Magmod - a life changer | Photography products {Auckland wedding photographer}

I happy to share with you a recent publication in Click Magazine, where 21 pros {including me, Auckland wedding photographer} sharing their favourite photography products that became a game changer for them.

For me the answer was simple - Magmod Kit and Sphere. Its such amazing tools that allows you to master the artificial light  and control it {on or off camera flash}, get soft and beautiful light. There is no more fair of reception or dark spots {outside and inside indoors}. 
Have a look at this publication and enjoy all these amazing photography products, maybe you can find something new for yourself!

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Chasewild Workshop {Wedding photographers in Auckland}

Amazing time with great people on Chasewild workshop this weekend in Auckland! Its so great to catch up with other creatives, wedding photographers, share ideas, get creative inspiration and just hang out during so busy wedding season.

We had such a great experience in Pilkintons {Auckland City}, midday shoot on the streets, an evening stroll to Karekare Falls and Piha beach at sunset and dusk.

Need to mention a great add-on next day on editing and remarkable speech from Sascha Kraemer {Germany} on wedding photography business questions.

Love to share a few images - sneak peek from these fantastic days of "Only the goodness"!

Chasewild wedding photography workshop {Auckland weddings photographers}
Amazing bridal portrait on Piha Beach {Auckland wedding photographers}

Thank you, James, Cameron, Sascha and photographers from all around New Zealand for a great time!

Models: Emily & Tim

Make-Up: Lipstick & Co

Dress: Reu De Seine

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Monthly Newsletter - Wedding planning and Inspiration {Auckland weddings photographer}

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Castaways Resort {Auckland wedding photographers} Jenny and Andrew

Jenny & Andrew

I'm so excited to share with you highlights of my last wedding of this summer season in New Zealand - Jenny & Andrew get married in Castaways resort {Auckland, NZ} surrounded by their close friends and families. It was amazing outdoor wedding {as its get close to winter season we had such a cold wind on the top of the hills and freezing weather, but its not stand of the way of this beautiful couple celebrating their special day with their guests}. Couple contacted me looking for their wedding photogpraher just few months ago, I just love these sort of short notice weddings! I been happy to provide them a custom wedding photography coverage. 

It was great to meet all their friends and families {some come from all around the world, including China}.

Couple's romantic story: "On May 4th 2017 we will have been together for 3 years.. We met at a party through a mutual friend who has a habit of setting people up without them knowing! Andrew took me out for an ice cream at the Auckland Domain where, as Andrew's good fortune would have it, we happened upon a jazz band that was playing. We then went out on a hike in the Waitakere and watched the sunset."

How was made a proposal: "Andrew took me on a surprise long weekend holiday to Paihia and Russell - it was a warm November Guy Fawkes evening and he proposed under the stars on the balcony where we could see the fireworks across the harbour in Russell. He admitted later he was supposed to propose when we hiked up the Pinnacles in the Coromandel a few weeks earlier - but his plans got rained on - literally!" Such a romantic story!

Great was to have an amazing day in Castaways! Enjoy this video highlights and gallery with my favourite photographs!

bride standing on balcony {Castaways - Auckland wedding photographers}
bride getting ready {Castaways - Auckland wedding photographers}

Great creative team:

Cake - Isabelle Edmonds
Band - Twistin’ The Swing 
Make-up - blush baby (Nicola May)
Rings - Andrew's is made from Dinosaur bone, meteorite and titanium
Bouquets and boutineers - made by JJ Luo
Dress - tailored by Christine Taylor
Celebrant - Cameron Stuart
Suits - Hallenstein Brothers
Castaways Resort staff were amazing - especially Kim and Kyle {notes from the bride :)}
and Levien & Lens Photography - New Zealand and destination wedding photographer

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Bride of the Week in Woman's Weekly Magazine - Hana {New Zealand wedding photographer} Your weddings

Im so excited for Hana & Aidan and want to share with you amazing news: their photographs just been published in Women's Weekly Magazine. Congratulations to beautiful Hana who became Bride of the Week {Your Weddings} in popular New Zealand magazine.

Its great to see again their images what I took as their wedding photographer in Russell {Bay of Islands, Northland, New Zealand}, especially been published and went live all around the country :) It was just magic wedding with special atmosphere in The Duke of Marlborough Hotel, ceremony at Pompallier House Gardens and photo shoot at the Long beach.

Congratulations to lucky couple and happy future together!

Here is just a sneak peek into publication: {feel free to look through their wedding day in our wedding photography Blog}

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Happy New Year {New Zealand destination wedding photographer}

I would like to wish a happy New Year to all my couples | friends and followers and say a big thank you for your support in this 2016 year. It was amazing year with plenty of positive emotions, amazing couples photo shoots, gorgeous and emotional weddings and so many other events around.

I kept my "mostly 365 project" and document my family life with little ones, been travelling to different destination all around New Zealand: from Up North {Northland - Kerikeri, Paihia, Russel through Auckland, Hamilton, Tauranga, Rotorua, Taupo, Wellington to South Island: Queenstown, such a magic place!}. I attended different workshop and helped with their organising as well. 

Numbers for this 2016 year:

18 Weddings shoot | 15000 km milage | 2 new cameras | 2 new lenses | 3 pairs of shoes | plenty outfits :)

Really excited about upcoming 2017 and what its brings :) Hope everyone will have a Happy New Year and lots of positive emotions! I promise beautifully capture all these emotional moments! ;)

Lets remember our beautiful 2016 weddings and couples {its so hard to choose just one photo as I loved all of them, ha-ha!}

Queenstown wedding photography workshop - Two Mann {Destination weddings photographer}

If you been wonder why its been so quiet lately in my Blog and Social Media, the answer is simple - I been away on destination wedding photography workshop in Queenstown {NZ} by best weddings photographers in the world - Two Mann studio. It was amazing time in a great company (with small group of top wedding photographers from New Zealand, Australia, USA and Canada}. Im not will tell you all names, but some of them Im sure you know as James Day, Isaac from Perspectives, Zahn from Perry Trotter photography etc.

Its amazing how important for us to learn, progress and study, this process never stops! Its been  full on time with learning some tips and tricks about capturing the perfect emotional moments on the wedding day {thats what we aim for}. Im so excited to put in practice all this knowledge, look forward to my next wedding on the weekend!

{Other highlight from the travel - my husband who my second shooter as well arrived to Queenstown just for 24 hours to celebrate our 5 years anniversary and fly with me over to Milford Sound and back. It was a shaky flight, but it was worth it all with beautiful views on snowy Southern Alps and sea line, such a great landscapes. What a great memories!}

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What its takes to be a Second Photographer for weddings {New Zealand wedding photographers} Photography Tips

Few people recently asked me about second photographer-shooter opportunities in my New Zealand wedding photography business. Also they asked about what Im expecting from second shooter, what areas to learn, practice, improve etc. So I decided to put together all thoughts and tips to help others :) Im always happy to help!

I have my husband shooting with me and all what I need from him - keep his eyes open for moments to happen, anything what catching his eyes, what I can't see when Im shooting in different spot, wedding location. I think its not so easy to find right second shooter (for example, some people great with shooting details, another one - moments, someone can be good with posing, capture emotions, be creative, so you really need to have a little bit of everything in your work, not miss any important for bride and groom moments. So you really need to look through second shooter's portfolio and see what his best sides and if its fits your style. You also need the person who can be creative around and capture some stuff with really interesting angle or perspective. Most of my galleries 80-90 % my shots and around 10-20% second shooter ones {time to time its can varies depends on amount of events, light, creativity). Also factor a personality, you need fell comfortable with this person and same bride and groom - its your brand and your face - so its really important your second shooter been a great people person, who make everyone feel relaxed and also watching you and helping you every time when you need even without asking. I even not mentioning the ability not be on the way, not jump in your frame and not shoot over your shoulder, ha-ha!

how to be a good second shooter - photographer {New Zealand wedding photographers}

So we looked to second photographer question from main photographer perspective. If we sum its all up for second shooters, here some tips:

1. Capture moments, emotions, peoples in situation {guests laughing, parents crying, kids playing around, old people talking etc.). You can practice this ability by doing lifestyle photography, shoot on the streets, your kids, events etc. I been practicing constantly with capturing my family everyday moments in 365 Project and its helps a lot as you learn to capture fast changes situation.

2. Try to be creative, shoot from different angles and perspectives, think outside the box. Main shooter busy with organising the process and taking everything under control. You have a chance walk around, se situations, details, things happening.

3. Stay away from main photographer's frame, not shoot over the shoulder :) 

4. Try to help with any duties from holding the light, carry bag, bringing glass of water to anything else what been asked beforehand {I'm not saying you always should do it, but just try to make main photographer life easier :). 

what need to do second photographer {International wedding photographer}

5. You can talk through the timeline and photographer's and couple's expectation beforehand, any important list of shots what they required and other information what you should know to prepare yourself to the wedding.

6. Prepare your equipment (charge the batteries, have plenty of cards, backup camera, different angle lenses). Often you need to shoot with different type on lens in the same spot and also have variety with main shooter (for example main shooter shooting with 85 mm you can use 35 mm or 24 mm; and opposite - main photographer at 200 mm, you will use 35, 50 mm etc for give different look and capture environment).

7. Synchronise the time in cameras before make any shots (its will really help in post processing so pictures will be flawless in the gallery). Of course main photographer can change time capture in all your shots in Lightroom but it will take his time to work out these details and spend more time on editing images.

8. Contract - its really important to understand the conditions of this job and especially moments as how you hang images to main photographer, do you have the rights to use images for your portfolio (and if so can you do it right away or need to wait for 3-6 months as contract conditions). When you going to be paid (beforehand or after pass the images). Its really important as I met a lot of situations when wedding photographers had conflicts between each others about not been paid, or second shooter been using images without the permission and couple etc. Please talk and look through all these details for not be upset after work done.

what its takes to be a second photographer {Auckland wedding photographers}

9. Dress proper (maybe its sounds strange but you represent main photographer brand and style so better to find out what to dress, as you doing a wedding shoot where everyone around will be dress appropriate. I even heard on one of the wedding how groom been joking about photographer that its underdressed person in the room, hope you not will be this person}, but of course clothes need be comfortable so you can lay on the ground, climb up if you need etc. Of course some weddings more casual (as rustic farm, outdoor, beach weddings), but we still need dress smart (black and grey colours always works!).

10. Be a people person - its all about positive experience for couple, not just amazing photographs, and this first point sometimes much more important then second, as its how people remember you. Talk, jock, help peoples, be reasonable and sensitive with empathy and ability to understand situation and emotions.

11. Think ahead, pre-view the moment happening (couple go back to the aisle, entering reception, bride's mum ready to cry etc.) and be ready to find the right spot to capture it without disturbing the moment. Keep your eyes open and learn from your mistake, its a big learning curve and after each wedding we analysing and looking forward what we can improve. You can always check with main shooter if he have any recommendations, but Im sure you know yourself what you can be proud of and what did you missed :)

Good luck with this exciting position! Its great to have fun on second shooting and also take your own main weddings (funny enough I started not traditional way and right jump into shooting my own wedding with right attitude and confidence, but I also did a few weddings as second shooter so know exactly how its feels). Its great to team up with other photographers and be in the great community and be ready to help each other as you never know when you may need some help. There a lot of local Facebook groups for wedding photographers, we also trying to catch up as often as we can. 

Here just one of the pics what I took as second photographer shooting wedding caremony in Ataahua garden venue, Tauranga, New Zealand.

second photographer for weddings - photography tips {New Zealand wedding photographers}

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Positive Friday - Inspiration {Auckland wedding photographer}

Hi everyone! Today is a positive Friday {at least for me :) ) and its time to share with you some inspirational moments. I met a lot of awesome people while been shooting weddings around Auckland, Hamilton, Tauranga and pretty much all New Zealand! As a photographer and artist I feel really emotional when people sharing with me their feelings. Its understandable when we had a great experience together.

But this time I received absolutely unexpected message which made my day. This little act of inspiration was really important and come at right time as you often questioning yourself and what you are doing.

This message was sent through my website wedding inquiries and come from Angie. Hope she not mind me to share her simple words. She said: "I just wanted to say... your photography is completely gorgeous. You are incredible!"

Thats just amazing that someone look at my work and stop by to say some words of encouragement. Im really appreciate these kind words and its make me think Im on the right track ;) Its amazing sign of kindness that someone took time to contact just to say positive words.

I hope we will be saying more and more positive words to each other more often and try to help, and support. Who knows maybe person next to you really needs these words of encouragement and its a perfect timing, at least its make them feel better and maybe smile :)

Thanks again Angie! You truly made my day and motivate to think about things.

Beautiful Maria, dance photo shoot

Beautiful Maria, dance photo shoot

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Associate Photographers Program {New Zealand wedding photography}

I've been waiting for this moment to happen for such a long time, while I have been turning away many couples during few years because I have been booked for their date or because I just do not fit in their budget. Finally I found a solution to this problem - an Associate Program! I carefully selected and trained a few people who perfectly fit my style and shares with me, my vision and love for fine art | lifestyle wedding photography with a natural approach, when everyone feels relaxed in front of the camera and can fully enjoy their wedding day, get emotional and artistic, stunning photographs which truly reflect the story of your wedding day. They second shoot along side with me at many weddings, captured plenty of weddings on their own and perfectly fit with my brand! Two of them have their own successful photography businesses {they just want to spend more time on shooting and creating beautiful photographs and less on editing | post-processing and business managing ;)}. I appreciate their time and talent!

I can fully trust my team to follow my brand and shooting style {one of them is my husband ;)}. Stay tuned to find out more details!

Yes, its scary to give someone to shoot my wedding, but I can fully rely on these people and also feel secure as each wedding will have two professional photographers on the day and I will carefully select and hand-edit each image in your final gallery which represents my style and vision, and will perfectly reflect your wedding story.

associate photographers program {New Zealand wedding photography}

Please let me know if you have any questions! Let's have a chat :)


Follow me on Instagram {New Zealand: Auckland-Hamilton-Tauranga wedding photographer}

Do you know that now you can find me and follow my wedding photography on Instagram? If you followed my personal account, now is a time for changes - I created a new business account @levienlensphotography, so you can find there my clients work from weddings around New Zealand: Auckland, Hamilton, Tauranga, Northland etc.

If you still interested to see my lifestyle everyday moments with kids and family, some fun and different style of pictures welcome to visit my personal account @olgalevien. 

Im happy to see new people and ready to share my personal moments like my awesome clients sharing with me so special and treasured moments from their amazing wedding celebrations, Im so excited to see their families grow in years to come!

Thank you for your love and welcome to follow me!

See you on Instagram!

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Auckland wedding photographer Levien & Lens photography

Photography tips for shy couples {New Zealand lifestyle wedding-engagement photographer}

Everyone have unique character and personality: some of us easy going open people, some naturally shy, especially with unknown people. I decided to put together a few photography tips for shy couples on the wedding day, which really important for me as a photographer {serving destination weddings all around New Zealand: Auckland, Northland, Waikato, Bay of Plenty and surrounding areas}.

Its always hard to relax in front of camera and know what to do {believe me I just did 5 years anniversary self-portrait with my husband and it was so hard to understand what to do when we can't see ourself from the side}. It was a mess! Thats why good to choose photographer who you can truly trust and who can direct you.

This trust can be build on engagement session beforehand {so you already have experience together, understand each other and how you are roll :)} or at pre-wedding consultation {when you can have a chat not just about the wedding, but about pretty much everything and find common interest and feel the connection}. I always try to understand couples personalities and their needs, had a meeting or good talk via the phone and sending a wedding Questionnaire with some personal questions beforehand.

couples engagement beach sunset photo shoot {Piha - Auckland wedding photographer}

Also remember - its natural to be stiff in front of camera first 15-20 min {believe me everyone having this experience}, thats why you need to allow yourself enough time on intimate session along from the guests {i would recommend at least 1-1.5 hours - add extra time for more locations}.

As a photographer I would suggest for shy couples more actions - mix of posed and unposed shots, interaction including chatting with each other and photographer {walking together, sitting relaxing, telling each other what they thought at first meeting, what they most exciting about, laughing, breath each others in etc.

couples - engagement pre-wedding photo shoot {Piha- Auckland New Zealand wedding photographer}

And last tip - just enjoy the moment, you just married, so happiness naturally shining through your eyes and everyone around can feel it {camera too ;)}! 

Enjoy these moments together and don't forget to have fun! I will be there for you :)

photography tips for shy couples {New Zealand lifestyle wedding photographer}

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Elegant New Zealand Garden Wedding published - WeddingWire {Auckland - Hamilton - Tauranga couples-engagement photographer}

Great news come from overseas - Maria & Ben's eland New Zealand garden wedding published in WeddingWire {USA}. Its such a honour to see photographs goes live around the world. 

Im as destination wedding | engagement photographer love to capture destination weddings around Auckland, Hamilton, Tauranga and other areas of New Zealand, such a beautiful country with special wild atmosphere.

This wedding was hold in Landsendt Tropical Garden {Oratia, Auckland}, such a beautiful place for a special event!

You can check wedding gallery in our Blog and also enjoy this publication from WeddingWire.

Thank you Maria & Ben for sharing with me so special moments! Happy future together!

Great Creative Team - Vendors:

Venue/Caterer: Landsendt 

Event Planner: Taryn Liddy 

Dress Designer: Kellylin Couture

Shoes: Windsor Smith from Andrea Biani

Bridesmaid Dresses: Kilt 

Jeweler: Alan Woods

Hair Stylist: Charlotte Zieleman

Makeup Artist: Karina Jonassen of Face Me Makeup & Hair

Groom and Groomsmen Attire: Cambridge Clothing

Officiant: Minister Fatafehi

Ceremony Music: Pat Mose

Invitations: Robin Kydd

Floral Designer: The Botanist

Cake: Trish Bonnici

Reception Music: DJ Percy Afeaki

MC: Te Arahi August

Elegant New Zealand Garden Wedding published - WeddingWire {Auckland-Hamilton-Tauranga couples-engagement photographer}

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Best wedding photos of the season {Auckland - New Zealand lifestyle couples photographer}

I love to look back and pick the best photos from each wedding what I captured around New Zealand {mostly in Auckland :)} during this busy season. All these lifestyle moments, couple's connection, emotions: both laughing and crying, candids and details.

Its so special and so magical, Im as a wedding photographer can observe, capture, be creative and tell the story of the wedding day, show moments which couple maybe even not noticed at this hectic day and those what will be treasured forever,

Wedding photography such a special thing! I so in love in this genre, so much emotions, unexpected moments, challenges through the magical day. Its truly magic to capture one in a life event. You will have only your husband and photographs wake up next morning :)

Thats love!

Enjoy this video and gallery with my favourite - best photographs from 2015 | 2016 Wedding Season {which runs from September till end of May for me, of course I have some winter weddings to capture, but most busy time gone, so I have a moment to reflect and enjoy, breath in :) }

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How to choose wedding photographer {Auckland couples-engagement photography}

Choosing a wedding photographer one of the most exciting parts of the wedding planning! Its feels so important and so right when you found a good fit. So how to choose wedding photographer for your couple?

I will talk about few steps which feels really important to me as a lifestyle wedding photographer.

1. Wedding Portfolio.

Check wedding photography portfolio - best photographs which represents photographer's style, favourite things to shoot, editing preferences {some of us love airy light images, another ones draw to moody dark atmosphere, or even do mix of both depending on session}. 

2. Check full wedding galleries.

You checked best images in photographer's portfolio, now time to see a full wedding from start to finish { getting ready, ceremony, formals, intimate bride and groom session, reception etc.}. You can find full weddings in the Blog or contact photographer via email and ask for pass online complete wedding galleries.

You can see how we capture moments, emotions, details, posed shots, unposed images etc. Its truly represent the ability to keep it up during this hectic day and produce amazing images which speaks from the heart.

3. One of the most important - Connection.

Get in touch with photographer and check the connection, communication and mobility {Im trying to answer for inquiries as soon as possible, often during first few hours}, but please allow a couple of days delay, especially on weekends, as we can be away on the road at destination wedding. :)

Sometimes really hard to get a personality via email especially if English not a mother tongue {I love to catch up with my awesome clients for cup of tea / coffee, have a chat and discuss their wedding plans}. We usually build a good trust and its make us feel comfortable during the wedding day {photographer the only one person who all the time with you without any minute of break, so its important to find the right person, feel relaxed and comfortable}.

4. Last but not least - Packages and Pricing.

Please contact photographer to find out pricing details and collections {how many hours, how many photographers, if there engagement session included, any prints | products what you would like to add}. Feel free to share your wedding plans and needs as a lot of photographers can create a custom package which best suits your needs.

For example I working in a team with my husband and have options with one or two photographers on the day, coverage from elopements with capturing just ceremony and bride and groom intimate session to full day packages including engagement - pre-wedding session and album + wall fine art print. There options for every couple!

You found your dream photographer, but can't afford your dream package? Still get in touch, tell about your wedding plans and planning date. There always a chance you can find the compromise as your wedding sounds just amazing and photographer in love with your couples personalities {you can also order prints | products when you discover your images, or make its a part of wedding registry}.

Follow your gut and go with the flow! Good luck with your wedding planning!

bride and groom under veil {Auckland wedding photographer} couples photography

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Bride and her father {Auckland-Hamilton-Tauranga wedding photographer}

Moment when father see his daughter for a first time after her getting ready moments one of most special for me on the wedding day. I travelling a lot around Auckland, Hamilton, Tauranga areas and meet beautiful people. Its really special for me to see their relationships and emotions!

Maybe because of emotions involved into it, maybe those special connection, or maybe because I never had the opportunity to have these moments myself as my father died when I was 5 years old. I always cried when I seen emotional moments in movies between kids and their dads. These are so special.

But back to the wedding theme. I love when bride have a moment with mum and bridesmaids, but also spent a few minutes during her getting ready with her dad. I also love when brides specially set up a first look with dad, because its so special moment for bride and her dad. I love these moments, stories and emotions. They are so treasured!

Enjoy this gallery from my recent weddings in Auckland, Hamilton NZ and Tauranga areas. No need any words! 

I also been honoured as one of my images completed a Fathers Day gallery by Fearless Photographers, best and such a talented wedding photographers in the world!

Another special detail - one of these pictures won an NZIPP Iris Awards in Wedding Classic category, what a honour! :)

Enjoy these images!

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Inspiration board #4 - couples | engagement photography {Auckland wedding photographer}

Who wants to get more inspiration in couples photography? Here we go!

Today I am sharing with you my Pinterest board with chosen couples | engagement photographs from photographers all around the world with intimate couples moments. Feel free to visit this board and share your ones!

Im always happy to see new ideas, styles and also get some inspiration, feel the mood for my Auckland wedding photography. Love to be inspired and create something new :)

couples | engagement photography {Auckland wedding photographer}

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Inspiration board #2 - wedding photography {Auckland couples-engagement photographer}

Im continue to share with you my inspiration boards on Pinterest. What a great source for grouse through different pictures, styles from photographers all around the world!

Im specialise in lifestyle wedding photography and mostly shooting weddings around Auckland, Waikato, Bay of Plenty areas, travelling a lots, having busy lifestyle, but I always love to find a minute to get some extra inspiration and create a board what drive me :)

It's really interesting to see what style of photographs, what emotions and connection, what light and colour attract the most and my preferences definitely based on my taste and connect to my photography voice.

Have a look at my wedding photography inspiration board, feel free to share your boards in comments, I will be happy to have a look! :)

wedding photography {Auckland couples photographer}

Look what inside {New Zealand award-winning lifestyle wedding photographer}

Look what I received this morning, parcel been laying at the door steps. I discovered it when come back after drop kids to pre-school and post USB to my awesome wedding clients.

It was a postage which fly all over the world from USA, from Lemonade and Lenses, beautiful magazine. I been excited to open the package and found the fine art print with my award winning photograph {first place} in Winter International Contest 2016 by Lemonade and Lenses. There also was a lovely note with congratulations and one of the issues of this gorgeous magazine. I'm so excited!

Thank you so much for the great honour to be a winner of the international winter contest in wedding photography category in a great company of so talented photographers from around the world. Im really appreciate it!

Look what inside the parcel :)

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Wedding workflow {Auckland-Hamilton-Tauranga lifestyle couples-engagement photographer}

Im a really organised person, love to create different todo lists, put together items in logical order and create a workflow. Today I decided to share with you my wedding photography workflow. Im as a lifestyle wedding photographer travel a lot around Auckland, Hamilton and Tauranga areas, sometimes even up North or down South and its important to keep on track with all events and clients | vendors.

A lot of people who are really far from photography business can think that our work as photographers just arrive on location, shoot event and right away deliver the images (believe me I thought that too before joined amazing world of photography), but its so much more! 

Shooting a wedding day can take usually between 5 and 12 hours depends on quantity of events and locations, but pre-wedding process and post wedding production can take weeks and even months! Usually I spend on each wedding at least 80 hours work and even more.

wedding workflow - photography tips {Auckland wedding photographers}

Let see my usual workflow (Im not going to put down quantity of hours | time spend on each item, its easy to guess :)

1. answer for enquiry, follow up

2. organise meeting for discuss wedding details an see if we on the same page

3. create and send quote, contract, questionnaire, invoice. Sometimes send a reminder {in 17 hats - management software}

4. answer for all following questions,

5. contact clients few months before the wedding day, organise an engagement | pre-wedding session (do all session workflow including choose and scout location, shooting, post-processing, deliver the gallery, blogging etc.)

engagement - couples photo shoot {New Zealand wedding photographer}

6. contact clients one month before the wedding, send an invoice reminder for final payment, questionnaire

7. organise pre-wedding consultation | meeting, go over all details again {online or via the phone}

8. scout wedding location

9. check last minute changes one week before the wedding

10. prepare equipment, all addresses, directions to location, contact creative team | all vendors

bride getting ready {New Zealand wedding photographer}

11. shooting wedding according the timeline and any unexpected changes / delays with first dance, cake cutting etc.

12. copy all files, back-up files at the end of the day {Im using two external drives and online Amazine Drive storage to be absolutely secure}

13. culling (choosing best images) - sometimes I move through images twice, as second time allow me to look at images with fresh eye

14. post-processing | retouching images

15. post sneak peek on Facebook or email

wedding photography New Zealand | destination wedding photogpraher

16. download images in online gallery and USB stick

17. organise prints | products

18. send to a client letter with link on online gallery (3-4 weeks after wedding day)

19. post USB stick with high resolution files + web quality images and prints | products

20. back up final galleries

21. write and publish a blog post with best images from the wedding day

Auckland wedding photogpraher

22. choose best images for portfolio and publications

23. send a gallery link to all creative team

24. submit the gallery for publications, keep on track with publishers (i love to share my images, because Im really happy with results)

25. submit best images for various awards | contests (thats motivate me to do more, progress and move forward :).

26. post wedding results on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and other social media etc.

Im sure its not a full list, probably I forgot some other little details :) But hope you get an idea about how much work involve into the weddings and I love this work :)

wedding photographer Auckland - Hamilton - Tauranga NZ

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