Second photographer on wedding day {Auckland-Hamilton-Tauranga lifestyle couples-engagement photographer}

I have a lot of questions from my couples about second photographer on their wedding, do they need it, what coverage better to order and what actually the point to have a second shooter on wedding day?

Im shooting weddings around Auckland, Hamilton, Tauranga and surroundings areas and can tell a lot of times I can cover wedding all by myself with all my activity, creativity, fast move around the space and try to capture all important for couple moments :).

But sometimes its just not enough, especially when you need a full day coverage, you having a big wedding with a lot of guests and events. So second photographer can capture:

  • groom getting ready when main shooter capturing bride getting ready on different location,
  • ceremony from different angles and sides (one photographer shoot bride with her father walking down the aisle, another photographer groom's reactions and even tears in their eyes, thats a priceless moments),
  • one photographer doing bridal party shots and intimate session, another one shooting them  from different angle with different focal length of the lens or doing receptions details shots and wedding guests candid shots (schedule always running late and often bride and groom enter the reception with main photographer when guests already took their places (so there is no time to capture all these beautiful details of decoration, cake etc.).

Don't forget a peoples factor: everyone can miss the moment, be tired, and just be in a different spot when something important happening. Thats why the ability to have a second shooter can save the day. I can also tell you a secret: everyone love to have a buddy at work so you feel less tired, more inspired and less stressful, wedding can be a hectic event :)

So its totally your personal choice, but I highly recommend to have a second photographer on wedding day (most of our packages offering it).

Im also like to help out other talented photographers in Auckland-Hamilton-Tauranga areas with shooting their weddings and be a part of couples special day, take of responsibilities of main shooter, don't waste the time on post-processing and enjoy creativity and fun of the day (if I have any free spots in my busy schedule, of course ;).

Have a look at these few images what I took as second shooter with Erica Jane for Kelly Oliver in Ataahua Garden Venue, enjoy this gallery!

Contact me with any questions!