Lifestyle colouring family session | Auckland Kids Photographer

Did you ever think about having session at your own house? It looks too usual for you, every day you see the same walls and your used to it.

But what about remembering these everyday moments, remember what your family and kids love to do, how you prefer spend time together, what about treasure every single moment of your life. Kids grow up really fast and they do colouring or enjoy play-dough, run after bubbles, trying to catch them, laughing and sitting on the ground...

All these moments will be gone, but we could remember them when looking at pictures.

I spent morning with beautiful family last weekend: Kylie, Taylor and Kourtney (5 and 7 years old gorgeous girls), they so different and looks so similar at the same moment.  We capture everyday lifestyle moments like colouring, playing, laying on the floor and doing a lot of other different things, what all kids loves to do. We just went with the flow, follow girls wishes. It was big fun! Love every single moment of this session! We also did some baking, it was really special, so I decided put it in separate Blog post (watch this space for publication next week).

Look at these  pictures!


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