What to wear to photo shoot? Tips. Portrait photographer Auckland

Choice of clothes - what an important question to discuss! Its really hard to choose what to wear to photo shoot, especially family, group sessions, where you need match clothes with all members.


So lets talk about clothes. What you need consider when you choosing clothes:

1. Your family style and personality. 

What close to your family, what your style, what you wearing in usual life? What made you feel comfortable and happy? Your clothes show you character and personality - you love casual, or formal style, country or modern, neutral or bright colours? Thats question what you need answer.

Do you want photos show your everyday moments or something special and different from usual? (so you choose casual or opposite clothes)

2. Photo shoot style.

Do you want lifestyle pictures or formal portrait (head shots)? in first type - casual clothes, second - formal - easy to decide :)

If you thinking about glamour, fashion portrait - clothes choice obvious - fashion and glamour :)

So follow your photo shoot ideas and style of session what you planned.

3. Location.

Can be great if your clothes match with your location, and surroundings colours. Think what main colours will be around you on location and what colours in your clothes could match with it.

If its beach you want some white, blue, green, teal etc colours. And probably not so formal clothes, bear foot welcome! You can have fun in water, play on the sand, made a mess, became dirty (be sure to take spare clothes!)

If you on the grass area (field, trees etc)  probably green clothes not a good choice otherwise will be hard to find you on the pictures :)

If you in the city formal clothes complements building lines and architectures styles. Lines everywhere :) If its old style township could be great if you wear some traditional, country style, or even historical clothes.

Its again depends of what type of pictures you want to get.

4. Matching.

If you have a group of people, family members you need think about matching clothes all together. Yes, its hard, but you can find a lot boards on Pinterest what show examples of different colours palettes and clothes colours.

Another way to match - add accessories with similar colour what your partner wear (for example, scarf or heat, belt, gloves, neckless, earrings etc)

But clothes no need be too match-matchy! Less is more! :)

5. Bright and neutral.

My advice go with neutral colours, what allow you fit in any landscape and location and also put attention on your face and emotion but not on your clothes colours.

Exceptions: 1. bright emotional photo shoot style - where bright clothes works for shoot idea

                    2. kids clothes - let them be themselves - kids, having fun, wear favourite clothes, what they love. Otherwise its easy to made them upset and get grumpy faces :) Sometimes need just relax, and remember - kids love made mess, so spare clothes required! :)

6. No big logos!

This advice connect with previous - you don't want your eyes go on logo on your T-shirt but not on the face or pose.

7. Bring few outfits!

You can't choose what the best option for clothes? Easy - bring few variants on location and we together will decide this question! :)

8. Enjoy yourself and have fun!

At the end of the day its your photo shoot - so relax and have fun, with clothes too!

Hope these tips will help you with choice of clothes. If not contact me! Always happy to help :)