Black and White Images. Photography Tips

Black and White - simple connection, clear vision, light and dark - it’s my love!
Yes, I am enjoying pictures in black and white. They tell me so much more then the coloured images. It’s my language and my passion.
I’m not sure what makes them so special to me - maybe it’s the retro feeling, or the ability to see the light, without anything that can distract you from the main subject. Clarity and atmosphere. Some images just ask to convert them into black and white.
Black and white conversation is not everyone’s cup of tea, and it’s absolutely fine, everyone has their own taste and language. And not every image will be great in black and white - you need special light, texture, dynamic range, highlights and shadows. And not every session is the same. Sometimes I would provide almost all pictures in colour, plus black and white variants; other times half pictures would be BW, and sometimes there is no need for black and white at all, so it’s all individual. The main pictures are still coloured, but I love giving you another option as well.
So let me share a few of my favourite images from clients sessions and everyday  lifestyle shooting (for 365 Project). They so different and so treasured!