New Year Resolution {Auckland-Hamilton lifestyle wedding photographer}

Its a new year come and its time to publish new resolution. Its became a good tradition to look back and realise what I need to work on, where to go :)

Results of 2015:

1. This year was amazing. I did plenty of lifestyle newborn-baby-family sessions, couples-engagement photo shoots and of course weddings! :) I met amazing people and made more friends! :)

2. I think I finally lean toward to my style, found my voice in photography.

3. My work been published in few established publishers and it feels really good when what you are doing is acknowledged. Also at last day of 2015 year I received a great news: two of my pictures been chosen by Bridal Guide Magazine as best pictures of 2015. Im so thrilled to be an Award Winning Wedding Photographer!

4. I learnt a lot (finished few great workshops - wedding photography, post-processing, using flash and much more) for provide the best experience to my clients.

5. I continued been in amazing community ClickinMoms with great support and advice. 

6. Finished first 365 Project - documenting my kids everyday moments and family storytelling. I think I will keep going on for capture so treasured moments!

My personal life achievements:

1. Moving from Auckland to Hamilton NZ, with more relaxable lifestyle and ability to be closer to Waikato and Bay of Plenty regions (which good for my photography).

2. My little ones turned 3 and 2 years old. Its amazing how they became more independent, talking, having own opinion, toilet training (ha-ha, that was stressful and then happened in one moment, mother will understand my excitement!) and how active they are :)

3. Joined Russian community and  made a lot of new friends with keeping old ones :)

4. Getting new equipment and lenses (wait, its again about my photography, but its really personal to me, my little treasures, ha-ha :)

Goals for New Year:

1. Practice-Practice and more practice, continue 365 Project (maybe in slightly relaxable way :). Learn a lot!

2. Develop my business, service and packaging as well ;) Make more clients/friends happy!

3. Getting higher level of art, develop photography style. I want my pictures speak to you!

4. Be happy and keep my family happy. Im so glad to have amazing support from my husband (who look after kids when Im shooting and doing my business, and help me a lot, even with proof reading my blog-posts!). Thank you so much, I have no idea what I can do without you!

Look forward to this 2016 year, really exciting. Its few special dates coming: Im turning 35! Im not a shy girl to tell my true age :) on 8 January (can't believe it), my husband turns 40 (big date!), its 5 years from our first meeting in Europe (yes, we fast with marriage and babies :) and kids turning 4 and 3 years - not long to go to school! Hopefully there will be more exciting events!

Look forward to see you all again! Yay!

Contact me with any questions!