Shoot and Share Contest Results {Award-Winning Wedding photographer in Auckland - New Zealand}

So excited about this fantastic news - I just received Shoot and Share contest results and images that I submitted got a great acknowledgement: one photo in top 100, two images as category finalists, 11 pictures in Top 10%, 17 photos in Top 20%, 12 photographs in Top 30%. Its such a pleasure to me, Auckland wedding photographer {New Zealand} to see such a high performance for my wedding and lifestyle family work. Such surprising results, mainly when you know, there were over 800000 submissions from over 150 countries around the world.

shoot and share contest results - Olga Levien

It's great to know; my favourite images got in the top rated photos, chosen by the audience. But there were surprises as well: one picture from my moody Styled Shoot got in the category finalists, and I even never got to share it as there were so many another fantastic images from this shoot. Such great teamwork from all vendors who made it possible.

Enjoy these photos - results with my wedding work. Have a look at my lifestyle website to see my project award winners and favourites!