Launch a new lifestyle website {Olga Levien - New Zealand photography artist}

Hi guys!

Im really excited to share with you amazing news: I just launched a new website with my name on it - Olga Levien New Zealand photographer - photography artist:

I love my wedding photography business and my awesome couple, but as you all know Im also love lifestyle photography {taking limited number of sessions during the season} and second year keep doing 365 Project - shooting my everyday moments with family and kids, travels around New Zealand and self-portraits.

So I decided to do a big step and introduce you my lifestyle website with clients and personal work and projects. Its linked on my wedding photography work as well, so you never will be lost.

No worries, you can still see my personal work and 365 Project here, at least once a month :) Also feel free to check my personal Instagram account and business one as well :)

Feel free to browse around, just remember its a "new baby", so something still need to work on :)

Im also excited about new education part on my site - mentorship sessions and workshops for photographers {with coming up Ebooks and 2017 | 2018 Workshop for wedding photographers. So many ideas, way to go! {tell you a secret Im also working on another big project connected with weddings - stay tuned to find out shortly!}

See you all there on!



{Contact me with any questions}