Bethells Beach engagement-couples photo shoot {Auckland wedding photographer} Katrina and Marc

I met Katrina & Marc on Bethells beach {Auckland, New Zealand} at one of the Saturday's afternoons, they such a sweet couple, it was a real pleasure to walk together on the beach, talk about their engagement and wedding 's plans and get some stunning photos in between, emotional and romantic candid moments at pre-wedding session.

Couple shared their story:

"We met at university. The first thing Marc said to me was that he really wanted someone to cut into the rat bowel (because it was said that it was supposed to stink out the lab) – which made me laugh and I haven’t stopped laughing since. We’ve now been together 5 ½ years. We’ve travelled to a few places Samoa, Rarotonga, Bali and most recently Hawaii, as well as around New Zealand."

Proposal: " My friends and myself included were convinced that I was going to know when Marc was about to propose since we’d been together so long, we all expected that I was pick up on any subtle hints or clues. BUT one Tuesday (October 18th 2016) it happened! The day before Marc gave me a cute letter describing that he loved me and wanted a future together, but he did romantic things like that occasionally so I didn’t expect a thing. Then on the Tuesday when he got home after having our usual chat on the couch he said he had another letter… He gave this to me and there were no words apart from “this way up” and then cut out holes. I asked if this went with letter no.1 and he said yes and I fetched that (still none the wiser – expecting that he had planned a trip or something). I brought the letters back and then laid the cut out one on top of no1 and it said “Will you marry me”. Then when I moved the letter away from my face Marc was there down on one knee! Marc truly did surprise me because I couldn’t speak for minutes!". Such a great and romantic story!

It was amazing time on the beach just before the sunset, enjoy this video highlights from our engagement-couples photo shoot on Bethells Beach and highlights of couple's final gallery:

Pre-wedding engagement beach photo shoot {Auckland weddings photographers}

Im really excited about upcoming Ilinke & Shaun's wedding, especially after couple's pre-wedding engagement photo shoot on one of the North Shore Auckland beach.

Ilinke's mum hand made a flower crown for this session, its looks so gorgeous! Amazing work!

Couple story: "We met through friends but what followed was an instant connection based on mutual respect, wanting the same things out of life and lots of laughter. We love watching movies and cooking together but mostly love experiencing life together by going on little adventures where we get to see new areas like waterfalls or little coffee shops etc"

It was amazing time together on the beach walking around and breath in all the atmosphere and get some romantic and playfulness moments captured.

Enjoy this video and photo gallery!

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Engagement Session Giveaway {Auckland-Hamilton-Tauranga wedding photographer}

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year + Christmas Holidays!
I decided to prepare a special gift for my awesome clients | friends and followers - ENGAGEMENT SESSION GIVEAWAY!
1-2 hours on location photo shoot with all best hand-edit high resolution files and my time and talent!
1. Like my Facebook page Levien & Lens Photography if you still not and post with Giveaway ;)
2. Leave a comment - tag your friend or fiancé;
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Conditions applies: You might be engaged. Session can be scheduled during 3-5 months based on availability in Auckland-Hamilton-Tauranga-Rotorua and surroundings areas. Photos can be used for Levien & Lens Photography portfolio and promotions.
Results will be announced after Christmas Day, 25 December 2016.
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Trelise & Alan

Trelise & Alan

Karangahake George engagement | couples photo shoot {Auckland-Waikato wedding photographer} Madeline & Barry

What a great time in Karangahake George {Waikato, New Zealand} we had with amazing couple - Madeline & Barry on their engagement photo shoot. Im as photographer never seen such a stunning location with plenty of photo opportunities! River, stones, mountains, concrete constructions {one of them even look like Jungle Book!}, mines, tunnels, wiggly bridges and much more. We been lost there forever enjoying walking on the tracks and talking, discussed couple's upcoming wedding in Leigh {up way from Auckland}, coming up really soon, just in few months time and had a great time together!

Congratulations on your engagement! Look forward to your wedding!

Hope you enjoy this video slideshow with best photographs and gallery :)

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Waikato wedding photographer - engagement photo shoot - Karangahake George
New Zealand wedding photographer - couples photo shoot - Karangahake George
Auckland wedding photographer - engagement session Karangahake George
NZ wedding photographer - engagement session - Karangahake George

Piha Beach couples photo shoot {Auckland wedding-engagement photographer NZ} Trelise and Alan

We had such a great time together with Trelise & Alan {our engagement photo shoot giveaway winners from Auckland Weddings} on Piha Beach {NZ}, their wedding coming up next year around Christmas time, so excited for this amazing couple!

I just loved this atmosphere on the beach - rocks, waves, sand, sunset! We had so much beautiful, romantic and emotional moments with this fun loving couple. Amazed by their love and energy!

Trelise told a story of the proposal, so beautiful and romantic!:

"Alan proposed on our 1 year anniversary in Santorini, Greece in June 2016. We had woken up early to watch the sunrise, so the paths were empty except for us. It was beautifully quiet, a lovely warm temperature, and just such a beautiful moment. We were at a view point on the island, looking out towards all the white houses and blue roofs, with the sun rising behind them, and we had a blue domed house right next to us (which we now refer to as "Our Dome"). Alan got down on one knee, on a cobbled path, and had to wait a few moments for an answer from me as I thought I was still asleep and dreaming!! A beautiful stray dog was the only witness to our special moment. We then had a champagne breakfast at our Cave, and spent the rest of the day out on a catamaran exploring Santorini and swimming in the bluest of blue oceans." Amazing dreamy moment!

I love every single moment of our session, there was freezing, windy,cloudy and sunny. We are survived the weather conditions! :) 

Enjoy this video and gallery!

couples photos {Auckland engagement wedding photographer}
couples photo shoot {New Zealand wedding-engage,net photographer BW}

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Kumeu farm engagement session {Auckland NZ wedding-couples photographer} Hana and Aidan

Beautiful engagement session and great time with Hana & Aidan on their farm in Kumeu, Auckland NZ (there was just enough time before pure rain started, so much positive emotions though!).

Hana telling a story of their relationship: 

We met on a blind date set up by a mutual friend. I needed a date for my Uncle's wedding on Waiheke island and Aidan put his hand up to take me. 3 years on and we've gotten engaged :)

Excited about their wedding up north in Russell, not long to go now! Im so excited to be their wedding photographer and appreciate couple share with me so special moments!

Enjoy this video with best photographs from photo shoot and special gallery!

Kumeu farm engagement session {Auckland NZ wedding-couples photographer} kiss
Kumeu farm engagement session {Auckland NZ wedding-couples photographer} BW

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Hamilton Gardens engagement photo shoot {New Zealand wedding - couple photographer} Megan and Chris

We had amazing time in Hamilton Gardens {New Zealand} with Megan & Chris, such a beautiful and romantic couple. Im really excited about their upcoming wedding in Gisborne next year, such a honour to be their wedding photographer, especially after knowing this couple and spent with them more time! This engagement photo shoot definitely helps us better know each other, understand how we are roll and feel more relaxed on the wedding day and get more natural photographs. I love to spend more time with my awesome wedding clients!

This couple have amazing story as they met each in High School and over 10 years together! What a long happy time! Their love became even stronger.

We met at Saturday evening in Hamilton Gardens {its been close to rainy weather but luckily we managed to finish our session just before pure rain starts. There was some spacial atmosphere. Love is all  around!

Enjoy this video and gallery!

intimate bride and groom moment - Hamilton Gardens {New Zealand wedding - engagement photographer}
BW romantic couple intimate moment {New Zealand engagement-wedding photographer}

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Muriwai Beach couples-engagement photo shoot {Auckland wedding photographer} Ellise & Wasim

Ellise & Wasim

It was a great opportunity to meet Ellise & Wasim on Muriwai Beach {Auckland} to do their couples-engagement photos just few weeks before their wedding. Yes, sounds crazy, but we decided to go for it for have more opportunities to get stunning photographs in different from their wedding venue location, have another atmosphere, and feel more freedom {not every couple allow themselves on the wedding day running in the waves, climbing up to the rocks, get all wet, sit in the high grass and more exciting moments. But I actually know a few of my couples who even walk in the waves in the wedding dress, ha-ha!}

Engagement photo shoot is a great opportunity to know each better, understand how we are roll, feel more relaxed on the wedding day and get more amazing photographs :)

For me as a photography artist its a great opportunity to know better couple and also get some experimental creative shots {sometimes there no time in the wedding timeline for this, but I always try to create as much romantic and real photos as I can :)

So those Sunday morning we met each other on Muriwai Beach, such a stunning location with dunes, black sand, rocks and big waves. We had a bluest with Ellise & Wasim, especially when wave unexpected come close to the edge of the rocks where guys been standing in romantic pose :) Its was extreme, but I love every single moment of our session: all tho beauty and rocks around. Unforgettable memories.

I will tell you this couples story after their wedding. Keep eye on our new publications in one month time ;) Stay tuned!

Ellise & Wasim also surprised me with a gift - basket full of some amazing goodies. Its a great pleasure to receive such a wonderful present, thank you guys that you think about me and created such a wonderful present! {you can see a picture with gift on my Instagram, I just can't help myself and shared it with everybody :) See you guys on your wedding day in Markovina.

Enjoy this video and gallery as we truly enjoyed it!

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In-home couples lifestyle session {New Zealand wedding-engagement photographer}

Lifestyle sessions are my favourite to shoot {wedding, engagement, events, family etc.}, especially if its in-home photo shoot, which really shows what couple love to do together, and make things more easy going and relaxed. This type of session not so popular in New Zealand yet {not surprising with so many opportunities for great photographs at wild landscapes and beautiful nature}, but maybe at winter time we can warm up with cup of tea / coffee, snuggle with partner and show our emotions in everyday moments.

Last weekend I arrived to Kylee & Rob's place at morning to capture special for them moments {need to mentioned couple having 10 years anniversary and they still crazy in love! hope we all be the same after 10 years being together with your partner}.

It was real fun to do and capture simple things as making cup of tea at kitchen, sitting at the dining table, and even dancing in the living room {we laugh with Kylee and remembered one of our favourite movies "Dirty dancing", even tried to reproduce some movement, poor Rob!, ha-ha :), wait, he actually done a great job!

There was so many sweet moments and I just loved our session, so special for this couple!

Happy anniversary and many more years together!

Enjoy this video and gallery!

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Inspiration board #4 - couples | engagement photography {Auckland wedding photographer}

Who wants to get more inspiration in couples photography? Here we go!

Today I am sharing with you my Pinterest board with chosen couples | engagement photographs from photographers all around the world with intimate couples moments. Feel free to visit this board and share your ones!

Im always happy to see new ideas, styles and also get some inspiration, feel the mood for my Auckland wedding photography. Love to be inspired and create something new :)

couples | engagement photography {Auckland wedding photographer}

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First dance {Auckland wedding-engagement photographer | emotional couples photography}

First dance is such a special moment for each couple on their wedding day. Thats why I often have wedding bookings covering time from getting ready till first dance. Its great memories and such special emotional moments.

You can see how much effort couples put into preparation for this dance to their families and guests (and themselves of course!), some couples even taking dance lessons before the wedding. I absolutely love it and respect this effort. I been taking myself to dance classes for many years from childhood. Its so special  when you feel music and movement, and it all comes together with emotions!

Have a look at this gallery from a few recent weddings in Auckland, I enjoyed every single moment of them. Such stunning brides and grooms and amazing atmosphere!

Daria & Dmitry

first dance {Auckland wedding-couples-engagement photographer}

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First look with Dad {Auckland-Hamilton wedding-engagement-couples photographer}

First Look is becoming more popular last few years. Its a great way to create a special moment for couples on their wedding day, moment when bride and groom see each other very first time before the ceremony on their wedding day. If couple is more traditional and prefer to see each other right on the ceremony when bride walking down the aisle another option is first look with Brides Dad.

Dads have a special place in each girl's heart so it's a treasured and emotional moment when Dad takes the bride walking down the aisle, but especially when he sees her for the first time right after getting ready before the ceremony. These moments are always full of love and special connection. 

I love to capture all these raw emotions and feelings! It's even more emotional when one person is standing back to walking forward another person (its could be either bride or her father) and they can't see each others faces, but then one turned around it's a magic moment happened, often with some tears (so tense emotions when you waiting for it:).

Enjoy this gallery from Juliette & Jonny's wedding in Castaways Resort, Auckland:

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Fun couples photo shoot {Auckland wedding-engagement photographer}

What a positive, full of fun and laughing, photo shoot I had last weekend in Auckland. Kylie & Warwick just amazing couple.

Guys met each other 2 months ago and feel strong connection. It was first their pictures together.

I love to shoot these special for couple moments with relaxable atmosphere, fun and joy. It's a treasure to see their raw emotions and feelings!

Enjoy my new couples-engagement photo gallery!

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Elegant Formosa Golf Resort Wedding {Auckland couples-engagement photographer}

What an elegant wedding I captured last weekend at Formosa Golf Resort in South Auckland. This couple looks just stunning and photographs turned out just amazing. Meet...

Dominique & Owen

Venue: Formosa Golf Resort | Celebrant: Neena Maxwell

Makeup: Makeup by MeagsHair: Camilleri HairDesign

Decor: Lautofa Tulagalua | Bouquets: Flowers by Lisa | DJ: Andy Wilson

What a great place guys choose for their wedding - beautiful golf course in picturesque sea side location with views of Rangitoto island.

Getting ready moments started at Formosa Villas with beautiful set up, light, views, Dominique and her best friends - three bridesmaids met me while doing their makeup and hair. The atmosphere was full of fun and positive emotions. Girls been in villa 10 while boys in villa 12 had their own fun. I been heading over to get details shot with wedding rings and some creative shots with guys  :) 

Weather been rainy all morning so ceremony moved inside the lounge (planned to be an outdoor), but lucky rain eventually stopped and we had opportunity to get all main family shots done, guests had cocktail hour and we with bridal party, Dominique and Owen moved to travel around golf course on 4 seater golf cart (I been riding at the back, holding tight :) 

What a great location shoot with intimate session and some fun shots. Could be the best memories ever for stunning couple and their bridal party. Need to mentioned we had siblings from both sides in the party, what great traditions!

Reception been beautifully set up with white colours decor and light material around. What an airy feeling its created! Music been on and guests impatiently been waiting main couple to come in. What a great party just happened, amazing atmosphere!

Dominique & Owen, happy future together!

Enjoy this video and gallery!

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Wedding Location {Auckland-Waikato-Bay of Plenty NZ couples | engagement photographer}

Its really important to choose a right place to your big wedding day. Each location should have a special meaning to the you and made makes celebration moments unforgettable.

It's a lot of different options in Auckland, Waikato and Bay of Plenty areas, indoors and outdoors (could be handy to do a rain check and have a back up plan ;)

Traditional wedding ceremonies are held in a church / registry office / hotel. I always enjoy to hear stories that couple choose the church where their parents been married. Its such treasured connection between generations, what great family traditions.

Wedding Location {Auckland-Waikato-Bay of Plenty NZ couples | engagement photographer}

Outdoor locations had a lot of variety, especially in New Zealand: beach, domain, winery, gardens,  farm, park, bush, golf course, resort etc. So many different options! Summer is almost all the year around with high plus temperature so its really tempting to organise picturesque ceremony/reception in the beautiful nature side. I just love to capture these natural light beautiful moments.

Wedding Location {Auckland-Waikato-Bay of Plenty NZ couples | engagement photographer}

Other option what I often see with small family weddings - ceremony and reception at parents house with BBQ in the garden area. Thats so sweet memories as well.

So what type of wedding location close to you, where you want to celebrate your engagement and have fun with close to you people / family? It's all up to you! I'm happy to capture for you all these special moments with relax, natural style. I love to show raw emotions and connection!

Wedding Location {Auckland-Waikato-Bay of Plenty NZ couples | engagement photographer}

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Casting call | Auckland-Hamilton couples photographer

Casting Call
I am looking for:

- Two crazy in-love couples who are easy going and would like to have fun lifestyle session. If you a blond with long hair + a brunette with short/medium hair + a redhead with long curly hair definitely note that in your message!

No modelling experience necessary. Sessions will take place in Auckland-Hamilton. Send me a message on Facebook page or contact me if you are interested.

Engagement-Couples Photo Shoot | Auckland wedding photographer

Engagement and couples photography is one of the special genre of portrait photography with mix of lifestyle moments.

Its all about showing the connection, emotions and relationships. Sounds easy, but its not :) Of course some couples easy going, not shy at all to show to all world about their love. But what I found, a lot times successful photo shoots could be archived only when you pay attention to details, ask questions, understand couples character, interests, what they love to do together and apply this knowledge to create a perfect relax atmosphere at photo session. Its really short time, just 1-2 hours, which we need to use to create a little love story, from moments of starting love to really tender and strong feelings.

We can talk (and I love to talk a lot, ha-ha), make a jokes, dance, play around, have posed and unposed moments.

What helps a lot is a find real moments, leave couple along for some time and just watch their quiet moments, which show a lot how they connect to each other, how they speak and relax.

Everyone loves to have down time :)

Also good use of space (shooting in all possible points - shade, open sun, sampled light etc.), and different angles (shoot from the top, eye level, down, side, back, close, far etc.) helps to create unique images and gives more opportunities to make variety of shots what best suits this couple.

I love to hear all these special love stories, how you meet each other, who doing cooking, who is bossy etc. Ha-ha! Sometimes answers vary, but it always helps me to full in love with the couple and even become good friends, then we meet again at exciting special wedding day.

If you have the opportunity to have an engagement shoot before the wedding with your photographer, its helps a lot on your wedding day, believe me. Its makes it all more relaxable, enjoyable and everyone knows how we all roll :)

I also found couple in long relationships really treasure our sessions, its like special psychology session for renew / refresh their relationship. Im so happy to help with it.

Have a look at my last engagement | couples sessions. I just love all these moments:

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Cornwall park Couples-Engagement Session | Auckland Wedding photographer

What a beautiful couple I met last weekend for their engagement session at Cornwall Park, Auckland. 

Julie and Ettienne such an amazing and fun loving couple!

I love every single moment of our session together: all these lyric, romance and fun moments, posing and un-posing, relaxing talking and moving around. We even been dancing!

This couple is so gorgeous! It was interesting to hear their love story, how they met and where they come from: Julie a real kiwi girl and Ettienne from South Africa (name sounds really French and romantic! :). We found a lot in common - passion to dance (Julie doing latin dancing) and figure skating (Ettienne love to skate and practice on ice as me :).

What a great time together! Thank you guys!

So excited about your upcoming wedding!

Happy future together!

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Kariotahi beach couples photo shoot | Auckland wedding photographer


Kariotahi beach in South Auckland (not far from Waiuku) is a stunning location for any couples photo shoot. This weekend I met my lovely couple / friends just before the sunset to make special pictures for them.

This couple few years married and had 2 year old little one. Good time to show their love and connection. As Olga been joking during the photo shoot - this type of session should be included in all psychological course for every couple who wanted to refresh their relationship and remember how much they love each other. What a great idea! I should think about it, how to make all families live happily ever after :)

We start our session next to the beach at grass areas then walk at the sand and finished session on the top of the hill meeting beautiful sunset. 

Olga and Martin; so romantic and fun loving couple. I really enjoyed to watch them cuddling each other, joking and playing around. It was a cute moment when Martin helped Olga to move sand out of the shoes (she might be feel like Cinderella) and put flower in her hair. 

Love all the moments of our photo shoot. Enjoy it too!

Contact me for any enquiries! Remember we had complimentary engagement session for wedding bookings during August 2015 (limited availability)

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Princess tea party {Auckland children lifestyle photographer}

How do you like to spend your family time with children? What do you love doing together?

We could capture these treasured lifestyle moments during your family photo shoot while you and your loved ones have fun outdoors!

That is what we did with Anya, Ben, Alice and Annie at their family session in the park: climbing trees, stone walls, picking up autumn leaves, running around, having a picnic, sitting in a princess tent, having a tea party with teddy bears and so much more.

It was an amazing time with this active and fun family. Girls were so gorgeous! And their parents love them so much! It was a real pleasure to capture these special family moments, their relationship, fun, freedom and spirit. We really enjoyed this time together and the little ones have been happy to play and explore everything around. Pictures turned out just amazing! 

Thank you so much for these moments!

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