Still life | Photography Genre {Auckland-Hamilton NZ photographer}

As the saying beauty in details, everyday moments of our life. We often look at portraits, trying capture emotions, mood, connection, move. But something else around us, something what we not notice too much, especially when we in rush or busy with other questions.

Its all world around waiting when you put attention on it and see the details.

Its a still life! So beautiful and mysterious at the same moment. Its all about beauty in simplicity, light, details and moment.

You just need to look with attention and wait when some moments just speaks to you and make your heart to sing!

Thats my moments, have a look at these pictures (During my 365 Project I find out that shooting a still life or other photography genres feels really refreshing and inspiring). This gallery from this afternoon shooting till past months random moments what speaks to me (you can see here some mix of genres - macro, abstract etc.:

365 Project

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