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We love to take kids out and give them freedom, run around, have fun. Thats what they like :)

And sometimes I have my camera with me. I should mention - its a hard task - trying get the best shots with fast little ones and run after them (one second and they gone :).

So we spend some family time at One Tree Hill (Auckland) and look from the top of the hill at Cornwall park and beautiful city around with Skytower somewhere at the back.

My boy took his 'blunky' - his bed sheets what he just love to take everywhere especially when he tired. Yes some kids take with them teddy bears, but our boy can't live without his dummy and english traditional style blunky with teddy bears (its not too bad, sometimes he takes in bed robots or big cars!).

And he been running around with it, and some people even helped us pick it up so it not fly away from the hill. Oh-oh!

One Tree Hill. Boy with blanket

My little princess Anna-Bella had her own fun and prefer walk around and had fun in daddy hands.


And William tried explore everything around and go high on dangerous stone wall.

Boy on the wall

At least kids had some fun and we enjoy the views!

Boy at the top
(here my husband. Probably he have no idea I blogging his picture :)

(here my husband. Probably he have no idea I blogging his picture :)

These pics special for me because its my time with family. And after some time will be good to look at them and remember what we all did together, or what our kids love to do at this age.

(when we was driving today to Christmas shopping I tried remember what we done at AnBe 1 year old. And it was terrible - I couldn't remember any single thing. SO go back to find any picture from this day to remember...)