Wedding Dresses Collection Photo Shoot | Auckland Wedding Photographer

Every little girl dreams about beautiful wedding dress and often dresses up in some long mummy's dress and put her shoes on. Do you remember all these moments?

How lucky Kim from creating her own wedding dresses. :) I had the honour to be chosen to photograph her wedding dress collection at the weekend in Otorohanga (few hours drive and I'm there, catch up with Kim and her 3 girls who were the models for our photo shoot: Hallie, Sassie, and Christina.

I asked Kim what inspired her for this wedding collection and received the answer:

"My inspiration is around making dresses for the curvier figure. I am a big girl and find it hard to find clothes to fit. And when I got married had to pay a lot of money to get a dress made for me.. and I thought the prices are ridiculous. So I make them for a fraction of the price and gives girls the opportunity to have a designer dress for affordable price".

Dresses look just amazing by the way! Any curvy bride should look with attention on this collection, and every girl too!

We enjoyed our time with girls (few hours gone really fast!) having shots at the lake and near beautiful bush, trees and fields. Otorohanga is such a great place, they have a kiwi house I hear (didn't have the opportunity to visit it but love the surroundings!

We had so much fun! Kim done a great job with dress fitting, drive girls to location, change their dresses one by one and do it all again and again. Might be exhausting! 

Girls changed a few stunning dresses and its fit, looks just amazing! They even seem to have different characters in each dress. What a beautiful transformation. It's true what people say - dress makes you feel so special. Even Coco Chanel said:

“Dress shabbily and they remember the dress; dress impeccably and they remember the woman.”

and another one (one of my favourites:

"Simplicity is a keynote of all true elegance" and "Beauty begins the moment you decide to be yourself" and these girls dressed in these elegant dresses just showed real personality (maybe even hidden from themselves, I tried to capture their real character and direct and posed them to complement the dresses best way.

What a great day in amazing company and environment! Just a dream come true! One little girl and a lot of wedding dresses! Ha-ha :)

Enjoy our pictures and feel free to make an enquiry to book your wedding, commercial photography  or made an enquiry for your stunning wedding dress to Kim Clark-Ware (she definitely knows how to make your dreams became true)


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