Girl with violin {Auckland NZ portrait photographer}

Passions - music, dance, sport, craft .... We gave all our time and pawer to these passions. Its made us happier, healthier, and wishing to do more.

But sometimes passion stayed somewhere behind, in other period of our life, when we too busy, or too tired, or just concentrated on other stuff. Its pity but its a life! And a real pleasure just take a picture what capture our favourite things to do. For beautiful Juliette its playing music, create wonderful sound with violin.

She had this passion during all her childhood, violin been her best friend, but then with growing and having other busy things in her life, violin been left behind, in the case. Moved out just sometimes at special cases. So now time for take it out and remember all these magical moments, when music sounds in your heart with graceful violin.

Im so happy to be part of this photo shoot! We had a lot ideas to create, but slightly rainy weather changed our rout a little bit, but helped create atmosphere. We still happy with pictures what we been lucky to took in time :)

So meet Juliette - Girl with Violin:

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