Family of four {Auckland newborn-kids photographer}

Winter is a perfect time to get some family photos taken {Like this family of four in Auckland}, especially when you just had a newborn. Such a precious memories of your kids, so treasured moments for mum and da and me as well as their photographer. Im as a mum of three myself totally feel connected to these beautiful people and their little ones! Such a beautiful and treasured memories!

This time I visit gorgeous house at North Shore where I met Meg, Mark and their two little ones - Lily and Zakki. Thats how this family describe themselves: “Mark is dad and he loves golf Meg is mum and she is ? Idk , - Lily is 18 months and loves the wiggles to bits , loves to dance , loves books, Zakki is just four days old . He is small dark and handsome. Bob is our ragdoll seal point cat . He is a good looking dude and he knows it. Jagger is our blue point ragdoll and she is a sweet doll”. You can get such a great vibe just from this awesome description!

Enjoy highlights of our session!

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My everyday personal moments in 365 Project - October {Hamilton - Waikato family-wedding photographer}

Excited to share with you my recent photos - everyday personal candid moments with kids and family in 365 Project around Hamilton, Waikato and Auckland. Kids had lots of fun in October, such a great mont. For me as a mum and wedding photographer its such a treasured moments, they allow me to remember milestones in kids journey and development and also practice and progress with my photography, always have camera ready for moment to happen!

Also big news of the month - we done our first in 5 years!!! family photo shoot with Anne Paar {Anne Paar Photography} in Raglan beach, it was exciting experience {of course kids been running wild with a true freedom spirit, but we are expected it! Our photographer been full of patience! Thank you Anne for this sneak peek!

Anne Paar Photography

Anne Paar Photography

Enjoy these lifestyle everyday moments and let me know if you have any questions!

Best of personal everyday moments in 365 Project - February 2017 {Hamilton lifestyle family photographer}

Exciting month and new events, emotions and photographs in my personal 365 project where Im documenting my everyday moments with kids | family, practice and keep going on :) February 2017 been amazing, we spend some time in Hamilton, some in Gisborne, Leigh, Auckland and surrounding areas as I been moving through busy wedding season and also spend as much time as I could with my family.

Enjoy this highlights with my active children, these natural moments are messy, beautiful and definitely worth to remember!

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Im accepting limited number of family lifestyle sessions, Day in the Life, kids photo shoot, let me know if you have any questions!

Whangaparaoa beach birthday party {Event-family-kids photographer Auckland-Hamilton NZ}

I love to shoot weddings, but also happy to capture all other special events - treasured moments for each family - newborn, kids, birthday parties. I drove to Whangaparaoa {Auckland} few weeks ago to capture a beautiful 1 year old boy's birthday party.

This trip from Hamilton to Auckland was special for me because just half year ago I been doing this gorgeous boy 6 month baby lifestyle photo shoot at Lake Tarawera {Rotorua}. I love to travel to clients sessions around the North and South Island and capture treasured for them moments. Sometimes clients want to keep pictures private and I absolutely respect their privacy (it's a personal choice), but I always excited to share some pictures from session for give everyone a feel of my style and how I love to shoot. This time I had permission to share a few pictures with you, what Im doing right away :)

We captured some beach family pictures before the party and then joined big family celebration with so warm and enjoyable atmosphere!

Enjoy a few pictures from this Whangaparaoa beach birthday party!

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Family holidays in Tauranga {Auckland-Waikato-Bay of Plenty lifestyle wedding photographer}

Its been a happy family holidays in Tauranga (Bay of Plenty) last weekend. We been waiting for these moments from Christmas time because of busy summer wedding season (I been shooting a lot of weddings in Auckland, Waikato around December-January time).

So it was a real treasure to move into the hotel with swimming pool, take kids to the beach, have fun at Memorial park in Tauranga and just try to relax, what not so easy to do with two little ones around :)

I still been doing some work, catch up with my awesome wedding clients in Tauranga: two meetings during one weekend, but thats me, work is never stops, especially my one where you need be on track 24 | 7 :)

I had the opportunity to capture some lifestyle moments around when had feeling I need take this shot because of beauty around, light or just memorable family moments :)

Enjoy this gallery from our family holidays in Tauranga!

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Taitua Arboretum: family time {Hamilton lifestyle photographer}

We decided to spent this weekend family time in Taitua Arboretum, not far from Hamilton (Waikato). What a fun time for our little ones! 

Kids just loved walking through the bushes, seen chickens everywhere, ducks and swans in the ponds and tall trees everywhere.

It was a boiling hot summer day, so its been a lifesaver to hide in the shade of the greenery around.

Love to capture these everyday lifestyle moments for my 365 project and family storytelling (its a treasure for me as a mum and a photographer). 

Enjoy this lifestyle gallery with my personal moments how little ones explore Taitua Arboretum! (don't be surprised to see an Ironman with Spiderman hat, he just loves superheroes!) :)

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Little one having fun in the bath {Hamilton lifestyle family-kids photographer}

It's a real treasure to capture everyday moments with kids. Today my little one (3 years old boy) had some fun in our bath and I used this opportunity to shoot these lifestyle family moments.

Im a mum but I also a photographer who looks at beautiful life, atmosphere, emotions and moments!

Enjoy this few pics from my little one's morning fun! 

Big Changes | Lifestyle wedding photography | North Island, New Zealand

If you wonder why it was so quiet in our Blog during the week, the answer is simple: we were really busy moving house from Auckland to Hamilton, New Zealand.

Yes, thats right, we relocated :) Its so exciting! New changes, new hopes, new life! (and a lot of packing, cleaning, unpacking, big task, ha-ha!)

If you ask me is there any changes for clients / friends, I will answer: absolutely nothing and everything :)

Aucklands clients still get the same level of service, Hamilton just 1 hour away what sounds like nothing for girl originally from 5-million citizens city St-Petersburg where travel to work could take 1-2.5 hours one way :)

Its also means wider zone coverage: we service now not just big Auckland area, but also Hamilton and all Waikato area (Thames, Coromandel, Taupo, Otorohanga) and Bay of Plenty as well (Tauranga, Rotorua) and surroundings!

More opportunities and we love to travel. Destination weddings and lifestyle family sessions are welcome!

Look forward to all exciting changes!

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The Knott Family | Auckland Domain Photography Session {Waikato-Bay of Plenty photographer}

Auckland Domain is a beautiful place for taking pictures: big park with big old trees, lakes, Wintergardens, big fields and Museum as well. So popular for family time, sport exercise or relaxing time.

This morning we decide to have a family session with the Knott family: Amie, Steve, handsome and active Zach (8 years old) and gorgeous wee boy Jake (just turned 1 year old). This family is one of the winners of my Winter Giveaway (what I been running on Facebook to say a Big Thank you for all my followers for support and love). I was so happy to met this lucky family and we all had fun together!

It was an unforgettable time: climbing up on the trees, feeding ducks at the lake, running under the rain, walking around, had a picnic, feeding baby, have fun, a lots of hugs, smiles, jokes, laughing - warming moments. Weather been kind to us. We till the last moment been thinking about reschedule the session, but then bravely decided to try it, and there was just fast little rain, what not ruined our plans and we managed to finish a session on positive note.

Thank you so much guys for share with me your family moments!

See you soon!

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My 365 Project | Everyday moments | July | LEVIEN & LENS PHOTOGRAPHY

New month, new changes and challenges :)

What a busy month it was! Four destinations sessions in one month: Otorohanga, Lake Taupo, Rotorua (Lake Tarawera) & of course Auckland. What a big fun, love to travel especially for exciting sessions!

My lifestyle everyday moments with kids is challenging as usual :) Trying balancing family life and photography (what from few days a week became almost full time job (sessions, meeting with clients, post processing, running website, Facebook page and Instagram, blogging etc.), Even at night time answering for letters and checking enquiries, busy life! :)

Enjoy my 365 project. July. Really interesting to look back and see all these pictures, feels like they been captured looong time ago :)

Fun in Chipmunks playland | Family lifestyle photoS | LEVIEN & LENS PHOTOGRAPHY

What big fun we had this morning at Chipmunks play land and cafe

Kids been running around, climbing, playing and sliding. What a good time for little ones without big kids around (while they at school), all zone belongs to them :) Its so nice for parents just keep eye on kids and just relax and enjoy a cup of coffee or have a chat with other parents, or take a few shots with my camera like I did :) ha-ha! 

Camera almost every day with me and my 365 Project motivate me to find new creativity sides and angles, se beauty in everyday moments and treasure them forever. Kids will grow up but pictures will stay :) I adore it!

Have a look at this few pics with my little ones having fun:

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Play time | Creativity exercise | Family and kids photo | LEVIEN & LENS PHOTOGRAPHY

New creativity exercise for your family images today!

Kids just love play time. Choose one activity to entertain them and use the opportunity to take a pictures while they are busy. It will be natural lifestyle images.

You can pop daddy in the frame (or nana/granddad), siblings, pets etc. and focus on different subjects, shoot details and their emotions of course. Try to change angles and shoot from all sides.

Good luck!

Talk to you soon.

Here is just quick example with few shots from the hotel where daddy and kids been playing cards on the bed (we been away from Auckland in Rotorua, I had destination lifestyle session with family at Lake Tarawera, love to travel!)

Auckland Botanic Gardens Pictures | Family lifestyle moments | LEVIEN & LENS PHOTOGRAPHY

Auckland Botanic gardens is a great place to spend time with family, relax and walk along the beautiful surroundings (and I actually did a wedding photo shoot at location in this place :) - pictures coming soon, I promise!

Life always turns unexpected way. We just visited sad family event - great nana's funeral. Death and life goes together.

When I look at my kids I see how they full of life and active, running around, exploring everything, having fun! Great nana always enjoyed to watch these little ones, she might be happy to see it.

We visited Gardens on the back way and enjoyed peaceful and quiet atmosphere just before the sunset. I been lucky enough to capture some pictures for memories.

Life, nature and kids (in memory of Elsie Mary Richards):

Mainly Music Playgroup | Personal family lifestyle pictures | LEVIEN & LENS PHOTOGRAPHY

Each family have own traditions and our ones - every Tuesday go to Mainly Music where kids having half an hour music session, then morning tea and over 2 hours play time with a lot of toys. My little ones just loves it. 

I am happy just sing with them, play and watch them playing around, what fun moments!

This time I took a few pictures with my daughter reading books, dressing up ( she just loves to put clothes her own way, maybe she will be a designer one day? will see :), and running around.

Have a look at these pictures, have your camera ready, and capture your little ones. Its treasured moments:

Lifestyle photography


Snowy mountains Lake Taupo-Ruapehu destination session | Lifestyle photographer Auckland-Waikato-Bay of Plenty

I spent last weekend at Lake Taupo, where I have had a family photo session and many more. Lake Taupo is one of the best family destinations in New Zealand. I have been invited to capture precious moments of a baby turning 1 year old - a fabulous present of his parents. Birthday party at the mountains all covered with snow. First time to encounter snow – what can be more exciting for a child!

What a great experience!!!

I love to travel. I have been so happy that they have decided to share with me these special moments.  

Mama Lena specially made a cake to celebrate one year old, and parents’ friends brought some cool presents. Gorgeous little boy has been so happy to have a ride on a toy-train with funny music and play with balloons. Later this day we drove up to the mountains passing by snowy trees and amazing landscapes everywhere you look. What a magic atmosphere it has been!

Not to mention it was just freezing up on the top of the mountains and it has been a little bit challenging to shoot with cold fingers, but it’s definitely worth it: beautiful nature around us and family walking on snow, laying and playing together. I have found that I'm not used to snow anymore, after few years away from Russia (there was really freezing temperatures - 20-30 at winter!!!), so now I’m more used to summer all year around.  But it's great you can find so different landscapes in New Zealand, all in one spot! Love it!

Next day it was time to leave our location, beautiful house we spend the most amazing weekend. It was pity to leave this beautiful place. Lake Taupo was a short drive from where we have stayed, so we decided to continue with a photo session with a change of the background and of course more positive emotions, especially when so many interesting birds, swans and ducks around us. What a great experience for little one - watch all these new moments for him and feed those birds!

What a great weekend and amazing time! Enjoy our pictures and watch this space!

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Kids Portraits. Auckland Children and Family Photographer LEVIEN & LENS PHOTOGRAPHY

Childhood is a fun time. Let kids be kids and do what they really love to do. Lifestyle photography documenting these special alive moments.

I really enjoy sessions with little ones and having fun together. Its so easy and at the same moments. Not just trying to organise an environment for kids, let them be themselves, happy, show their characters and personalities.

Here are some shots what I done at family lifestyle session with Kylie and her two gorgeous daughters Taylor and Kourtney. I just can't help myself and took a lot of different pictures. We been colouring, doing play-dough, baking cupcakes, playing with bubbles, and having a Teddy Bear Picnic. See our stories in previous blog posts!

Here some of my favourite girls portraits:

I just love to take some lifestyle pictures for 365 Project and a lot of them includes my little one. You just can't help yourself when you see these emotions and alive moments:

She just loves to dress up and put something on her head :)

She just loves to dress up and put something on her head :)

lifestyle moments

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Personal lifestyle pictures. My 365 Project. June. Family and Wedding photographer LEVIEN & LENS PHOTOGRAPHY

June - is the first month of the winter. Its come with colder weather and some rain, but still beautiful for pictures (no matter - inside or outside). 

Some of them just my kids in the house, at playgroups, at the beach and with other lifestyle moments and activities; others from clients/friends sessions.

I love to move through this images and remember again all these treasured moments, especially my personal family ones.

I promise to print a book at the end of the year and see all pictures together. Yes, thats my plan :)

Daily shooting became really easy, I'm just used to it. But I remember how hard it was at the start :) Nothings impossible if you really want something, practicing and progressing on this way. Lucky bonus - your live memories in images! Thats a treasure!

Baking Family Session | Auckland Lifestyle photography

What could be better than making cupcakes on a Saturday morning at family lifestyle session in Auckland with beautiful Kylie and her gorgeous daughters: 5 and 7 years old Taylor and Kourtney!

I really enjoyed watching how girls helping Mummy to mix all ingredients, cooking together, had fun with flour, made mess, try base, had dirty faces and cleaned all afterwards and had a Teddy Bears picnic. How much fun we all had at this morning!

Look at these pictures!

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Lifestyle moments. Creativity Exercise from LEVIEN & LENS PHOTOGRAPHY

Hello everyone. Here is a New Creativity Exercise this week for you:

Create different pictures with using one of accessories and play around with it. It could be anything what you have at home or outside (suitcase, trolley, toy, blanket, basket, and any activities what kids love to do). Choose it, place near kids (or place kids near this thing) and click the moments with lids playing with it, climbing in it, touching etc. Have fun!

I just created some pictures at last weekend morning with my kids playing on the bed around the net. I not just captured what they been doing but also moved net around to create different frames, angles and out of focus images. You just give kids the opportunity to play and they happily cooperate with you!

Heres the results of our fun morning with the net on the bed :) Sis and Bro!

(its simply showing moment picture, documentary / lifestyle moments)

Mama and me Mission Bay beach photography session {Auckland Family Photographer}

What nice sunny weather and freezing temperature! Thats how we met Thursday morning photo shoot at Auckland City Kohimarama | St. Heliers beach. Lucky enough no rain, but bright sun which is not the best friend for great pictures :)

But I can work in any conditions. We met again with Lena and Yarik for their second family session. Its a big pleasure to work with old friends/clients (last time it was really rainy weather for family session but we manage to handle it :)

Yarik just turned 2 years old. What a big boy, lucky parents. He was really good, full of smiles, had a lot of fun at the session: played with the sand, rolled ball at the beach, played with mummy hide and seek and pi-ca-bu , climbed up to the stairs and run around! Boys always active!

Enjoy these pictures:


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