Location. Location. Location! Place for photo shoot. Family photography

Good photographer could do a great job in any place and location, work with different lighting situation, composition, landscape etc. But its really important question for you - what location to choose, what best suits your personality, your style and photo session ideas?

Place for photo shoot can have a great influence for picture atmosphere. Look at this picture. Girls walking forward something. If we have it in usual place (road, grass field) its could be a usual picture. But look at this background - beautiful beach, sand, water, hill, rocks, moody atmosphere. And everything just looks so magic and unreal, what a gorgeous atmosphere! 

Location - Location - Location!!!

So lets talk about photo shoot locations! what the options we have? Here list some obvious places what you could choose:

1. Your house and garden/ back yard. Did you ever consider to take a pictures around your place? You could always find nice spots around and be in familiar place, what sometimes really important, especially with newborn, kids, family photo shoots, head shots etc. 

Here some snapshots from our dance photo shoot around the house :) 

and newborn and family sessions

Nature- is one of the best option for photo shoot. Freedom, natural environment, beauty around, natural light

2. Park / forest / gardens 


3. Beach / seaside / rocks

4. River / Lake / Waterfalls

5. Field - good for family / couples photo shoot / kids and actually any session, especially if you have some hills/mountain or forest at background.

6. Barn - its a farm style feeling, country spirit. Go for it if you love it.


City, building by peoples places:

7. Church / office / and other official formal places


8. Show place (stage) - your singing, dance show, and any other entertaining thing, we capture all this on-stage moments!  

9. Sport place (field, ice rink, ) - competitions, matches, rounds, sets - all for shooting. Fast, passion, alive moments!

10. City buildings, factory and other industrial places - you could do portraits, couple session, engagement and any others in modern industrial style, with buildings around, lines, different textures and materials. Its also works good for black and white pictures.

11. Kids places - childcare / playground / play centre - where else to shoot kids - in their natural environment when they happy, love to play, and enjoy any second of photo shoot


12. Mix of natural and building environment - its good to have different options in one location - park near the beach, field and barn, playground and park, place near your house and your own rooms etc. So you can have different variety of shots with different atmosphere and outfits.

13. and Any others ideas - you can use any ideas what pop in your head, be creative and thoughtful. Where you feel comfortable, fun, what place connect with your soul and your photo shoot ideas? if you don't know the answer yet we can discuss different variants and choose the best option! And have fun!

Hope this post will help you with some ideas :)

Look forward our sessions!