Mini-holidays in Tauranga | Personal pictures | LEVIEN & LENS PHOTOGRAPHY

I love spontaneous moments, adventure and travelling. Thats why I been happy when last weekend we decided to leave Auckland and drive to Tauranga for a weekend. What a fun idea!

Change atmosphere, environment, have some rest and relax after busy time and enjoy our time.

Kids been happy to stay in Omokoroa holiday park in cute cabin with playground next to it and great thermal pools what they used twice. My little ones been so excited to swim supported with daddy's hands, jump in the water and play around.

My 3-years old son mentioned to me "I want stay in this house!" Ha-ha, me too :)

But it was time to say good buy and drive back to Auckland with brakes at playgrounds, McDonalds and other fun places.

I been totally relax and have a break from shooting, just took a few pictures here and there for 365 Project. We all need to have some rest :)

Enjoy it!