How to book your first wedding - Click Magazine {Education for photographers | Auckland weddings photographer}

Im so excited to share with you my new article "9 Smart Ways to Book your First Wedding as a photographer" published in Click Magazine. It such a great feeling to make an input in education for photographers and share everything I know, my heart and soul with not only Auckland weddings photographers, but all over the world.

Enjoy these photography tips and inspiration and let me know if you have any questions!

I also have such amazing news - my big educational project that I've been working on almost one year!!! goes live - "Tales of the Moment: Your Secret Formula for Picture Perfect" at Click Photo School. Check it out if you want to improve your photography, find your sweet spot! I poured all my knowledge, my heart and my soul in it!

How to book your first wedding {Auckland wedding photographer}

Quick key moments {find more tips in the Click Magazine Blog}:

1. Build a wedding photography portfolio.

2. Network with other photographers to find opportunities.

How to book your first wedding {Auckland wedding photographer}

3. Give away an engagement session to get your name out there.

4. Do a styled shoot to build your portfolio and your network.

How to book your first wedding {Auckland wedding photographer}

5. Use social media to strategically reach clients.

6. Blog often to help clients find you through SEO.

How to book your first wedding {Auckland wedding photographer}

7. Be willing to pay for advertising to reach your target market.

8. Gain exposure by submitting images for publication.

9. "My best advice to help you book your first wedding is not to put all your effort into any one channel. Use all types of promotions and keep them going. Consistency is key. As soon as you take a break from your social media, blogging and promotional efforts, you will see a drop in your bookings. Keep working until you book your first wedding and beyond! Don’t forget to have fun and enjoy all those beautiful wedding days."

Hope it helps!

How to book your first wedding {Auckland wedding photographer}

Click Magazine feature {Auckland New Zealand photographer}

Did you look at the last issue of Click Magazine {an international print magazine for the modern photographer}? You can find there two features: breathtaking image with Megan & Chris pre-wedding photo session in Auckland, New Zealand and some words in Wise Up rubric where Im answering on one of the questions about second photographers.

Here is a fast sneak peek, enjoy the publication if you signed up for this beautiful and inspiring magazine for photographers and everyone loving to see beauty and harmony in moments!

If you are interested in your photography development have a look what Im offering at my lifestyle site there wide range of mentoring | tutoring from online session, video website review and portfolio feedback, plus photography business development and Q&A sessions. I happy to share everything I know as an open book!

Click Magazine

Click Magazine

Click Magazine

Click Magazine

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Click - What to expect when second shooting - for photographers {Auckland wedding photographer}

Excited to share with you: my tips and advice for photographers just been published at Click "What to expect when second shooting at a wedding" {by Levien & Lens photography - Auckland and Destination wedding photographers}.

I know exactly how its feels when you just starting out with shooting weddings or wanting to step up into new role. I discuss in this article for Click following questions:

  • What do you need to know about the second shooting role?
  • How long should you be a second shooter?
  • How do you start shooting weddings as the main photographer?

and much more.

Head over and let me know if you have any questions! Im happy to help and answer any questions you have.

Im really excited for your photography journey in amazing world of photographing weddings!

First look with dad {Auckland-Waikato-Bay of Plenty wedding photographer}

Its not a secret first look with groom became more and more popular lately {the moment when groom see the bride for a first time before the ceremony}. Im as wedding photographer capturing a lot of these beautiful moments on weddings all around New Zealand {mostly Auckland, Waikato and Bay of Plenty areas} and overseas. 

But for traditional couples who prefer to see each other when bride walking down the aisle, there a great alternative and such a special moment: first look for bride and her dad. Its such a treasured moments and memories. I always exited to see happy tears and lots of emotions around {even if Im a photographer and observer I still can get teary as well :)

If you looking for tips to organise this moment, here they are:

1. Keep dad away from bride's getting ready location for some time {so he don't had a chance to see his daughter-bride accidentally before the curtail moment}.

2. Let dad take the best position turning back to the bride's location {can be great to set this scene at the getting ready place or just next to it where plenty of space for photographer to walk and shoot around the moment and bride have space to walk towards her dad}.

3. Let dad wait for a few minutes {its can make the anticipation and emotions even sharper and photographer had a chance to let know the bride her dad is ready and she can start walking and grab his attention when she close}.

4. Make sure mum + bridesmaids {or other family members} can observe the scene nearby. Its really special moment for them as well. Quit often then family members hug each other, cry or laughing.

5. Turn around! To make this moment happen Bride can call her dad, touch the shoulder or close his eyes when she comes closer {all depends from personalities and what feels right to do at this moment}. Make sure its not too early, but just next to the dad.

6. Let moment happening unfold {bride, dad, family and bridesmaids just enjoying the moment and photographer capturing all the emotions, moments and details from far and close.

Illustrating this moments I just want to showcase these amazing emotional event with first look {bride and her dad} from my two recent weddings {second wedding gallery not even ready yet, but these moments with dad was so treasured and emotional}.

Enjoy it!

Kara and her dad {wedding highlights in the Blog}

Ilinke and her dad {final gallery in progress :)}

and Juliette with her dad {this capture won NZIPP Iris Award in Wedding Classic category}

I just this morning been catching up with Juliette after in cafe and it was so nice to chat about her and Jonny and her amazing family. {one year after their wedding gone so fast! time just flying!}

first look with dad - Castaways {Auckland wedding photographers}

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What its takes to be a Second Photographer for weddings {New Zealand wedding photographers} Photography Tips

Few people recently asked me about second photographer-shooter opportunities in my New Zealand wedding photography business. Also they asked about what Im expecting from second shooter, what areas to learn, practice, improve etc. So I decided to put together all thoughts and tips to help others :) Im always happy to help!

I have my husband shooting with me and all what I need from him - keep his eyes open for moments to happen, anything what catching his eyes, what I can't see when Im shooting in different spot, wedding location. I think its not so easy to find right second shooter (for example, some people great with shooting details, another one - moments, someone can be good with posing, capture emotions, be creative, so you really need to have a little bit of everything in your work, not miss any important for bride and groom moments. So you really need to look through second shooter's portfolio and see what his best sides and if its fits your style. You also need the person who can be creative around and capture some stuff with really interesting angle or perspective. Most of my galleries 80-90 % my shots and around 10-20% second shooter ones {time to time its can varies depends on amount of events, light, creativity). Also factor a personality, you need fell comfortable with this person and same bride and groom - its your brand and your face - so its really important your second shooter been a great people person, who make everyone feel relaxed and also watching you and helping you every time when you need even without asking. I even not mentioning the ability not be on the way, not jump in your frame and not shoot over your shoulder, ha-ha!

how to be a good second shooter - photographer {New Zealand wedding photographers}

So we looked to second photographer question from main photographer perspective. If we sum its all up for second shooters, here some tips:

1. Capture moments, emotions, peoples in situation {guests laughing, parents crying, kids playing around, old people talking etc.). You can practice this ability by doing lifestyle photography, shoot on the streets, your kids, events etc. I been practicing constantly with capturing my family everyday moments in 365 Project and its helps a lot as you learn to capture fast changes situation.

2. Try to be creative, shoot from different angles and perspectives, think outside the box. Main shooter busy with organising the process and taking everything under control. You have a chance walk around, se situations, details, things happening.

3. Stay away from main photographer's frame, not shoot over the shoulder :) 

4. Try to help with any duties from holding the light, carry bag, bringing glass of water to anything else what been asked beforehand {I'm not saying you always should do it, but just try to make main photographer life easier :). 

what need to do second photographer {International wedding photographer}

5. You can talk through the timeline and photographer's and couple's expectation beforehand, any important list of shots what they required and other information what you should know to prepare yourself to the wedding.

6. Prepare your equipment (charge the batteries, have plenty of cards, backup camera, different angle lenses). Often you need to shoot with different type on lens in the same spot and also have variety with main shooter (for example main shooter shooting with 85 mm you can use 35 mm or 24 mm; and opposite - main photographer at 200 mm, you will use 35, 50 mm etc for give different look and capture environment).

7. Synchronise the time in cameras before make any shots (its will really help in post processing so pictures will be flawless in the gallery). Of course main photographer can change time capture in all your shots in Lightroom but it will take his time to work out these details and spend more time on editing images.

8. Contract - its really important to understand the conditions of this job and especially moments as how you hang images to main photographer, do you have the rights to use images for your portfolio (and if so can you do it right away or need to wait for 3-6 months as contract conditions). When you going to be paid (beforehand or after pass the images). Its really important as I met a lot of situations when wedding photographers had conflicts between each others about not been paid, or second shooter been using images without the permission and couple etc. Please talk and look through all these details for not be upset after work done.

what its takes to be a second photographer {Auckland wedding photographers}

9. Dress proper (maybe its sounds strange but you represent main photographer brand and style so better to find out what to dress, as you doing a wedding shoot where everyone around will be dress appropriate. I even heard on one of the wedding how groom been joking about photographer that its underdressed person in the room, hope you not will be this person}, but of course clothes need be comfortable so you can lay on the ground, climb up if you need etc. Of course some weddings more casual (as rustic farm, outdoor, beach weddings), but we still need dress smart (black and grey colours always works!).

10. Be a people person - its all about positive experience for couple, not just amazing photographs, and this first point sometimes much more important then second, as its how people remember you. Talk, jock, help peoples, be reasonable and sensitive with empathy and ability to understand situation and emotions.

11. Think ahead, pre-view the moment happening (couple go back to the aisle, entering reception, bride's mum ready to cry etc.) and be ready to find the right spot to capture it without disturbing the moment. Keep your eyes open and learn from your mistake, its a big learning curve and after each wedding we analysing and looking forward what we can improve. You can always check with main shooter if he have any recommendations, but Im sure you know yourself what you can be proud of and what did you missed :)

Good luck with this exciting position! Its great to have fun on second shooting and also take your own main weddings (funny enough I started not traditional way and right jump into shooting my own wedding with right attitude and confidence, but I also did a few weddings as second shooter so know exactly how its feels). Its great to team up with other photographers and be in the great community and be ready to help each other as you never know when you may need some help. There a lot of local Facebook groups for wedding photographers, we also trying to catch up as often as we can. 

Here just one of the pics what I took as second photographer shooting wedding caremony in Ataahua garden venue, Tauranga, New Zealand.

second photographer for weddings - photography tips {New Zealand wedding photographers}

Contact me with any questions!

Interview with photographer - 6 Tips for taking wedding photos if you're camera shy {Auckland couples photography} WeddingWire

WeddingWire - one of the biggest american publishers contacted me one day and ask to give some tips for taking wedding photos for shy couples. I been happy to help and gave some advice what you can see in just published article. They put together interviews with few international wedding photographers. Its a great honour to be in such a talented company!

If you want to see more details and photography tips for shy couple please have a look at my recent article in the Blog.

Im always happy to help my couples and make them relaxed on the wedding day. Its so important to feel comfortable with your photographer and follow your emotions, feelings, connection on the wedding day.

Im appreciate my awesome couples sharing with me such special moments!

Thank you so much!



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Photography as a career - letter to my follower {Auckland-Hamilton-Tauranga lifestyle wedding photographer}

I just got an interesting inquiry - letter from 16 years old Caitlyn with question about choosing photography as a career. Im a lifestyle wedding photographer and capturing weddings for a few years now {around New Zealand - mainly Auckland-Hamilton-Tauranga areas} and its good to look back and see all pros and cons about photography business.

Thats my letter to Caitlyn:

" Thank you so much for your inquiry and your kind words. Its great that you passionate about photography.

Photography definitely can be a career if you feel strongly about your passion, confident and feel ready to start this business.

photography as a career {Auckland-Hamilton-Tauranga lifestyle wedding photographer}


- ability to be creative, artistic and feel the freedom;

- capture treasured memories for people {once a life events}, make them happier;

- get a positive emotions during and after the session {from people around, their connection and happiness};

- work in your own schedule; be your own boss;

- meet new people and visit new places;

- follow your passion, do what you love;

- do something for yourself.

photography as a career {Auckland-Hamilton-Tauranga lifestyle wedding photographer}


- its a 24/7 job (so you constantly thinking about your business, clients, ideas, improvements, etc.);

- you need constantly to be on social media and work on your marketing - blogging, Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter etc. {otherwise people never know about you};

- needs a lot of investment {equipment - expensive cameras, lenses worth thousands of dollars. When you doing a wedding photography you need to have a backup cameras, lenses, flashes etc.), also business spends, insurance, marketing, web, software, travel, packaging etc.;

- its an emotional work {as an artist you have up and down moments, feel happy or unhappy about your work and also really emotional when communicating with people - answer for inquiries, waiting for client's reply, and sometimes people never come back to you, but also those who love your work choose you and your style; so its really sensitive and personal};

- its hard to balance photography and family | personal life, as business take over and sometimes almost impossible to find time for your little ones and for yourself; spend a lot of time on the road for destination weddings;

photography as a career {Auckland-Hamilton-Tauranga lifestyle wedding photographer}

- most of the time you are spending for editing pictures and managing business, which is much more then actual shooting time (proportions looks like 90% and 10 %), so you need to enjoy all aspects of the business {or found someone who you can delegate these responsibilities).

So there a lot of positive moments and some negative too. The main thing - do what you love and what make you happy! :) You need study a lot and always progress. Also note: for made photography a profitable business needs around 2-3 years of hard work.

Hope its helps!

Good luck with your passion and your chosen pass! Hope there will be people around you who will support you and make it easier!



photography as a career {Auckland-Hamilton-Tauranga lifestyle wedding photographer}

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Photography tips for shy couples {New Zealand lifestyle wedding-engagement photographer}

Everyone have unique character and personality: some of us easy going open people, some naturally shy, especially with unknown people. I decided to put together a few photography tips for shy couples on the wedding day, which really important for me as a photographer {serving destination weddings all around New Zealand: Auckland, Northland, Waikato, Bay of Plenty and surrounding areas}.

Its always hard to relax in front of camera and know what to do {believe me I just did 5 years anniversary self-portrait with my husband and it was so hard to understand what to do when we can't see ourself from the side}. It was a mess! Thats why good to choose photographer who you can truly trust and who can direct you.

This trust can be build on engagement session beforehand {so you already have experience together, understand each other and how you are roll :)} or at pre-wedding consultation {when you can have a chat not just about the wedding, but about pretty much everything and find common interest and feel the connection}. I always try to understand couples personalities and their needs, had a meeting or good talk via the phone and sending a wedding Questionnaire with some personal questions beforehand.

couples engagement beach sunset photo shoot {Piha - Auckland wedding photographer}

Also remember - its natural to be stiff in front of camera first 15-20 min {believe me everyone having this experience}, thats why you need to allow yourself enough time on intimate session along from the guests {i would recommend at least 1-1.5 hours - add extra time for more locations}.

As a photographer I would suggest for shy couples more actions - mix of posed and unposed shots, interaction including chatting with each other and photographer {walking together, sitting relaxing, telling each other what they thought at first meeting, what they most exciting about, laughing, breath each others in etc.

couples - engagement pre-wedding photo shoot {Piha- Auckland New Zealand wedding photographer}

And last tip - just enjoy the moment, you just married, so happiness naturally shining through your eyes and everyone around can feel it {camera too ;)}! 

Enjoy these moments together and don't forget to have fun! I will be there for you :)

photography tips for shy couples {New Zealand lifestyle wedding photographer}

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How to choose wedding photographer {Auckland couples-engagement photography}

Choosing a wedding photographer one of the most exciting parts of the wedding planning! Its feels so important and so right when you found a good fit. So how to choose wedding photographer for your couple?

I will talk about few steps which feels really important to me as a lifestyle wedding photographer.

1. Wedding Portfolio.

Check wedding photography portfolio - best photographs which represents photographer's style, favourite things to shoot, editing preferences {some of us love airy light images, another ones draw to moody dark atmosphere, or even do mix of both depending on session}. 

2. Check full wedding galleries.

You checked best images in photographer's portfolio, now time to see a full wedding from start to finish { getting ready, ceremony, formals, intimate bride and groom session, reception etc.}. You can find full weddings in the Blog or contact photographer via email and ask for pass online complete wedding galleries.

You can see how we capture moments, emotions, details, posed shots, unposed images etc. Its truly represent the ability to keep it up during this hectic day and produce amazing images which speaks from the heart.

3. One of the most important - Connection.

Get in touch with photographer and check the connection, communication and mobility {Im trying to answer for inquiries as soon as possible, often during first few hours}, but please allow a couple of days delay, especially on weekends, as we can be away on the road at destination wedding. :)

Sometimes really hard to get a personality via email especially if English not a mother tongue {I love to catch up with my awesome clients for cup of tea / coffee, have a chat and discuss their wedding plans}. We usually build a good trust and its make us feel comfortable during the wedding day {photographer the only one person who all the time with you without any minute of break, so its important to find the right person, feel relaxed and comfortable}.

4. Last but not least - Packages and Pricing.

Please contact photographer to find out pricing details and collections {how many hours, how many photographers, if there engagement session included, any prints | products what you would like to add}. Feel free to share your wedding plans and needs as a lot of photographers can create a custom package which best suits your needs.

For example I working in a team with my husband and have options with one or two photographers on the day, coverage from elopements with capturing just ceremony and bride and groom intimate session to full day packages including engagement - pre-wedding session and album + wall fine art print. There options for every couple!

You found your dream photographer, but can't afford your dream package? Still get in touch, tell about your wedding plans and planning date. There always a chance you can find the compromise as your wedding sounds just amazing and photographer in love with your couples personalities {you can also order prints | products when you discover your images, or make its a part of wedding registry}.

Follow your gut and go with the flow! Good luck with your wedding planning!

bride and groom under veil {Auckland wedding photographer} couples photography

Please contact me with any questions that you might have!


Inspiration board #1 lifestyle couples photography {Auckland-Hamilton-Tauranga wedding photographer}

I love to create different type of boards on Pinterest. So today I decided to start a new rubric in our Blog where I can share with you some of my inspiration in different type of photography. Im doing weddings and couples | engagement photo shoots around Auckland, Hamilton and Tauranga areas in New Zealand and always search for new ideas, trying to find inspiration everywhere (in books, movies, art galleries etc.), sometimes easy way to go is to open the Pinterest app and look through the photographs with ability to observe, find connection, emotions, light, something to drive me in and connected to my style. Its can be even nature and picturesque view and landscapes around. 

So today Im sharing with you one of my Pinterest boards :)

I love to start from lifestyle couples photography with inspiration board #1. Feel free to check it out and get some ideas!

lifestyle couples photography inspiration board {Auckland-Hamilton-Tauranga wedding photographer}

I love lifestyle photographs, emotions, atmosphere. It's so great to capture something what couple love to do together, what mean a lot to them. Thats my inspiration choice.

I think it's always a good idea to have an engagement | pre-wedding couples photo-shoot what let us better to know each other and feel more relax on wedding day! Im often travel around Auckland, Hamilton, Tauranga areas for my awesome clients couples sessions. It's so special moments!

Please feel free to share your boards, I would love to have a look :)

Contact me with any question!


17hats for wedding photographers {Auckland-Hamilton-Tauranga lifestyle couples-engagement photography}

Sometimes having a wedding photography business can be overwhelming: contacts from wedding couples, enquiries, keeping on track with current clients, meetings around Auckland, Hamilton and Tauranga areas, organise workflow, contacts with other photographers and vendors etc. Thats why I decided to share with you how 17hats made my life so much easier. Truly amazing transformation! :)

17hats for wedding photographers {Auckland-Hamilton-Tauranga lifestyle couples-engagement photography}

1. all my clients base in one place (contacts, emails, phone numbers, addresses);

2. ability to organise different projects for each client;

3. online documentation (life saver!) - quotes, contracts, invoices, wedding questionnaires in one place with ability to create a template;

4. email tracking (you can answer for emails right from 17hats :)

5. todo list | calendar (you can put different events and tasks in the calendar and have a reminder each day);

6. ability to create a workflow and apply it to certain project (I have over 15 todo tasks for each project including contact, meeting with clients, send questionnaire, scout wedding location, prepare equipment, send an invoice, check last minute changes in wedding day timeline, check address, get directions, post a sneak peek on Facebook, send link on online wedding gallery, post USB and print | products etc). You see its a lot to remember and can be hard to keep on track with few weddings in a row and future (next year) enquiries :)

7. bookkeeping (I just love the ability to connect business account to 17hats and categorise all income and spends, my accountant loves it too :)

8. ability to send clients galleries etc.

Im sure there a lot of other opportunities what I still need to discover. I just can tell you 17hats became a game changer for me during last few months what Im using it and Im happy with everything.

I need to mention there another systems for clients bases and keep on track as Pixifi, Tave etc. Im sure people who are using them happy with everything. So its just matter to try and find out what interface suits you the best.

Hope this blog post will be useful for my friends photographers, as I see a lot of discussions and questions in local photographers groups about how to keep all documentation and track clients base etc.

Contact me with any questions! I like open book and happy to help :)

First look with Dad {Auckland-Hamilton wedding-engagement-couples photographer}

First Look is becoming more popular last few years. Its a great way to create a special moment for couples on their wedding day, moment when bride and groom see each other very first time before the ceremony on their wedding day. If couple is more traditional and prefer to see each other right on the ceremony when bride walking down the aisle another option is first look with Brides Dad.

Dads have a special place in each girl's heart so it's a treasured and emotional moment when Dad takes the bride walking down the aisle, but especially when he sees her for the first time right after getting ready before the ceremony. These moments are always full of love and special connection. 

I love to capture all these raw emotions and feelings! It's even more emotional when one person is standing back to walking forward another person (its could be either bride or her father) and they can't see each others faces, but then one turned around it's a magic moment happened, often with some tears (so tense emotions when you waiting for it:).

Enjoy this gallery from Juliette & Jonny's wedding in Castaways Resort, Auckland:

Contact me with any questions!


Wedding Location {Auckland-Waikato-Bay of Plenty NZ couples | engagement photographer}

Its really important to choose a right place to your big wedding day. Each location should have a special meaning to the you and made makes celebration moments unforgettable.

It's a lot of different options in Auckland, Waikato and Bay of Plenty areas, indoors and outdoors (could be handy to do a rain check and have a back up plan ;)

Traditional wedding ceremonies are held in a church / registry office / hotel. I always enjoy to hear stories that couple choose the church where their parents been married. Its such treasured connection between generations, what great family traditions.

Wedding Location {Auckland-Waikato-Bay of Plenty NZ couples | engagement photographer}

Outdoor locations had a lot of variety, especially in New Zealand: beach, domain, winery, gardens,  farm, park, bush, golf course, resort etc. So many different options! Summer is almost all the year around with high plus temperature so its really tempting to organise picturesque ceremony/reception in the beautiful nature side. I just love to capture these natural light beautiful moments.

Wedding Location {Auckland-Waikato-Bay of Plenty NZ couples | engagement photographer}

Other option what I often see with small family weddings - ceremony and reception at parents house with BBQ in the garden area. Thats so sweet memories as well.

So what type of wedding location close to you, where you want to celebrate your engagement and have fun with close to you people / family? It's all up to you! I'm happy to capture for you all these special moments with relax, natural style. I love to show raw emotions and connection!

Wedding Location {Auckland-Waikato-Bay of Plenty NZ couples | engagement photographer}

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Multi-exposure Photography Tips | Waikato photographer

Hello and welcome to my Blog, where I talk about my lifestyle moments, photography and share some inspirational photography tips and exercise.

We will talk today about multi-exposure images. They look pretty neat and not much people know how easy achieve them.

One way - in post-processing when you put together a few layers from few images with different opacity.

But Im a lazy photographer, I really don't like a lot of post processing work and prefer to make things right into the camera (for not spend to much time at editing, but give this treasure time to my family, to my active little ones).

So at this case you go to your camera Menu, put on Multi-Exposure, choose how many images you will merge together and how many times you want it one (single time or more). I did just basic 2 shot single multi-exposure, what I will share with you. (Attention - not all cameras had this mode - please read your camera Manual for get more information. For note - I shoot with Nikon D750 full frame).

Important note: you should nail your exposure triangle (aperture, shutter speed, ISO) in the camera, because you can't work on each picture separated, they will be merge together in one image what you will see in your computer.

So lets go to my pretty simple experiments. 

First one image with my daughter and a tree what I merge together. Little tip - it was easier for me first to take image with my subject and then knowing I had a good shot, put my attention on the background - I choose a tree shape for this purpose.

You free to choose if you want to convert your image in Black and White (BW) or leave a colour variant. Sometimes BW version really stand out for me and speaks to me more.

You can also play with merging not 2 different backgrounds, but play with merging images with the same person. Some photographers use this trick for selfies to show different type of emotions. I just choose my little one and follow the best moments in the same location.

Here is a result:

This image really speaks to me with this lines, composition, emotions and BW conversation.

So grab your camera and experiment! Good luck!

Contact me with any questions!

My style | Lifestyle wedding photographer | Auckland-Waikato-Bay of Plenty photography

People often asking me what means lifestyle photography, Why I'm doing lifestyle pictures, is it mean Im not doing portraits at all?

So lets talk about it and bring it all out, so it will be easier for you to understand what to expect from me, my photography services, and your final pictures :)

1. Lets start from definition. Yes, I know it sounds boring, but will give us a base for our thoughts.

Lifestyle photography is a kind of photography which mainly aims to capture portrait/people on situations, real-life events or milestones in an artistic manner and the art of the everyday (Wikipedia).

So I'm capturing, documenting moments and people in situations in an artistic manner, bring the art into your everyday moments.

You can ask me: Is it just documentary style and capturing all stuff around? No, its much more. I am not just capturing what I see, I am creating an art, I find the beauty in all these moments - what speaks to me and I hope what I created will speak to you, and mean a lot to you!

2. Weddings | Events. If I'm shooting your wedding or another important event I am capturing all natural moments through the day, If you laughing I will capture that, If you are crying I will capture that too.

St Matthews Church wedding

St Matthews Church wedding

I will do posed moments as well (as family portraits or intimate session for bride and groom), but I will do it natural and happy way so everyone will really enjoy it and have a positive experience with "happy family" pictures :)

Family pictures on Lisa's 21st Birthday Party

Family pictures on Lisa's 21st Birthday Party

As for moments for bride and groom they will be based on your personalities, story and naturally relaxing for you. There will be posed shots and unposed and intimate as well. If your a fun loving couple we will have a lot of fun and can create even dynamic, a little bit crazy pictures, if you prefer to have your quiet moments of happiness I will do my best to capture it in romantic editorial style. All these moments really speak to me, then I'm creating and telling your story through the art of the lens! 

Daria & Dmitry

Daria & Dmitry



If we're in getting ready moments and there a lot of stuff around (make-up, bags and all other items) I will do my best to create pictures that focus on the main subjects, of course will take some details shots, which form part of the story and maybe even show with wide angle lens all these mess and people around. But also I will try to use blocking and framing for get artistry shots of you and people around even in these hectic conditions! :)

I love to capture raw emotions, candid moments, details what is a part of your story and all these connection and love between two of you, its just magic moments!

3. Newborns, family and kids.

I'm a mum of two little ones, they are so active and cute and little nightmares sometimes. I realised how important and treasured every moment of their and our life together, how fast they grow, and how important for us to remember these moments.

I'm doing 365 project this year and documenting my everyday moments with kids and family. It's fun, interesting, sometimes usual moments, morning routing, play time and all other stuff. I'm planning to print a book at the end of project with all these images. 

Lifestyle everyday moments. 365 Project

Lifestyle everyday moments. 365 Project

But its not about me, its about you. About your family, about your life.

I love to capture the moments when baby appear in this world, capture everyday moments and routine of your first day with baby, your connection and emotions, everyday things that you are used to with the baby: baby on the big parents bed, baby in the cot, on the changing table, in parents arms, on dad's big shoulder, little fingers in mums hands.

Baby Nazar

Baby Nazar

What do you want to remember about these days, this period, what will be gone and only pictures will remind you about this moments? Details what making a way to your memories: babies name on the wall (or on the door), Teddy bears and other toys around, baby monitor on the shelf, cold cup of tea on the table and dummy nearby, mobile with Winnie the Pooh theme, basket with nappies and all other little things what telling your story. I will capture all world around the baby (your smile, your hair, his little fingers in it, favourite thing to play for your baby - your neckless...)

Baby Luka

Baby Luka

Kids grow up and have own interests, love to spend their time playing soccer, colouring, making sand castles and all other exciting things. What do your family love to do together? What do you want to remember from this year?

Lifestyle session at home: Baking

Lifestyle session at home: Baking

Do you want to have classical portrait of all family together? I will do it at start of our session and then we will go and have fun, do all these things what you and kids love to do, document all these happy moments, emotions, feeling and connections between you in our 1-2 hours time together. I will try to capture these live moments, trying to get individual characters of each member of your family and you all together and you will help me with this. We can do outdoor session if you love to be in the park/ beach or I can come to your place and document all these treasured for you moments what you do around the house (reading books, playing play-dooh, colouring, playing games, maybe even bath or settling and sleeping time, anything what you want to remember).

Knott family in Auckland Domain

Knott family in Auckland Domain

4. I hope I showed you what it means for me to do a lifestyle photography with capturing for you such special events or everyday moments (whats actually unique and special in their own way and never will be repeated again), how important for me the emotions and connection, how I treasure and love each single moment and every person on my sessions, how I want to help to tell your story through the art of photography.

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    Self-Portrait Genre | Auckland-Waikato NZ photographer

    We as photographers are so used to being behind the camera and document others people's everyday life and special moments, so its a really hard task for us to be in front of the lens, and being captured in frame.

    Im doing 365 project, which allow me to shoot every day and get my families lifestyle pictures, my kids, life around and include a clients sessions as well. But sometimes you just run out of theme, with no inspiration. At this moment can be great to try a new views, angles, genre, detailed shots, different lenses or come to self portraiture.

    Its really not so easy. Because no one directs you and tells you what to do. Its all totally up to you and your idea how you want to see yourself, with some idea behind it. Also its not so easy to get exact focus (need to practice couple of times), good body language, everything what you need in or out of frame, ha-ha! and you need to take a lot of shots to get what you need.

    Does it sounds like fun? could be, ha-ha! 

    There always some idea behind the self-portrait. What we want to show, what its mean for us. Do we want do direct gaze, or keep anonymity, do we want a classical portrait or to show some lifestyle moment from our life. What the story behind it?

    Last time I took this self-portrait:

    self portrait

    Story behind: Im a lifestyle photographer and a mum of two really active toddlers. So cup of tea its a special time: time for rest and relax (if no one call: Mummy!!! :) ) Also its time to think about day plans, photography business, client enquiries etc. Thats how I roll :)

    Its not a perfect picture but its mine, and Im already a winner because I went in front of the camera and tried it myself.

    Next step - try to capture my kids with me in the frame. Im not sure if I have any of these portraits at last months...

    Hope you all will try some new experience for you! Enjoy it!

    Talk to you soon!

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    Engagement-Couples Photo Shoot | Auckland wedding photographer

    Engagement and couples photography is one of the special genre of portrait photography with mix of lifestyle moments.

    Its all about showing the connection, emotions and relationships. Sounds easy, but its not :) Of course some couples easy going, not shy at all to show to all world about their love. But what I found, a lot times successful photo shoots could be archived only when you pay attention to details, ask questions, understand couples character, interests, what they love to do together and apply this knowledge to create a perfect relax atmosphere at photo session. Its really short time, just 1-2 hours, which we need to use to create a little love story, from moments of starting love to really tender and strong feelings.

    We can talk (and I love to talk a lot, ha-ha), make a jokes, dance, play around, have posed and unposed moments.

    What helps a lot is a find real moments, leave couple along for some time and just watch their quiet moments, which show a lot how they connect to each other, how they speak and relax.

    Everyone loves to have down time :)

    Also good use of space (shooting in all possible points - shade, open sun, sampled light etc.), and different angles (shoot from the top, eye level, down, side, back, close, far etc.) helps to create unique images and gives more opportunities to make variety of shots what best suits this couple.

    I love to hear all these special love stories, how you meet each other, who doing cooking, who is bossy etc. Ha-ha! Sometimes answers vary, but it always helps me to full in love with the couple and even become good friends, then we meet again at exciting special wedding day.

    If you have the opportunity to have an engagement shoot before the wedding with your photographer, its helps a lot on your wedding day, believe me. Its makes it all more relaxable, enjoyable and everyone knows how we all roll :)

    I also found couple in long relationships really treasure our sessions, its like special psychology session for renew / refresh their relationship. Im so happy to help with it.

    Have a look at my last engagement | couples sessions. I just love all these moments:

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    Still life | Photography Genre {Auckland-Hamilton NZ photographer}

    As the saying beauty in details, everyday moments of our life. We often look at portraits, trying capture emotions, mood, connection, move. But something else around us, something what we not notice too much, especially when we in rush or busy with other questions.

    Its all world around waiting when you put attention on it and see the details.

    Its a still life! So beautiful and mysterious at the same moment. Its all about beauty in simplicity, light, details and moment.

    You just need to look with attention and wait when some moments just speaks to you and make your heart to sing!

    Thats my moments, have a look at these pictures (During my 365 Project I find out that shooting a still life or other photography genres feels really refreshing and inspiring). This gallery from this afternoon shooting till past months random moments what speaks to me (you can see here some mix of genres - macro, abstract etc.:

    365 Project

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    Follow the lines - Creativity Exercise | Photography Tips

    Did you ever put attention to lines on the pictures?

    They draw your attention to the main subject, leading in composition, frame and play a big role in photography.

    You can see a horizontal, vertical or diagonal and also all mix of these types. 

    Creativity exercise today: Follow the lines!

    Try to see different types of lines around, include them in the frame and draw attention to your main subject. Its could be leading lines in composition, horizontal/vertical/diagonal lines of surrounding objects or even body lines, arms etc. Even if you not notice lines too much, they are there. Try to incorporate all other sides of photography: watch the light, colours, composition etc. and have fun with post processing, twist the colours and create a black and white images if its speaks to you!

    Look at couple of shots what I did today for this creativity exercise while my kids played at playground (when else can I find time for everyday shooting and my 365 Project :)

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    Pinterest Boards | Photography Tips {Auckland-Hamilton photographer}

    If you never heard about Pinterest its time to give it a go! I just love the ability to serf around there, looking for inspiration, create some boards with chosen pictures and links (organised in system) and share with friends.

    Its helps not just to get some inspiration but also helps to feel on the same page with clients/friends. My brides and families often happy to share with me their ideas through the links on Pinterest.

    I also love the ability to see some new fun shots.

    Here my last inspiration board which shows what drive me into photography, what speaks to me a lot and what I like to see more in my work. Here a fast screen shot (which opened a part of my inspiration :)

    Please create your board and share with me! :) Look forward to see it!


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