Dance shoot at door step | Portrait-event photographer Auckland

Each of us having own passion. And for Maria this passion is dance. For me its one of the best thing ever too. You listen beautiful music, move your body in unison, enjoying rhythm and melody.

I love jazz, contemporary, modern and classical dance, all styles and directions. and Maria's favourite is belly dance.

We tried created something special just at her doorsteps, using her favourite costumes and accessories. It was not so easy found the best picture in small location, but i hope we done our best, and go with flow :)

Moving, flying, laying on the grass, having big dog around (hmmm...its not a first time for me at photo shoots :) )

Maria done great with her dancing, moving around, repeating all over again with new instructions from me, realising all my ideas and creating her dance world.

Here results of our shot:

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