Moving subjects. How to take shots. Tips. Sport photographer Auckland


Here we start our series with tips 'How to take best shot (picture) ..."

So moving subjects - running playing kids, dancing people, sport competition, airplanes, trained, cars etc...

Its could be a little bit tricky. But with knowing few simple tips all became easier!

1. Shutter Speed. For catch the moment, fix move you need fast shutter speed (minimum 1/250, better faster, depends of light conditions. If you want your pictures been a little more blurry with showing slow move you could make shutter speed slower (around 1/60 or so, try change and see whats happened with picture.

If lights conditions (inside) not allow you have fast shutter speed put down aperture (2, 2.8 etc) and ISO up (at some competitions I use ISO 400)

2, Continuos focusing. Great thing what modern cameras can do - focusing continuously (A-C mode in Nikon). So you focus, take a shot, keep finger on focusing button fast take another shot and you camera keep follow subject, so you not lost all these beautiful move, or fast running child :)

3. Think before. If you doing dance shot or figure skating (what i love to do), you need learn the subject, know exactly what gonna happened in next moment for take you brilliant shot. If I doing ice skating shoot I know what next - is it spey for jump, or entrance to spin, or beautiful spiral (so i not continuously taking shots, I know exactly what the best moment for show this beauty :) So think ahed, learn you subject move, and take a shot!

4. Subject fix, background blurry. That shot you can get with camera following the subject the same rhythm. So object moving, you move camera parallel to him, and then boom...shot you moment.

5. Show flow. If you want show flow water (waterfall, river, etc) or lights, or other long term moving subjects you can you really slow shutter speed - like few seconds or even more. You could practice in dark room - put camera on 10 sec shutter speed and move light on the wall (crow some picture or word, or shape_  - and camera easy fix all your artwork. You could practice near waterfall (start from few seconds shutter speed and then change and see whats happen with picture. Main advice- use tripod or stable surface, so you not get shaky hands and shaky pictures :)

Thats the main advices. If you know more, leave a comment please, or ask question!

And practice-practice-practice!!!

running child