Learn - Love - Light - Laughter {Auckland wedding photographers workshop}

We had amazing time and Learn - Love - Light - Laughter at my Auckland wedding photographers live workshop. It was 2 days full of shooting, inspiration, creative discoveries, all things business and much more. We found new friendship, creative boost, mojo and there was so many heartwarming moments!

It was such a treasured time in West Auckland in The Barn, Honeysuckle cottage, Muriwai Beach and forest. SO many A-Ha moments!

Thank you so much to all incredible photographers attended the workshop and share their goals and doubts, we work on boosting the confidence and finding strength and areas of improvement through portfolio reviews and more. See their amazing photos from the workshop below {and few of mine as well, I get a chance to sneak a few in between of chatting and helping everyone to find their ways}.

Thank you amazing creative team joined us in this beautiful location:
@lipstick_and_co_team - hair/makeup
@harriettfalvey - wedding dresses designer
@envyeventsnz - planner/stylist
Jerusha & Alan - couple
Juliette @snorkelstosnow
Venue: The Barn and Honeysuckle cottage

and your Auckland wedding photographer - Olga Levien L & L

Look forward to our next run in October! Not long to go now! {also don’t miss Melbourne run in December and February}. Details at photography workshop site.

Big news: I just signed the contract for another educational project with international Click Photo School, my online workshop! I already had amazing collaboration with them last year with my Ebook “Tales of the Moment”, it was truly incredible experience. I can not wait to present new learning materials in October and connect with people, help them progress, find connection in their photographs and connect with inner voice and the subject, and find their balance in photography, business and life. Watch this space for more details!

Enjoy highlights of our amazing time on Learn-Love-Light-Laughter workshop - experience - shootout for photographers in Auckland, New Zealand.

Karyn Worthington

Karyn Worthington

Sophie Jane

Sophie Jane

Olga Levien

Olga Levien

Olga Levien

Olga Levien



Sophie Jane

Sophie Jane

Behind the scenes by Kirsten

Behind the scenes by Kirsten

Olga Levien

Olga Levien

Sophie Jane

Sophie Jane

Kirsten Walsh

Kirsten Walsh

Chloe Lodge

Chloe Lodge

Olga Levien

Olga Levien

Top wedding photographers on Instagram by Click Magazine {Auckland-New Zealand couples photography}

I been so excited by been announced in the row of a top 16 wedding photographers on Instagram by Click Magazine {one of the prestigious world publisher - magazine for modern photographers}. Its such a honour for me, Auckland - New Zealand couples photographer to be in the row with such talented photographers, best in their craft from all over the world! Its a couple pleasure to see my online friends there too!

Especially exciting to see that my photo with Jenny & Andrew been chosen for a front cover of the article. {congratulations to couple’s anniversary}.

Thank you so much to all my awesome clients for your love and support and especially to a Click Magazine for this choice!

Have a look at details in this publication!

{Im also very excited about my upcoming live workshop in Auckland - L & L: Learn-Love-Light-Laughter - workshop for wedding photographers}. only one week to go!}

L & L - Learn - Love - Light - Laughter {Workshop for wedding and family photographers in Auckland}

I’m so excited to announce L & L next educational project “Learn - Love - Light - Laughter” - workshop for wedding and family photographers in Auckland {New Zealand} on 26-27 June 2019 in Waimauku - Muriwai Beach - Riverhead Forest etc.

Location: West Auckland {cosy cottage with charm}

Dates: 26-27 June 2019*, 20-21 October 2019 {Auckland}; TBC - Melbourne, Australia

Pricing: $850 NZD**

Size: up to 10 people - limited availability; boutique and personal experience

Do you know, before photography, Olga was a professional educator {teacher and lecturer in university, earned PhD in pedagogical science} and passionate about coaching, personal and professional growth & inspiring development.

Olga’s sharing her secrets, knowledge and helping developing professional skills on personal mentoring sessions, workshops and breakouts. Her over 1000 photography students includes all levels from beginners to professionals.

With unfiltered access to Olga’s perspectives on photography, weddings, family, business & life; this workshop delves deep beyond the surface of shooting & weddings, family & personal projects, art & creativity, creating deep & real experience.

This is a no holding back 2-day experience for wedding | family photographers desire to push their craft to another level.

Main Topics:

Day One: Your Voice, Creativity, Art, Natural Light {inside and outside}, Off Camera Flash, Composition, Elements of Design, Moments, Storytelling, Working with locations, Posing and Unposing, Creating Connection and Capturing Emotions

Critique {portfolio/images critique}; Q&A, Open discussion

Day Two: Workflow, Post-Production, Your Style, Balance, Business development, Marketing, SEO, Social Media, Blogging

Website/portfolio/images critique; Q&A, Open discussion

and everything else you wanted to know about Olga’s photography & life; expect many more surprises and A-Ha moments including FOUR Creative Shoots over two days {inside, outside, beach, forest}!

Space is limited to 10 photographers in order ensure the best possible experience.

For the latest news and updates, join our group on Facebook.

* Can’t make it this time? Please contact us about next available run! Join the waiting list below when spaces SOLD OUT. Can join only for one day? Make a request below {subject of availability}.

** Breakfast, snacks and lunch included. Coming out of town? $1100 workshop fee with 3 nights of accomodation {limited spaces available on site; first come - first serve basis}.

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“I have been a huge fan of Olga’s work, in fact I wish I could get married again so she can do my wedding photography!
It has been amazing getting this valuable insight from such a talent and the openness Olga comes with is amazing. I have learnt a lot from the materials and the exercises Olga sets give you a deeper way of thinking, creating and challenging yourself. I would highly recommend this to anyone wanting to up their game.
Olga thank you so much for pouring your heart and soul into this and really caring!!”

— Caroline

“Olga Levien’s work is absolutely breathtaking! I was so very excited to pursue a mentorship with her and she did not disappoint. Her knowledge and expertise in all aspects of the photography business is top notch. She has helped me build confidence in pursuing wedding photography full time by giving me the knowledge and tools I need for a successful business and she has also helped me to find my photography voice and style through wonderful feedback on my photography portfolio. She’s extremely friendly, and highly encouraging and I cannot recommend her enough. 5 stars for Olga Levien!!!”

— Tanya

“This breakout totally exceeded my expectations! Olga is obviously an incredibly talented photographer but her passion for helping others find their voice is so inspiring and motivating… I cannot wait to get out there and shoot with some new perspective!! Olga really has poured her heart and soul into this breakout and there is such a wealth of information here I will be referring back to it for a long time, I’m sure!”

— Sophie

“Olga is one of those photographers that when you see her work it just stops you in your tracks and you wonder HOW does she do that?? I found this class at the right time during my own personal photography journey. I understand the technical basics but I know my photography is lacking something that isn’t tangible that I couldn’t put my finger on. I’ve heard many great photographers say that you need to find your VOICE. Olga is an amazing teacher and I can tell she really put her heart and soul into the materials of this class. I feel that she really wants everyone to succeed and be the best photographer they can be. I’m so glad I found this course and can’t wait to practice what I’ve learned.”

— Vanessa

“Gosh, where to start?! Olga is truly inspiring. She has really put her whole heart and soul into this. I can tell that she has poured over every.single.detail. If you are drawn to emotive, authentic, and captivating photography…this is for you. Thanks Olga for sharing your heart and your beautiful work and all of the creativity behind what you do!”

— Heather

“This breakout is an absolute GAME CHANGER!! Whether you are brand new to photography or have been shooting for years, you will find countless treasures. Olga is so passionate about helping her participants grow, learn and succeed. She holds nothing back as she shares her knowledge, experience and guidance so freely. Olga provides insight and inspiration to help you dig deep to find YOUR voice, YOUR style and to be confident in it! She covers composition, lighting, colors choices, story, mood, movement, emotion and so many other details that will help you take your photography journey to a whole new level. Thank You Olga for pouring your heart and soul into this! Your generosity is going help so many others discover and embrace their creative voice!”

— Velina

“Olga is a great artist and a great teacher. The way she explains things and all creative exercises make you rethink about your photography and helps you to go forward. Olga is very inspiring and generous.”

— Tania

Moments in Christchurch {New Zealand wedding-elopement photographers}

I spent such fantastic time with such emotional moments in Christchurch with many talented New Zealand wedding-elopement photographers who come all the way from Auckland, Kerikeri, Tauranga, Rotorua, Queenstown, Wanaka to visit a great non-workshop - workshop {Badass}. It was so good to spent this time away as Im just about to launch my own workshop | ebook for modern photographers with Click Photo School - such incredible resource of online education for any photographer. I needed to change the atmosphere! {you can find more details about my educational project follow the link to Mentoring | Portfolio Review | Tutorials | Ebook | Breakout}

The idea of this educational for photographers event was to catch up, share some knowledge, recharge at the end of wedding season, get some new inspiration and have a rest in gorgeous old classic style mansion.

We had such a blast - amazing time with beautiful people, where Ambers from Perspectives, Olga from Wild & Grace, Nardia from Nardia Burst photography, Tegan and host of the workshop Sarah Clements been talking all things weddings and we all together discussed so many questions, shared ideas and inspiration.

We also had a chance to get to the Port Hills where amazing couple Jenna & Scott been our models for the short time {it was freezing on the hills, they did such amazing job staying calm}, and Gemma gave us a chance to take some maternity photos {she is a fellow wedding photographer herself}. It was such a great time with beautiful people!

I truly enjoyed every moment! Thank you Tegan and Sarah for organising it and having all us there!

Contact me with any questions!

New Zealand wedding photographers workshop {South Island -Queenstown-Wanaka NZ lifestyle couples-engagement photographer}

What an exciting news I received this week: Two Mann, best wedding photographers in the world, coming in New Zealand with their workshop and I had a honour to be in the limited list of talented wedding photographers from NZ, Australia and USA who will participate in this workshop in December 2016 in South Island {Queenstown-Wanaka area}.

As a professional lifestyle wedding photographer I know that learning process is endless and never stops, I am taking any opportunity on my way to learn a new skills, practice, look at photography and life from different angle and improve myself and my photography level, and get inspired.

I will be happy to share with you a review on this amazing workshop with my experience at the end of this year. I am happy to be in company of amazing Fearless photographers  with so talented people as Erika and Lanny from Two Mann Studio.

If anyone planning to be married at 2-11 December 2016 in South Island {Queenstown-Wanaka and surrounding areas} Im happy to capture your special day moments with no extra travel charge with special offer {as Im anyway will be there for workshop on 6-8 December!}, so exciting to shoot at such a picturesque and legendary place on breathtaking South Island! 

Please contact me with any questions!

New Zealand wedding photographers workshop