Wedding details pictures {Auckland-Hamilton couples-engagement photographer}

Rings, flowers, veil, shoes etc, I love all these little details, treasured thing on the weddings. Each couple put a lot of effort to choose wedding style, theme, details, items which mean a lot to them.

This planning process start right from engagement till last day before the big day! I absolutely understand how much work couple put into this and how important to capture all this little details for them.

Its also add a lot to the wedding story, let feel the atmosphere and also showing this day decor, which can take a good spot in wedding album as well.

Its such a treasured moments showing this important for bride and groom day!

Look at these flowers bouquets from Juliette & Jonny wedding. Juliette's sister created them with big love:

wedding flowers bouquet {Auckland couples-engagement photographer}

You can see these details in each wedding gallery what I created, its so lovely memories and took their good place in a wedding story.

Yes, I love to capture candid moments, emotions, connection and lifestyle moments follow my style, but I also love to take the break, slow down and capture these details!

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