Albert park lifestyle baby session | Auckland newborn photographer

Babies are so gorgeous and its a great pleasure to do photo shoot with newborns and their parents.

Last weekend I been doing photography session at Auckland CBD at Katya's and Daniel's home. We captured some lifestyle moments with baby awake, sleeping, feeding, laying in his cot and on Mummy's bed (best place ever for babies). He is so adorable, and I just love his hair and little fingers and toes!  We captured all these special moments and then took this baby for a walk to Albert park, and walked around Auckland Uni and Clock Tower. Beautiful place!

Baby is so sweet when he sleeps, we really don't want disturb his dreams, so took some shots while he was in the pram and put him down to the mat in his car seat. It was beautiful colours around, with all this leaves on the ground!

At the end of our walking Daniel woke up (of course) and we got some shots with awake baby.

What an amazing day and beautiful weather with great people. Katya is a gorgeous Mama, and I just love to capture the connection between them, such special moments. Hope to see Daniel in the future and see how he grows up, this strong little boy!

This video is beautifully shows atmosphere and all these moments. Some pictures coming too


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