Auckland family beach | waterfall photo shoot {New Zealand kids-newborn photographers}

Its such a big honour when another photographers asking you to take pictures in Auckland with their family at the beach and waterfall. This photo shoot was a part of this couple trip to New Zealand from Dubai where they based. So amazing our passes crossed at Clickin Moms forum - a great community for kids - newborn - wedding photographers from all over the world! You can find there friends for life!

Im so excited to meet with Chloe, successful family photographer in Dubai and her family with two little ones on Karekare Falls and Piha beach.

We had such amazing and relaxed time, kids been running around and exploring amazing New Zealand nature and landscapes. Such a dream come true. Its sounds unbelievable but this family decided to move to New Zealand and want me to take another photos for them in their new home, on the farm, with all their new animals, chickens, etc.

I can’t wait to see this family again and see their kids growing!

Enjoy these highlights! Contact me with any questions!

My everyday personal moments in 365 Project - October {Hamilton - Waikato family-wedding photographer}

Excited to share with you my recent photos - everyday personal candid moments with kids and family in 365 Project around Hamilton, Waikato and Auckland. Kids had lots of fun in October, such a great mont. For me as a mum and wedding photographer its such a treasured moments, they allow me to remember milestones in kids journey and development and also practice and progress with my photography, always have camera ready for moment to happen!

Also big news of the month - we done our first in 5 years!!! family photo shoot with Anne Paar {Anne Paar Photography} in Raglan beach, it was exciting experience {of course kids been running wild with a true freedom spirit, but we are expected it! Our photographer been full of patience! Thank you Anne for this sneak peek!

Anne Paar Photography

Anne Paar Photography

Enjoy these lifestyle everyday moments and let me know if you have any questions!

Best of personal everyday moments in 365 Project - February 2017 {Hamilton lifestyle family photographer}

Exciting month and new events, emotions and photographs in my personal 365 project where Im documenting my everyday moments with kids | family, practice and keep going on :) February 2017 been amazing, we spend some time in Hamilton, some in Gisborne, Leigh, Auckland and surrounding areas as I been moving through busy wedding season and also spend as much time as I could with my family.

Enjoy this highlights with my active children, these natural moments are messy, beautiful and definitely worth to remember!

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Im accepting limited number of family lifestyle sessions, Day in the Life, kids photo shoot, let me know if you have any questions!

Okahu Bay One year birthday family session {Auckland-Hamilton lifestyle photographer}

What a great pleasure to see how little ones grow up and capture the most important moments of their life.

I had a special session last weekend at Okahu Bay, Auckland with Lena, Vanya and their gorgeous little one Max. Need to say its our third session together (fourth if counting a baby shower event :) and we became really good friends. Lena's baby shower and maternity session been not a long time ago, then I been doing newborn photo shoot for Max and now see who has become a really big boy and can walk all by himself? Max!

Here is just couple of shots from our past sessions, such great memories:

It was really enjoyable moments to document all these stages and now do a lifestyle session for my friends. No any pressure, just follow guys on the playground with making smiles swing, to the beach where Max really loved to watch the waves and play with shells, have a picnic in the park by the beach and also lucky enough to get opportunity to touch an old cars what been nearby.

What a beautiful day!

Lifestyle colouring family session | Auckland Kids Photographer

Did you ever think about having session at your own house? It looks too usual for you, every day you see the same walls and your used to it.

But what about remembering these everyday moments, remember what your family and kids love to do, how you prefer spend time together, what about treasure every single moment of your life. Kids grow up really fast and they do colouring or enjoy play-dough, run after bubbles, trying to catch them, laughing and sitting on the ground...

All these moments will be gone, but we could remember them when looking at pictures.

I spent morning with beautiful family last weekend: Kylie, Taylor and Kourtney (5 and 7 years old gorgeous girls), they so different and looks so similar at the same moment.  We capture everyday lifestyle moments like colouring, playing, laying on the floor and doing a lot of other different things, what all kids loves to do. We just went with the flow, follow girls wishes. It was big fun! Love every single moment of this session! We also did some baking, it was really special, so I decided put it in separate Blog post (watch this space for publication next week).

Look at these  pictures!


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Princess tea party {Auckland children lifestyle photographer}

How do you like to spend your family time with children? What do you love doing together?

We could capture these treasured lifestyle moments during your family photo shoot while you and your loved ones have fun outdoors!

That is what we did with Anya, Ben, Alice and Annie at their family session in the park: climbing trees, stone walls, picking up autumn leaves, running around, having a picnic, sitting in a princess tent, having a tea party with teddy bears and so much more.

It was an amazing time with this active and fun family. Girls were so gorgeous! And their parents love them so much! It was a real pleasure to capture these special family moments, their relationship, fun, freedom and spirit. We really enjoyed this time together and the little ones have been happy to play and explore everything around. Pictures turned out just amazing! 

Thank you so much for these moments!

Contact me with any questions!

What to wear to photo shoot? Tips. Portrait photographer Auckland

Choice of clothes - what an important question to discuss! Its really hard to choose what to wear to photo shoot, especially family, group sessions, where you need match clothes with all members.


So lets talk about clothes. What you need consider when you choosing clothes:

1. Your family style and personality. 

What close to your family, what your style, what you wearing in usual life? What made you feel comfortable and happy? Your clothes show you character and personality - you love casual, or formal style, country or modern, neutral or bright colours? Thats question what you need answer.

Do you want photos show your everyday moments or something special and different from usual? (so you choose casual or opposite clothes)

2. Photo shoot style.

Do you want lifestyle pictures or formal portrait (head shots)? in first type - casual clothes, second - formal - easy to decide :)

If you thinking about glamour, fashion portrait - clothes choice obvious - fashion and glamour :)

So follow your photo shoot ideas and style of session what you planned.

3. Location.

Can be great if your clothes match with your location, and surroundings colours. Think what main colours will be around you on location and what colours in your clothes could match with it.

If its beach you want some white, blue, green, teal etc colours. And probably not so formal clothes, bear foot welcome! You can have fun in water, play on the sand, made a mess, became dirty (be sure to take spare clothes!)

If you on the grass area (field, trees etc)  probably green clothes not a good choice otherwise will be hard to find you on the pictures :)

If you in the city formal clothes complements building lines and architectures styles. Lines everywhere :) If its old style township could be great if you wear some traditional, country style, or even historical clothes.

Its again depends of what type of pictures you want to get.

4. Matching.

If you have a group of people, family members you need think about matching clothes all together. Yes, its hard, but you can find a lot boards on Pinterest what show examples of different colours palettes and clothes colours.

Another way to match - add accessories with similar colour what your partner wear (for example, scarf or heat, belt, gloves, neckless, earrings etc)

But clothes no need be too match-matchy! Less is more! :)

5. Bright and neutral.

My advice go with neutral colours, what allow you fit in any landscape and location and also put attention on your face and emotion but not on your clothes colours.

Exceptions: 1. bright emotional photo shoot style - where bright clothes works for shoot idea

                    2. kids clothes - let them be themselves - kids, having fun, wear favourite clothes, what they love. Otherwise its easy to made them upset and get grumpy faces :) Sometimes need just relax, and remember - kids love made mess, so spare clothes required! :)

6. No big logos!

This advice connect with previous - you don't want your eyes go on logo on your T-shirt but not on the face or pose.

7. Bring few outfits!

You can't choose what the best option for clothes? Easy - bring few variants on location and we together will decide this question! :)

8. Enjoy yourself and have fun!

At the end of the day its your photo shoot - so relax and have fun, with clothes too!

Hope these tips will help you with choice of clothes. If not contact me! Always happy to help :) 

West costal beach Family photographs {Auckland NZ lifestyle family photographer}

Morning on the beach - what a beautiful time and location. Lovely family: Belinda and little Eva met me on the west cost Kariotahi beach for took some lifestyle family photographs.

It was fun and full of move and mess photo shoot. Kids really active at this age and I prefer give them freedom, run around, play, have fun time. I love take a lifestyle pictures what shows your child's favourite things to do at this period of time, capture live moment, show true character and personality.

Climbing on  the rocks, running to the water, dancing, jumping near waterfall, create some art on the sand, look around, hug and kiss mummy...

What a wonderful time and what a pleasure to capture true life, Thank you Belinda and Eva for share with me your family life moments!

P.S. We also manage to get to the park and took few shots their with some fun and tender moments

Contact me with any questions!


Fun Family Long Bay Beach Session {Lifestyle photographer Auckland NZ}

I had great pleasure to shoot Carlyle family with their gorgeous boy Ethan and grandparents at Long Bay beach (what come over for Christmas holidays from Australia). Type - lifestyle photography with shoots at playground, park and beach. Love to offer pictures with different atmosphere!

Each family have own character, personality, individual things what they like to do. What you doing at your down time - playing cards together, watching TV, doing gardening or having fun at the beach? How you love spend your time? What you want to see on your family pictures after 5, 10, 20 years when you look back and remember your special time together...

What the fun session it was! Climbing, jumping, running, splashing, playing... Ethan was a star of the shoot. What a personality! Full of beans, active, love to play boy. I been happy include some type of games in our session so he feel interested and involved. Kids hate formal posing. And definitely don't want listen orders "Stand here, Smile etc". We need made for them special atmosphere full of fun, adventure, danger, and interesting things to do for all family.

Just look at our results - what a fun shoot! I still smiling when look at pictures. And hope family with little one and grandparents enjoyed it too!

Contact me with any questions!