Family holidays in Tauranga {Auckland-Waikato-Bay of Plenty lifestyle wedding photographer}

Its been a happy family holidays in Tauranga (Bay of Plenty) last weekend. We been waiting for these moments from Christmas time because of busy summer wedding season (I been shooting a lot of weddings in Auckland, Waikato around December-January time).

So it was a real treasure to move into the hotel with swimming pool, take kids to the beach, have fun at Memorial park in Tauranga and just try to relax, what not so easy to do with two little ones around :)

I still been doing some work, catch up with my awesome wedding clients in Tauranga: two meetings during one weekend, but thats me, work is never stops, especially my one where you need be on track 24 | 7 :)

I had the opportunity to capture some lifestyle moments around when had feeling I need take this shot because of beauty around, light or just memorable family moments :)

Enjoy this gallery from our family holidays in Tauranga!

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