Love is all around | Rose Garden Wedding {Auckland couples-engagement-elopement photographer}

Weddings - incredible emotions, exciting moments, feelings, looks, kisses, dreams...Love....Magic!
Love is all around! Truly magic atmosphere! I am so happy when a couple shares with me these special moments, these only "once in a lifetime" that will never be repeated – unless, of course, you have wonderful pictures that you will treasure forever.
I want to share with you the pictures from my November shoot - Sergey and Yulia’s wedding.
This couple had a simple and wonderful wedding in a church with a few guests. Yulia only had one month to stay in New Zealand and had to fly back straight after the wedding.
What a story! I feel a real connection with it as a while ago I had a limited visa too, but we had been amazingly lucky to have our local MP Morris Williamson help us. He did close to impossible for us and I was granted my extended visitor visa, so I could stay in the country with my kiwi husband and give birth to my first baby William.
But back to our newly-weds! Today we have received positive news: Yulia has received her new 9 month visitor visa (that can be extended) and just after a few weeks flew back from Russia to New Zealand! I’m so happy for these lovely people. Hope they will have a wonderful long life together, full of love, harmony and understanding.
As for the wedding - it was a simple and nice ceremony, quiet atmosphere full of magic and special moments. After the ceremony we had a short visit to the Rose Gardens to take a few pictures. I’m so happy these guys shared with me their wedding, unforgettable memories and a great experience!