Creativity exercise | Capture a moment | Family lifestyle photographer | LEVIEN & LENS PHOTOGRAPHY

Its time for a new creativity exercise :)

This time we concentrate on capturing moments, emotions and details as well. So lets start:

grab a camera, make sure your settings good enough for capture a motion (at least 1/125 sec), good exposure, enough light coming through your lens (if its not enough you can make small aperture (around 1.8-2.8 depends what area you want to have in focus) and don't forget to set ISO (if its low light condition don't be afraid to bump it up) and last but not least - your white balance (you can use Kelvin - my usual settings at my house at day time around 5500 K, outside its varies depends from time of the day and could be around 6200 at usual day time and go up 7200-9500 closer to sunset, candles light give you around 2500 K). If you want to learn how to use the Kelvin settings just look at Kelvin chart and play with your settings at different lighting conditions and look at result (is it too blue or yellow).

I just slightly touched your settings because they are really important for get a clean picture what no need too much work in post-processing, so try to get it right in the camera :)

You made your camera ready for action and for your creativity exercise:

Take a set of the pictures around one event and try to capture a moment, emotions of subjects, concentrate on details and take a pictures what make a story. You can also just made a one shot which show all story in one frame. 

I show you some examples of capturing moment: last evening when my little ones been sitting on the sofa and watching TV I tried to get in frame their connection and interaction with details shots. Its a real treasure, especially when your little ones grow up so fast.

Have fun and let me know if you have any questions