Beauty in details. Nature and landscape photography Auckland

Did you ever notice little things around you: flowers, branches, trees, clouds, sky? It's a lot beautiful natural details around us. But we too busy to notice it. We hurry, have a lot of things to do, problems, stress, and also when you have little kids its not an easy task to find time for yourself and look around, feel beauty and relax :)

As you know Im doing 365 project with daily shooting. I photograph mainly my kids, clients and some lifestyle moments. But sometimes I try to think out site the box and looking for new subjects. It's the beauty around us, nature. You could find it at the beach or park, or just in your yard near the house. I will show you some pictures that I have done just next to my house just one meter from each other. It's a real beauty.

You just need to see it and capture it!

Little tips: use your camera's manual mode, change aperture (small number 1.4-2.8 for blurry background, or over 8 for sharp to see details - like airplane in the sky below)

Here little gallery of things what I been shooting just in few days time apart from each other and around one spot.


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