Baby Shower. Girls only! Baby shower photographer Auckland

Having a baby shower its a big fun! Of course if its organised good way :)

This one what I visited had amazing hostess, decorations, theme... All guests (girls only) might come dressed pregnant, so all feel the same like main person of the day - Lena waiting her first baby.

It was cool to have a surprise, nobody know boy or girl! It was all decorated in pink and blue colour - glasses, folks, cupcakes, and even cake inside had half blue, half pink base under the icing and words "He or She - Open to see!" And Lena had her first piece cut - and.... blue colour!!! Boy-Boy!!! :)

So much fun - trying guess size of future Mamas tummy (need to say I won with all my babies experience! pleasure :) trying make a baby from play-dooh, giving advices on the cards what Lena could open later (like "have a sleep when baby sleep", "take him for a walk", "go shopping" etc, decorating bibs with funny pictures and words like "Keep calm and feed", "My mummy love lemons" etc

And of course presents at the end :)

What the great memories! So nice was to visit this house, saw all this emotions, feel these special moments of exciting waiting a new life and have fun!

Baby on the way! Keep calm and carry on :)