New Year Resolution. Auckland photographer.

Looks like everyone writing New Year Resolution. Is it bring more luck and results? Will see :)

Anyway you control how your wish come true - visualising and get it!

So my milestones for this year:

1. Development -

as photographer: achieve bigger progress, be satisfied with picture.

as mum - work with yourself and kids - support them in study life way

as wife - understand, support, give back

as personality - always do a little bit more (out of limit, outside the box)

2. Communication -

get to know new people, keep contacts with all friends, clients, enjoy meetings and chat and made as much people happy as I can :)

3. Building - 

build and create something new,stylish and stunning - art work, pictures, blog posts, dinners, craft etc

4. Jump - 

jump as high as I can - move forward, look around, keep going

5. Analyse - 

look back, think, analyse, look at positives and negatives, create results, and new experience

6. Stay calm and carry on!

Love this sentence. What could be more wisdom? :)

7.  Don't forget about your hobbies, take time for yourself, take a break -

figure skating, dance, serials, study, cup of tea etc. Take time for yourself and you feel better, happier...

8. Inspiration - 

look around, see beauty in details, in everything around

9. Breath - 

just take a deep breath, and one more, and more, keep doing it with full chest and tummy. Its helps, its might made you more relaxed and happier, don't forget to do it, especially when you really stressed and busy! :)

10. Be Happy - 

simple, but for been happy you need enjoy "right now" moment, not think your happiness somewhere ahead. Its right here, around. Just love this moment!!!

This is my resolution. And hope at grey moments of life I will go back and read it again and its will help me! Im sure

Happy New Year everyone! Its just continue of our life, but its also a good reason to start something new or have a good look around and at yourself!