Instagram and Pinterest. Auckland photographer

What a great sources for pictures and inspiration - Instagram and Pinterest.

Instagram really popular place to put your pictures straight out of camera (mobile phone). Its a square picture, but you could always keep original shape with some apps like Squaredroid (what i use often). Also great to put a tag - your friend @xxx or any subject what you like (for example #wedding, #familyshoot, #aucklandphotographer, #lifestyle, #beauty etc. And then you could easily click on this tag and see all other pictures around the world with this hashtag.

You could find great pictures all around the world, different communities, photographers which you could follow ...

My personal Instagram -  You could find there not only my work with clients / friends but also a lot of personal pictures, mostly my kids and everyday pictures :)



Pinterest give you opportunity not only search for pictures what you need, but also pin it and create own boards where you could save favourite pics. I love to create inspirational boards and also would ask my clients to create their own while prepare to our photo shoot, so we get some new ideas, leaning forward some style, and understand we on the same page! :)


Will be happy to see your boards! Just send me a link!