless Photographers show, dads are an integral and meaningful part of the wedding day!" Fearless photographers

Enjoy this Father's Day gallery by Fearless photographers and have a look at this beautiful moment with Ngawaiata and her father just before the ceremony, so treasured memories! Love every single moment of their wedding!

Father's Day feature by Fearless photographers {New Zealand award winning wedding photographer}

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