Precious moments. Little ones. Kids photographer Auckland

All you need is love! 

And our little ones needs our love, attention, they want to be close to us, feel us, they really need us (especially when they so small and its so hard for them even just explore world around).

So when I planned took some shots with my little one playing outside in evening lights (for my 365 Project - Daily photo) She easily changed my planes - run and jump in my hug, she decided its funny game - when mummy laying on the floor and Anna-Bella flying in the air on my legs. She repeated it again and again. And I been holding camera all this time and took some shots, captured joy. 

What a fun time! I not seen her laughing so much for a long time! And I had some fun as well :)

And enjoyed look at our pictures what I will treasure forever. What the precious moments!

(sorry for crops, been really tight conditions as you see :) )