Cornwall park stunning couples love story {Auckland engagement-wedding photographer}

Couples photo shoot always full of love, feelings, fun moments. They show raw emotions, relationships, couples personality, their love story. :) Yes, each couple have own character and personality. Not just 2 different characters, but one for both :) And I need try to understand what the couple looks like, what they love to do, how they spend their downtime, is it more quiet or full of fun and adventure time... I want know and capture their true story!

Im happy Maria and Taz share with me evening at Cornwall park where we get to have best photo shoot ever with so much positive emotions. These guys are just amazing! Im truly in love :)

We had so much fun, creativity, tender moments. And guys brought a lot stuff what was really helpful to made right picture in the frame with atmosphere: flowers, magazines, bubbles, champagne, candies, "Love story" sign, scarfs etc Its great to have so many ideas and options  to choose from and use for special love atmosphere shots.

I been so happy and inspired to come back home and kissed my husband (other peoples feelings made me refresh my own one :) Ha-ha!

I wish I will have the same great experience with every couple and all clients/friends!

It was really hard to choose the best pictures because guys just amazing, they just rock it!

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