Ice, Mountains and Passion {travel journal - Auckland wedding photographer in Oberstdorf - Germany}

I want to share with you my recent travel news, in case if you noticed how quiet lately in our Blog: I been few weeks away , in Oberstdorf, Germany, for ISU International Adult Figure Skating Competitions, at Ice, Mountains, and share the Passion with amazing people from all over the world, with love to ice skating.

It is a honour for me not only be an Auckland wedding photographer, mentor, a mum, and wife, but also continue to do my passion - figure skating, such incredible sport with passion and grace! It always been a dream to participate in international competitions of such a big rank, and Im not shy to chance my dreams and just go for it, even if I back on ice only for a one year, after almost 8 years break with having kids and building a successful wedding photography business in Hamilton and Auckland, NZ, mentoring and running multiple educational projects. Hard work did paid off!

Such incredible rewarding experience with so many new friends, with warm support and cheer!

All dreams can come true if you believe in yourself and really want it to happen.

Enjoy these highlights and chase your dreams!

{thank you for my ice skating photos to Luca Tonegutti}


Hobbiton Movie Set {New Zealand wedding-family photographer - personal}

Did you ever been in Hobbiton Movie Set, one of the most famous New Zealand attraction? Im as a wedding photographer cant help myself and capture some personal images in this beautiful setting!

You may noticed how quiet its been here over last couple of weeks/months. The answer is easy, I been giving more of my time to my family before busy wedding season start rolling {I actually almost don’t have a break during this winter, such a busy time all year long}. So Im keep shooting weddings, photo shoots, but also get an opportunity to sneak out to picturesque places for a few days with my family and kids.

This time we spent couple of nights in Rotorua and visited Hamilton Gardens on the way, Was-o-Tapu Thermal wonderland, Rainbow Springs and highlight of our trip - Hobbiton movie set. Need to mentioned my mum come over to New Zealand from Russia for a first time, so good to travel around and show our amazing country with tranquil and beautiful landscapes!

Enjoy highlights of our trip in this photo gallery!

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My everyday moments July 2017 - 365 project {Hamilton, Waikato lifestyle wedding photographer}

Hi there! Its time for our monthly update on my kids, just joking. Its my monthly shares of 365 Project, my shooting time in between of weddings and engagement session of everyday moments with family and kids. We been doing day trips for school holidays around Rotorua, Auckland and most of the time just stayed in Hamilton, Waikato, NZ. 

Enjoy this month July 2017 highlights. Let me know if you have any questions about my lifestyle family or wedding photography.

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Best of 365 - January {lifestyle personal project} NZ wedding photographer

I had a decision to continue participate in 365 Project third year in a row. Its a lifestyle personal everyday shooting - capturing moments with kids and family. I just been reviewing images which I took over two years ago and its such a big difference: its so exciting to see kids growing, they are not a babies anymore :)

Im not taking a commitment to everyday shootings last year 2016 its been a "mostly 365" as I been so busy that been missing some days, so this project can transform to "Project 52", so will see.. But I love to keep it and practice, grow and document my family everyday, try to find creative angles and inspiration especially at moments when you not feel as shooting, but when you push through you find yourself and your voice.

So let keep it going! :)

Enjoy these highlights of January 2017, such a busy months with 3 weddings, couples photo shoots, one of them been in such beautiful destination as Lake Taupo, NZ. Also day trips with family as one to Raglan and waterfalls. Great memories and emotions!

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Personal everyday moments - October 2016 - 365 Project {New Zealand family-wedding photography}

Hi everyone! Another months gone, really close to the end of the year now and to Christmas time {and to busy wedding season for me as well ;) }.

Im keep doing my 365 Project and capturing everyday moments with my kids and family. m happy to share these moments with you and give you a little inside view to my personal life. Yes, I have two little ones and they can be a real nightmare sometimes but at the same moment you can see so many treasured moments and relief. 

Enjoy this gallery with best moments of October 2016 in my 365 Project {its actually more not a project for me, but family storytelling and capturing treasured moments, how they grow, explore world and its also allow me to be creative, practice {experimenting} and progress in my photography journey. Photography and my family are my life!}

Need to say this month was just amazing with few engagement | couples photo shoots in Kumeu, Piha {Auckland, NZ} and Hamiton Gardens {Hamilton, New Zealand}, wedding | elopement in Tree Church {Ohaupo, Waikato} and a lot of personal shooting!

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Best moments of my 365 Project: August {Hamilton-Taupo lifestyle wedding photographer}

Amazing month August, keep doing my 365 Project! Last month of the winter, end of slow season and time of preparing to the new wedding season. There was a lot of great moments with my kids and family, everyday things with my little ones, few photo sessions and some moments of relax.

Yes, I tried to catch up on the rest {planned to do it during all winter, but never had time as always been doing something, inspirational shooting, preparing packaging, USBs, ordered new equipment, getting ready for the new wedding season}. So right at the end of the month I realised I need to have at least little holidays and recharge, so we went to Taupo for a few days and visited Rotorua on the back way to Hamilton, NZ. It was a lot of fun and activities for kids with DeBretts hot water pools, visit Huka Falls, walking on Craters on the Moon with steam coming out of the ground, Skyline with luge and Lake Rotorua, Honey Hive and much more. Its hard to say that I relaxed {its almost impossible with two little ones, ha-ha!}, but at least we changed environment and enjoyed beautiful New Zealand landscapes, its just magical moments!

Hope you enjoy this lifestyle gallery with everyday moments!

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My 365 Project - July 2016 {Hamilton lifestyle wedding photographer}

Middle of the year - july come with relax atmosphere at its a quiet wedding season and I have time to reflect, prepare to next weddings season, look back at last season, so some inspiration shoots and of course continue capture my everyday moments with family. 

We had 2 big dates this month - 5 years anniversary from our first meeting with my husband {we met overseas in Brussels, Europe} - time goes really fast! and my little one princess turned 3 years old! What a big date. Kids grow so fast. Now she more independent, know what she wants and loves {as kittens, dancing and singing}.

There was a lot of beautiful and emotional moments. I been practicing in self-portrature and show my emotions. We even set up a selfie - photo shoot with my husband, it was a mess, we have no idea what we are doing and I totally understand my wedding couples who need a little bit direction {its not so easy if you cant see yourself from the side :) You can see some of our results in this gallery!

{also note: Don't be surprised with different colours! I tried to show emotions and feeling through the colour choice at editing of my personal work. Im not using a strong colours at clients work as weddings have different atmosphere and emotions, but maybe I will apply new techniques at some parts of the wedding day :) }

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15 random facts about me {New Zealand lifestyle wedding photographer}

I feel its really important to connect with you, know more of your story, thats why firstly I opening for you my story and my personality. I even decided to create a special page on my website with

15 random facts about me,

New Zealand and destination lifestyle wedding photographer

  • Im a peoples person and love to hug everyone (just making you aware!);
  • I was born in wild and cold Siberia and then spent my life in gorgeous historical city Saint-Petersburg, Russia;
  • If you travel in past You can find me in childhood sitting near the window and reading a lot of books especially classic novels, romances and fairy tales; but I also loved to play soccer with neighbours kids;
  • I love FOOD from different cultures, love to try something new (my favourites are any type of cheese and Italian food, pizza's smell just magical!);
  • I met my husband overseas in Europe where we spent amazing holidays (Brussels, Paris, Disneyland, Roma, Florence, Venice (with Murano, Burano, Torchino), Florence, Milano, Lake Como - oh, sweet memories!);
  • I studied a lot in my life, easy enough and even earned PhD (in pedagogical science);
  • I love sport, especially figure / ice skating {I started trainings when I was 25 and won a few international competitions medals after a few years of intensive trainings); 
  • I have two little ones (a boy and a girl) who make my life busy, very active and interesting {never knows what each day will bring to you, ha-ha};
  • I love everything with music and dance - musicals,movies, reality shows (The Voice, X-Factor etc.), I studied all types of dance - from ballet to hip-hop and found my favourite - jazz!
  • I find inspiration everywhere - art, movies, music, TV, people around, sounds and smells and love to go with the flow;
  • My husband is a real kiwi - relaxed and easy going man (I try to learn these skills from him, ha-ha) and we love to watch different series at our down time, if we have any :);
  • I love to observe and understand people, love to bring my psychology knowledge in practice; Im a peaceful person and even in risky conflict situations try to understand other persons position;
  • I love everything new and being creative; atmosphere works great to me: the wind blowing hair and clothes, rain drops around, fog etc.; also great to be at the nature and see and use in photography these stunning landscapes {lucky we are in New Zealand};
  • I love to travel {my first speciality is geography}  and I did a lot of travelling especially around Europe;
  • and last but not least I love to talk with new and unknown people and find out their stories, facts of their life and personality, and if I start to talk its hard to stop, ha-ha!

so get in touch with me and tell your story!

Fog at lake {New Zealand lifestyle wedding photographer}

Boy on the bike track {New Zealand lifestyle photographer}

We had a beautiful place for a walk near our house - a bike track at reserve, kids just love it and I love it too! There so beautiful light coming through the trees just before the sunset.

I know, I know what you think, but Im not just a mom, Im a lifestyle wedding photographer so Im always seeking for light, locations, composition. You just see the moments and can't help yourself and just capture it. Of course if you have your camera ready :)

So here we go, fresh gallery with my 4 years old son for difference (yes, big boy now, just turned this big date, one year to go till school time! eek).

Enjoy this gallery and don't put attention on mud on his face and on the clothes, I not clone it out as its just part of the story - walking on the track just after heavy rain :)

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One little girl and her big day {Hamilton NZ lifestyle photographer}

I want to share with you today and few lifestyle photographs from one big day of one little girl leaving in Hamilton, NZ. Yes, its my little one and I taking pictures for family storytelling and my 365 project what Im keeping up second year in a row.

Its amazing what moments, emotions and events you can capture when you just following your little one and keep camera close - ready for lifestyle moments to happen.

Sometimes images just unexpectedly happen: right moment at right time with good light and  composition :) Thats all what we need! 

Im so happy when I look back at photographs of last year 365 project and see how my little ones grow, so fast, its such a treasured memories! I just thought I need to capture how my little one love to dress up and change a few outfits during the day and only those ones what she really liked (where she took it from? Im not so fussy, believe me! ha-ha :)

Enjoy this gallery!

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Adventures on the bike track {Hamilton NZ lifestyle wedding photographer}

My kids love to spend a lot of time on the bike track at reserve just behind our house in Hamilton, NZ (my son just learn how to ride a bike). I know, really lucky they can have a little adventures and explore areas around what they love to do!

I used the opportunity to capture these lifestyle moments in between of my wedding season :) I just love spent this treasured time with my kids and capture a family story, document our everyday moments.

Enjoy this lifestyle gallery with adventures on the bike truck! {you can see how active my little ones, hands full!} :)

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My 365 Project. April 2016 {New Zealand lifestyle wedding photographer}

This year is a second one in 365 Project - everyday documenting my family lifestyle moments. Its helps me remember the treasured things, practice, progress, see light, develop editing style as Im doing it every day and apply my skills to my wedding photography.

As a couples-engagement photographer I travelling a lot and had really busy wedding season which is slow down now, but I still enjoy to find time and peace in mind for myself, slow down and capture a magic moments :)

Hope you enjoy this gallery with treasured everyday moments with my kids.

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Rainbow Spring Family fun {Rotorua wedding-engagement photographer}

We spent long weekend with family by doing different fun activities {mini-golf, bike track, Waterworld and big trip to Rainbow Springs in Rotorua, NZ}. It was a great holiday trip on first free weekend almost at the end of the busy wedding season {I still have a few weddings to shoot ;), a good opportunity to spend more time with my family and kids.

This trip to Rotorua was spontaneous and we found out its only 1.5 hours from Hamilton, fast and easy {I would love to shoot some weddings this way, happy to travel :)}! Kids had a lot of fun watching a bird show, go few times on the Big Splash, play at playground and watch wildlife at night time. It was so exciting to walk around the park in the dark with some ambient light available. Kids been amazed by all this beauty around! Happy and tired went to sleep in the car on the back way home :)

So exciting trip!

Enjoy this lifestyle gallery with personal moments!

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365 Project - March 2016 {Auckland-Waikato-Northland lifestyle family and wedding photographer}

I keep doing my 365 project in 2016 and want to share with you some photographs from March. 

It was really busy month for me with a lot of shooting: few weddings in Northland, Auckland, family event in Morrinsville {Waikato}, maternity photo shoot, meetings with my awesome clients | friends  and other little business things with parallel full time work as Mum of 2 active little ones!

It's really important at this hectic time to get ability to slow down, observe and capture the moments, what never going to be repeated again.

So hope you enjoy this gallery with my everyday lifestyle moment!

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The Creative fight - Book club {Auckland-Waikato-Bay of Plenty wedding photographer}

I just discover amazing book wrote by Chris Orwig "The Creative fight". Im not a reading person for a last time (shame to say years! during having 2 babies, and mostly read learning stuff online), but its so big pleasure just to hold in your hands a real book, especially THIS book and turn the pages! :)

The book content is amazing for people who think about photography, creativity, life and philosophy as well :)

Im shooting weddings a lot in Auckland, Waikato and Bay of Plenty areas and sometimes feel really tired if even I love my work. It's so busy and hectic and I really want to find beauty in details and harmony in moments. So idea about think different, outside the box and be creative with unfolding your interior feelings and open the eyes towards new ideas is really refreshing!

I'm reading chapter by chapter, week by week. Not because I don't have time to proper read it between shooting weddings (it's part true though), but also because I have the opportunity to think, do creative exercises and also discuss ideas with other photographers!

What a great world opens for us, if we want it to be open, of course ;)

If you want to change something start from yourself and your feelings about the situation (it's not a Chris Orwig quote, it's my feelings and thoughts :)

So just follow your gut!

The Creative Fight {Auckland lifestyle wedding photographer}

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My 365 Project - February {Auckland-Hamilton-Tauranga wedding photographer}

February was a second month of 365 Project and its second year as well. It was a great month full of positive emotions.

I finally had a chance to have a short family holidays in Tauranga in between of busy wedding season with shooting weddings and lifestyle sessions in Auckland and Hamilton. I been happy to catch up with my awesome wedding clients who planning their wedding in 2017 (some of them even one and a half year in advance! thats a great timing). Its always pity to get inquiries for the same date, so my advice to book your venue and photographer right after engagement and move it out of the way :)

Back to my lifestyle everyday moments with family and kids (they grow up so fast!).

Enjoy this gallery with best photographs captured for 365 Project in February:

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My everyday moments in 365 Project - January {Auckland-Hamilton lifestyle wedding-couples photographer}

Its a new year, its a new life and I continue to capture my everyday lifestyle moments in 365 project (366 this year :)

What a great month January, amazing start of the year: first 3 weddings open this year for me with travel to Auckland (Castaways Resort), Tauranga (Ataahua Garden Venue) and around the Hamilton, news about winning an International Wedding Photography Award by Bridal Guide (my pictures chosen in top 50 with other amazingly talented wedding photographers). My picture features on the cover of HuffPost Weddings! Its a big honour and amazing start of the year!

My little one finally became toilet trained, yay (you can't believe but its a big achievement in each family with little ones, ha-ha!). 

So many exciting events! I also look forward this year (a lot of big dates).

Oh, I forgot I celebrated my 35th birthday on 8th of January! Yay!

Enjoy this lifestyle gallery with my everyday moments!

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Taitua Arboretum: family time {Hamilton lifestyle photographer}

We decided to spent this weekend family time in Taitua Arboretum, not far from Hamilton (Waikato). What a fun time for our little ones! 

Kids just loved walking through the bushes, seen chickens everywhere, ducks and swans in the ponds and tall trees everywhere.

It was a boiling hot summer day, so its been a lifesaver to hide in the shade of the greenery around.

Love to capture these everyday lifestyle moments for my 365 project and family storytelling (its a treasure for me as a mum and a photographer). 

Enjoy this lifestyle gallery with my personal moments how little ones explore Taitua Arboretum! (don't be surprised to see an Ironman with Spiderman hat, he just loves superheroes!) :)

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Hot day in Hamilton Gardens {Personal family moments - Hamilton lifestyle photographer}

It was a hot day and our family decided spend it in Hamilton gardens. We had a picnic on the lake, walk around the gardens, kids been happy to explore surroundings and even found a little swimming pool. What a treasure at this warm weather!

I had my camera nearby and captured some lifestyle everyday moments for family storytelling, memories and my 365 Project. Yes, I keep going with it second year in a row :) 

All kids had a wet clothes when we come back to the car, but everyone been happy, especially with ice block in the hands, ha-ha!

Enjoy this gallery!

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New Year Resolution {Auckland-Hamilton lifestyle wedding photographer}

Its a new year come and its time to publish new resolution. Its became a good tradition to look back and realise what I need to work on, where to go :)

Results of 2015:

1. This year was amazing. I did plenty of lifestyle newborn-baby-family sessions, couples-engagement photo shoots and of course weddings! :) I met amazing people and made more friends! :)

2. I think I finally lean toward to my style, found my voice in photography.

3. My work been published in few established publishers and it feels really good when what you are doing is acknowledged. Also at last day of 2015 year I received a great news: two of my pictures been chosen by Bridal Guide Magazine as best pictures of 2015. Im so thrilled to be an Award Winning Wedding Photographer!

4. I learnt a lot (finished few great workshops - wedding photography, post-processing, using flash and much more) for provide the best experience to my clients.

5. I continued been in amazing community ClickinMoms with great support and advice. 

6. Finished first 365 Project - documenting my kids everyday moments and family storytelling. I think I will keep going on for capture so treasured moments!

My personal life achievements:

1. Moving from Auckland to Hamilton NZ, with more relaxable lifestyle and ability to be closer to Waikato and Bay of Plenty regions (which good for my photography).

2. My little ones turned 3 and 2 years old. Its amazing how they became more independent, talking, having own opinion, toilet training (ha-ha, that was stressful and then happened in one moment, mother will understand my excitement!) and how active they are :)

3. Joined Russian community and  made a lot of new friends with keeping old ones :)

4. Getting new equipment and lenses (wait, its again about my photography, but its really personal to me, my little treasures, ha-ha :)

Goals for New Year:

1. Practice-Practice and more practice, continue 365 Project (maybe in slightly relaxable way :). Learn a lot!

2. Develop my business, service and packaging as well ;) Make more clients/friends happy!

3. Getting higher level of art, develop photography style. I want my pictures speak to you!

4. Be happy and keep my family happy. Im so glad to have amazing support from my husband (who look after kids when Im shooting and doing my business, and help me a lot, even with proof reading my blog-posts!). Thank you so much, I have no idea what I can do without you!

Look forward to this 2016 year, really exciting. Its few special dates coming: Im turning 35! Im not a shy girl to tell my true age :) on 8 January (can't believe it), my husband turns 40 (big date!), its 5 years from our first meeting in Europe (yes, we fast with marriage and babies :) and kids turning 4 and 3 years - not long to go to school! Hopefully there will be more exciting events!

Look forward to see you all again! Yay!

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