Something special on the picture. Photography Tips

Sometimes we just look and seen something unusual, what take our attention and made think outside the box. Its could be unusual light or pattern of shade, or some colour and shape, leading lines or some repetition. Only you know what touch your soul, what speak with you, and what you want to capture.

flower and shade

I just show you one picture what i took today - its just pot with some flowers near my entrance door. But its not a flowers what took my attention, its a shades patterns on the concrete - game light and shadow. And I just wanted took camera in my hands and capture it.

Its always good to pay attention to details!

Other picture - nature on the beach. It was usual morning when I took kids on the beach. And was so nice fresh air and some smoky fog at the back. So I just feel I need capture this moment :) And you could also turn it into black and white conversation and get just magic atmosphere.

Kariotahi beach

Kariotahi beach

Kariotahi beach

Kariotahi beach

And I love to capture everyday moments with my kids, all these little moments what we treasure forever. Could be interesting to look back at the pictures after 5-10 years when kids grow up and we will miss these sweet moments. Here we are:

My kids just LOVE jumping on the bed especially if its our master-bedroom bed! And I happy to catch this special moment of movement:


So what special for you? What make you feel better, happier, what speak to you? Just take camera and capture this moment, documenting history. Or just invite me over and I help you to capture these special moments!