Eagle Ridge Estate - Rochelle and Matt - Tauranga weddings {Auckland based wedding photographers}

These beautiful people - Rochelle & Matt get married at such a stunning place as Eagle Ridge Estate {Tauranga, New Zealand} with fantastic views and warm and cosy atmosphere. It was a pleasure for us, their wedding photographers, to make a trip from Auckland to capture so unique for couple moments with their friends, family and all the emotions!

Lucky we already met at their family - engagement photo shoot {you can check gallery highlights in our Blog}, so it was a pleasure to see their boys and parents again.

There was a surprise twist as Rochelle prepared two wedding dresses, both of them was so amazingly beautiful with gorgeous details, especially at the back, love it!

The couple shared their romantic story: "Matt and I met 3.5 years ago through mutual friends. Matt facebook stalked me by looking through the mutual friend's friendslist and often asked them to "hook us up". They didn't do this and declined to do so for a long time, but I knew about it and him. About six months later, when I was catching up with the mutual friends, I thought to myself, I should and am ready to meet this guy, and I should ask them to arrange it. During lunch my friend says to me without my mentioning anything, "I think you should meet this guy, what if I'm getting in the way of love by not letting you two meet each other" So from there, I told her to tell him to add me on facebook which he did. At this time Matt and I travelled a lot for our work, we both happened to be in Wellington at the same time, and tee'd up a "date" which went well, so we need up to another more formal date the following weekend when we were back in Auckland. He took me to a romantic French Restaurant, I had an allergic reaction to either the Lesgargot or the French dessert wine, and he had to take me home really early.... Luckily my sneezy puffy face with crying eyes didn't scare him away.... and the rest is happily ever togetherness and foreverness history xxx" The proposal: "Poor Matt tried to Propose many many times. Apparently, the ring had been out with us many times while Paddleboarding, hiking and out on dinner dates, Fiji, and another promise type ring in Noosa. Eventually, he managed to pull it off during one of our hikes."

Great Creative Team:

Great Creative Team:  Eagle Ridge Estate
Dresses - Jessica Bridal
Suits - Munns The Mans Store
Florist - Sweetpea & Jasmine
Makeup - Chrissie Callard - Make up Artist
Hair - Lynette Burlison Hairdressing
Stationery Paper Darling Celebrant - Robyn Paterson - Celebrant
photo shoot at Mount Tutu Eco-Sanctuary
and Levien & Lens Photography, Auckland based wedding photographers

Enjoy this beautiful wedding highlights in video slideshow and photo gallery:

Waihi Beach pre-wedding | engagement session {Waikato - Auckland NZ weddings photographer} Rochelle and Matt

Excited to share with you a highlights from Rochelle & Matt's pre-wedding | engagement session on Waihi Beach {Waikato NZ} where I drove from Auckland to capture special for couple moments with their family. Can't wait to to be their wedding photographer in Tauranga, not long to go now!

It was such a great time on the beach just before the sunset, with warm and positive emotion and lots of love. 

Couple shared their love story: "Matt and I meet 3.5 years ago through mutual friends. Matt facebook stalked me by looking through the mutual friends friends list. At this time Matt and I traveled a lot for our work, we both happened to be in Wellington at the same time and tee'd up a "date" which went really well so we tee'd up another more formal date the following weekend when we were back in Auckland. he took me to a really romantic French Restaurant, I had an allergic reaction to either the Lesgargot or the french dessert wine and he had to take me home really early.... Luckily my sneezy puffy face with crying eyes didn't scare him away.... and the rest is happily ever togetherness and foreverness history xxxx". The proposal: " Poor Matt tried to Propose many many times, apparently the ring had been out with us many times whilst Paddleboarding, hiking and out on dinner dates, Fiji, and another promise type ring in Noosa. Eventually he managed to pull it off during one of our hikes."

Enjoy these highlights in video slideshow and a gallery!

couple engagement pre-wedding hug at sunset beach hills with sun flare | Auckland wedding photographers
bride and groom walking on the beach - candid natural moment | Tauranga wedding photographer

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Redwood Forest - Lake Rotorua pre-wedding photo shoot {Bay of Plenty weddings photographers}

I am so happy to share with you today a beautiful pre-wedding | engagement session with Elizabeth & Tony in Redwood Forest and Lake Rotorua {Bay of Plenty, New Zealand}.  Even more excited now about couple's upcoming wedding in Black Barn on Lake Tarawera, such a great honor to be their wedding photographers!

We started our engagement photo shoot in the dark forest, walking among tall trees to talk about little details, couple's story and other moments and then on to Rotorua city, lake side, with geysers nearby.  Liz shared some details about their relationship:

" We have been together for nine years; we met when we were teenagers through mutual friends, and our paths crossed 2 or 3 times before we started dating. We are both from Tauranga, so it was great having so many friends who now got to know each other because of their connection to us and each other".  

Fantastic proposal story:

"He proposed at home!!  We have a cat called wolf which means everything to us, so he wanted Wolf to be there for the proposal.  Tony also knows I don't like too much attention in a crowd, so he wanted it to be private so that I could react naturally.  He hung an envelope of the front door which has the letters Y E S N O, and when I opened the door, he was holding a sign which the letters were designed to fit into.  He had arranged Champagne and booked a car to come pick us up and take us to a special dinner.  Greatest night!"

Sounds like unforgettable memories!

Enjoy this video highlights and gallery!

{Makeup: Final Touch Artistry NZ

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Wedding timeline - Planning 101 {Auckland weddings photographers}

Wedding timeline is one of the most important things on the wedding day and many clients ask us how better to plan photography events and how many hours of coverage do they need for capture all important moments. As wedding photogpraher who captured many weddings around New Zealand & International Im happy to share my experience and give some time frames for orientation.

Of course each wedding and their timelines are unique. Following information just something what can be considered for make your wedding day more enjoyable and create perfect conditions for stunning photos. Take on only those points what suits your situation!

Getting ready

Getting ready: Maya

Getting ready: Maya

1. Getting ready - 1.5-2 hours. Minimum time for getting ready photos is 1 hour {we usually start shooting when make-up, hair half way through. If you would like us to capture some special events as first look with dad, family portraits, lots of pictures with bridesmaids, many details shots etc you need to add on time. Better prepared beforehand all special for you items what you want us to capture {it will save the time and make morning less stressful for you}. Groom getting ready photos usually faster ones {as there no make-up and hair done :)}, but if groom planned something special with his groomsmen {as play golf on the morning, fishing, shooting etc.} definitely let us know, we would love to capture a complete story of your wedding day.

First look

First look: Madeline & Barry

First look: Madeline & Barry

2. First look - 30 min - 1.5 hours. First look is a special event which became more popular lately {not for traditional couples}. Its a moment when groom seen his bride before the ceremony {turn back to her walking towards him and then turn around}. First look is emotional moment and flow into the bridal party and couples photo shoot {thats why its up to 1.5 hours long}. This event allow to save some time between ceremony and reception when couple traditionally doing photo shoot on location, or add on extra location and variety for images.

Wedding Ceremony

Wedding ceremony: Ilinke & Shaun

Wedding ceremony: Ilinke & Shaun

3. Ceremony - 30 min {outdoor} to 1 hour {traditional church ceremony}. Ceremony usually take between 30 min and 1 hour. We need to arrive on site 20-30 min before ceremony starts to capture details, guests arriving, groom waiting etc. Also allow yourself at least 10-15 min after ceremony for greetings, relax and hug your family and friends.

Family Formals

Family formals: Kara & David's wedding

Family formals: Kara & David's wedding

4. Family photos - 20-40 min {depending on amount of groups}. Something to consider: big group with all guests can take up to 10 min, each small group up to 3 min. We usually recommend to have up to 10 groupings as its can be exhausting for couple to wait for everyone and keep tuned {they are usually starving and thirsty at this moment {needed provide some drinks and snacks}. Also good idea to have a shepherd - a person who know well the family and can gather people together {which save a time}. Good to have a little breath after family photos {drink and snacks} to refresh.

Bridal party + Bride & Groom session

Bridal party: Kathleen & Steve wedding

Bridal party: Kathleen & Steve wedding

Bridal party: Hana & Aidan wedding

Bridal party: Hana & Aidan wedding

5. Bridal party and Bride & Groom intimate session - 1.5-2 hours. Minimum time for photo shoot is one hour {20 min - tidal party photos and minimum 30 min bride & groom photos with basic amount of photos}. Extra time give more opportunity to be creative, walk and talk, relax and go with the flow. Also allow extra time if there few locations or travelling involved. Many couples worried about their guests waiting for them, but believe me your guests are fine, they talking, enjoying outdoor games and other activities, snacks and drinks. If you would like to mix & mingle with your guests its a good idea to arrive to reception 30 min before its starts and have a good chat with all family members and guests.

Bride & Groom session: Georjarna & Gareth

Bride & Groom session: Georjarna & Gareth

Best time for photos: morning or during two hours before the sunset. Placing couple photo shoot in this time frame can be ideal but often impossible at the wedding day. We used to work with different lighting conditions. Solutions can be: moving ceremony to later time during summer as 3.30-5 pm {later is better for outdoor ceremonies, otherwise there can be tricky lighting situation with light and shade and hot spots on the faces}. Winter weddings usually scheduled with 1-3 pm ceremonies. 

Sunset Bride & Groom intimate session: Jenny & Andrew

Sunset Bride & Groom intimate session: Jenny & Andrew

Other option: have a separate photo shoot just before the sunset during summer time - sneak out of reception while guests eating their dinner, relaxing, chatting.

One more option for night lovers - get creative photos when sun go down, at late evening with dark and moody atmosphere:

Night time photos: Ellise & Wasim

Night time photos: Ellise & Wasim


Reception: Megan & Chris wedding

Reception: Megan & Chris wedding

6. Reception {coverage depending on amount of events planned, usually its around 3-4 hours, including speeches, dinner, cake cutting, first dance, father-daughter dance, mother-son, guests dancing + any more cultural traditions}. You can move these events around to suit your needs and what you like to do, its your time to enjoy rest of the day.

First dance: Chauntelle & Jayden

First dance: Chauntelle & Jayden

Full day coverage {from getting ready till guests dancing usually around 9-10 hours {if there late evening events planned its comes to 11-12 hours which is rare}. Small weddings, elopements usually take around 3-5 hours. 

Hope this orientation and tips with wedding timeline will help your planning. Let me know if you have any questions! As I said each situation is unique, just allow yourself time to breath and move from one part of the day to another without rush and enjoy every moment!

Sony & Ryan

Sony & Ryan

Its your time, time of your life!

{Other thing to consider - having a wedding planner can make you life so much easier and save lots of hours planning, putting things together, looking for wedding vendors and communicating with everyone. Experienced wedding planners know exactly how make your day run smoothly and allow you fully enjoy your time}.

Wedding reception

Wedding reception

We will help you with everything run smoothly!

x Warmly, 

Olga & Matt

Guests dancing {Langham}

Guests dancing {Langham}

Best of 2016 | 17 {New Zealand wedding photographer | Auckland weddings photography|

Time goes so fast, one more wedding season in New Zealand just fly away. Its a great time to reflect, look back and say Thank you to my awesome clients for amazing time and support! Its not even possible without you!

We shot over 20 weddings in Auckland, Kerikeri {Northland}, Russell {Bay of Islands}, Leigh, Kumeu, Tauranga, Lake Taupo, Gisborne, Wellington; we been all around New Zealand, on South Island as well {Queenstown, Wanaka}. Also there was many beautiful and emotional engagement sessions {pre-wedding photo shoot} which made our hearts sing.

Matt, my second photographer and husband been always next to me in the wedding team. We work as a clock - understanding each other without words, support each other and share creative ideas. Its made our journey easy, flawless and more exciting. Our two little ones stayed at home well looked after by nana. Thank you so much all these amazing people for help.

Also need to mentioned great wedding photographers community, many meetings with creative minds for tea/coffee, its so great to share common passion, share ideas and recharge with positive vibe. Not forgetting an amazing vendors {venues, make-up artists, hair stylists, wedding dresses designers {we having amazing partnership with talented designer Trish Peng}, flowers, suits, and all wedding suppliers, the list is endless!}.

Also need to mention two wedding workshops what I visited {yes, learning never stops and they are a great way to get some inspiration and learn a new tool box}: Two Mann {amazing husband and wife team from Canada, Erika and Lanny a true inspiration!} and Free the Bird {Jai from Australia is a creative mastermind}. So good to met them and other inspiring photographers!

As you see past season been productive, positive and full on! We are so excited to recharge {not so we have much free time at this winter months} and looking forward to our next season 2017 | 18 {fully booked, but there always a spot for epic wedding :)} and even 2018 | 19 {as bookings are already open and filling up fast}. Its can be hard to imagine we plan so far in advance but its world of weddings :)

Enjoy this video slide show with highlights and our favourite photographs. Let me know if you have any questions!

x Warmly, Olga {Levien & Lens Photography} - Auckland, New Zealand wedding photographers.

Contact me with any questions!


Flat White Waihi Beach {New Zealand - Waikato wedding photographers} Kara and David

Kara & David

Our journey with amazing couple started from their letter over one year ago, where I found out that Kara & David living in Canada planning their special New Zealand coastal wedding in Flat White Cafe {Waihi Beach, Waikato, New Zealand} and they are looking for two photographers to capture full day of special for them event with families coming from NZ South Island, Australia and Canada of course, all around the world!

Im not surprised with couple's choice of beach theme {believe me, Waihi Beach such a great choice} as Kara & David are adventurous, outgoing, loving nature. Flat White cafe been an obvious choice as couples love story started in coffee shop in Edmonton, Alberta. "They spent the day wandering through Edmonton and getting to know each other. Although Kara did not understand a word that Dave said, she knew there was something different about him, and they have been together ever since."

Proposal: "Dave popped the question New Year's Eve 2015 at Kaka Point beach, New Zealand. Dave had spoken to Kara's father, Jeff, prior to leaving for New Zealand. Jeff, an upholsterer, used his sewing skills to make Dave a special pouch to store the ring so that Kara did not find it on their holiday."

Their day was truly amazing and special, surrounded by friends and family, getting ready, first look with dad {brought tears in everybody's eyes}, ceremony in front of cafe {bear foot on the beach, I even went in the water to get some shots from the ocean with the waves, believe me I did it many times during the day, on bride and groom intimate session as well ;)}, family photos, bridal party shoot {groomsmen been climbing up high on the massive tree which reminded of Lord of The Rings :)} and couple photos was just stunning {bride and groom been climbing on the rocks, standing in the waves and much more!}, with sunset mini photo shoot of course, just before the reception roll on with speeches, dinner, cake cutting, first dance, father-daughter dance and guests dancing away! It was such a honour to capture all these moments.

Enjoy this video highlights and gallery!

Great creative team:

Wedding Coordinator - Melanie Gearson - Flat White Cafe
Bride's Dress - Paloma Blanca 
Bridesmaid Dresses - Adrianna Papell 
Groom's Suit- DKNY
Groomsmen Suits - Hallenstein Brothers 
Flowers- Beach Blooms Waihi Beach
Jewellery- @Karley Smith Jewellery Vancouver (http://karleysmith.com/)
Makeup- Junebug Wax and Lash (http://www.junebug.co.nz/
Hair- Stylist 2 U (Tessa Wilkinson-Joyce) 
Celebrant- Joy Stembridge
MC - Gerald Schenk & Sam Anderson

and New Zealand & International wedding photographers - Levien & Lens Photography {thanks to my husband Matt for great assistance!}

Contact me with any questions!



Sonya and Ryan's Chic Beach Wedding published in Modern Weddings {Auckland-Hamilton-Tauranga NZ photographers}

Im really excited to share with you amazing news: Sonya & Ryan's New Years Eve wedding just been published in Modern Weddings as "Chic Beach Wedding".

This wedding was just unforgettable with warm and cosy atmosphere in Maketu beach with ceremony at the backyard with views to Mt Maunghanui {Tauranga}. We specially drove from Hamilton, NZ to capture for couple such a special moments and come back home just 5 minutes before 12 am to celebrate the New Year :) Such a great memories! 

Sonya & Ryan had amazing day sharing their feelings with close friends and families {who come over to NZ from overseas all around the world}. You can have a look at our wedding highlights couple of months ago and check the fresh publication in Modern Weddings. Its a great pleasure to see these images featured!

Congratulations to beautiful couple and Happy future together!

Contact me with any questions!


Classic Maketu Beach backyard wedding {Tauranga - Bay of Plenty weddings photographers} Sonya and Ryan

Amazing way to meet a New Year - wedding on New Year's Eve :) Sonya & Ryan celebrated this special day with their families and friends in Maketu on the top of the cliff with views to Mt Maunganui and beach {near Tauranga, Bay of Plenty, New Zealand}, with relaxed, fun and warm atmosphere.

Couple shared their romantic proposal story: "During a trip to Colorado we went for a hike in the Rocky Mountain National Park. Ryan managed to convince Me to go off the track to a river where he went down in one knee, opened a ring box and proposed. We looked at the map on return to the car and it turned out the river was called the "Thompson" river." Such a great memories! Couple together for 10 years and their feelings only getting stronger with their two little ones. :)

Thank you Sonya & Ryan for sharing with me special moments of your wedding day! Happy future together!

Great Creative Team:

Wedding Dress - Corina Snow Bridal Couture
Suit - Mohan's Custom Tailors, Singapore
Boys suits - Next.
Wedding Cake - Spongedrop
Catering - Good things kitchen
Flowers - Te Puke Florist
Music for ceremony - Fletcher Oxford - Musician and Song Writer
Band - Adam and Kyle; Tent - Stretch Tents Bay of Plenty ; Celebrant - Carol Rickard
and your Tauranga - Bay of Plenty wedding photographers - Levien & Lens Photography

Enjoy this slideshow and gallery!


Old Forest School Vintage Venue {Tauranga - Bay of Plenty wedding photographer}

Old Forest School near Tauranga {Te Puke, Bay of Plenty} is such a special vintage wedding venue. Its a dream! As a wedding photographer I heard a lot of positive words about this venue but never had a chance to visit it. 

Luckily my friend, wedding photographer Tiffany Curtis asked me for help, and I been happy to give a hand and captured Tracy & Che's beautiful wedding last weekend. It was amazing wedding with great atmosphere - some laugh and crying moments. Im posting only some highlights and leave to Tiffany to showcase a complete wedding gallery. I would love to give brides the opportunity to scout around and see real atmosphere of this gorgeous place in photographs.

So many beautiful spots around the venue as Old School, Redwood Stables, Big and Little Barn, Tin Shed, Faraway Wood, Lovelock Lane, Redwood Bar and Tippy, cabins, tennis court, cricket and plenty of other activities making your guests busy while you are away from the guests.

Venue is in great location near Tauranga, Rotorua and Whakatane, so handy!

Also need to mention amazing care from owners and stuff, you can feel warm atmosphere and great surroundings.

Enjoy this gallery!

Please contact me with any questions!

One little day in Tauranga - personal everyday moments {Hamilton NZ wedding photographer} 365 Project

I just realised I not shared any of my personal work lately. I still keep doing 365 Project (which transferred more into 52 Project, as sometimes I just don't had any ability to shoot, wedding season started :) As a photographer and mum I really enjoying to capture some special for me moments as this one with play light and shade black and white from recent photographs in September.

Sisters in cafe

Sisters in cafe

Or just sweet simple moments - portraits as this one (something special for each mum - kids smile):

Spidergirl portrait

Spidergirl portrait

Back to our subject - last weekend we had the opportunity to have a little day trip out from Hamilton to Tauranga to visit our friends with their new baby and went to the Mt Maunganui beach. It was amazing time, warm enough for kids to run in the waves (lucky we always have spare clothes in car :), play with the sand and climbing up the rocks.

Of course we had cameras with us and me with my husband captured some moments around. What a great time with kids!

Enjoy this gallery!

Contact me with any questions! 

Countdown days to start wedding season {Auckland-Hamilton-Tauranga engagement photographer}

Winter season is finished and I countdown days till start of the new wedding season, its starting in few days time with engagement photo shoot with my awesome clients and continued with few weddings and couples photo shoots. Im fully booked for the season with my sweet number of weddings, but I always keep a few spots available just in case some epic wedding turn up ;)

This season I will have twice more destination weddings around New Zealand {not just in Auckland and Hamilton, but in Tauranga, Gisborne, Leigh, Matakana, Kerikeri, Russel, Turangi, Taupo etc.}, and also Im planning to be in Queenstown - Wanaka area in December 2016 for Two Mann's wedding workshop {they are one of the best award-winning wedding photographers in the world and its a great pleasure to get lucky spot on their education program and learn some new information and skills, we always learning and progressing in our photography journey!}. Dear brides feel free to contact me for compliment couples photo shoot in these stunning locations in South Island {early December}..

Im so excited and hoping this season will bring some amazing experience, new meetings with awesome people and some stunning photographs! Last season was full of positive emotions and great weddings and photo sessions. Its a little bit scary to continue on the same big wave, but hopefully we will get there :)

I will be happy to share with you all the excited moments of our journey as I shared best wedding photographs from last wedding season.

Lets get it started!



couple on the beach {Auckland wedding photographer}

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Photography as a career - letter to my follower {Auckland-Hamilton-Tauranga lifestyle wedding photographer}

I just got an interesting inquiry - letter from 16 years old Caitlyn with question about choosing photography as a career. Im a lifestyle wedding photographer and capturing weddings for a few years now {around New Zealand - mainly Auckland-Hamilton-Tauranga areas} and its good to look back and see all pros and cons about photography business.

Thats my letter to Caitlyn:

" Thank you so much for your inquiry and your kind words. Its great that you passionate about photography.

Photography definitely can be a career if you feel strongly about your passion, confident and feel ready to start this business.

photography as a career {Auckland-Hamilton-Tauranga lifestyle wedding photographer}


- ability to be creative, artistic and feel the freedom;

- capture treasured memories for people {once a life events}, make them happier;

- get a positive emotions during and after the session {from people around, their connection and happiness};

- work in your own schedule; be your own boss;

- meet new people and visit new places;

- follow your passion, do what you love;

- do something for yourself.

photography as a career {Auckland-Hamilton-Tauranga lifestyle wedding photographer}


- its a 24/7 job (so you constantly thinking about your business, clients, ideas, improvements, etc.);

- you need constantly to be on social media and work on your marketing - blogging, Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter etc. {otherwise people never know about you};

- needs a lot of investment {equipment - expensive cameras, lenses worth thousands of dollars. When you doing a wedding photography you need to have a backup cameras, lenses, flashes etc.), also business spends, insurance, marketing, web, software, travel, packaging etc.;

- its an emotional work {as an artist you have up and down moments, feel happy or unhappy about your work and also really emotional when communicating with people - answer for inquiries, waiting for client's reply, and sometimes people never come back to you, but also those who love your work choose you and your style; so its really sensitive and personal};

- its hard to balance photography and family | personal life, as business take over and sometimes almost impossible to find time for your little ones and for yourself; spend a lot of time on the road for destination weddings;

photography as a career {Auckland-Hamilton-Tauranga lifestyle wedding photographer}

- most of the time you are spending for editing pictures and managing business, which is much more then actual shooting time (proportions looks like 90% and 10 %), so you need to enjoy all aspects of the business {or found someone who you can delegate these responsibilities).

So there a lot of positive moments and some negative too. The main thing - do what you love and what make you happy! :) You need study a lot and always progress. Also note: for made photography a profitable business needs around 2-3 years of hard work.

Hope its helps!

Good luck with your passion and your chosen pass! Hope there will be people around you who will support you and make it easier!



photography as a career {Auckland-Hamilton-Tauranga lifestyle wedding photographer}

Contact me with any questions!


Follow me on Instagram {New Zealand: Auckland-Hamilton-Tauranga wedding photographer}

Do you know that now you can find me and follow my wedding photography on Instagram? If you followed my personal account, now is a time for changes - I created a new business account @levienlensphotography, so you can find there my clients work from weddings around New Zealand: Auckland, Hamilton, Tauranga, Northland etc.

If you still interested to see my lifestyle everyday moments with kids and family, some fun and different style of pictures welcome to visit my personal account @olgalevien. 

Im happy to see new people and ready to share my personal moments like my awesome clients sharing with me so special and treasured moments from their amazing wedding celebrations, Im so excited to see their families grow in years to come!

Thank you for your love and welcome to follow me!

See you on Instagram!

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Auckland wedding photographer Levien & Lens photography

A Classic St Margarets Cafe Karaka wedding published in Paper & Lace {Auckland - New Zealand wedding photographer}

I just loved to receive news that my photographs published in prestigious New Zealand publication - Paper & Lace. It was my last wedding of the past wedding season and it was just amazing and memorable as its could be. Surrounding by amazing people in stunning location - St Margarets Cafe {Karaka, Auckland, New Zealand}. I felt truly not like photographer on this wedding, but as part of the family.

Thank you so much Maya & Andy for sharing with me your special moments! You can check out their wedding gallery in my Blog and also enjoy featured Paper & Lace publication :)

Great Creative team:
Venue/Catering St Margarets Garden Café
Stationery & Signage Vista Print
Hair Olivia Adams, Salon St Bruno
Makeup Luci Hare and Natalie Rose, Blooming Beauty
Celebrant Darryl Parker
Brides Dress, Accessories & Shoes Secret Lace Bridal
Bridesmaids Dresses Meryn Wakelin
Grooms Suit & Accessories Frank Casey
Rings Peter Minturn
Music Russell Wills

and your Photographer Levien & Lens Photography - Auckland-Hamilton-Tauranga lifestyle wedding photographers

A Classic Autumn Karaka wedding published in Paper &Lace {Auckland - New Zealand wedding photographer}

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How to choose wedding photographer {Auckland couples-engagement photography}

Choosing a wedding photographer one of the most exciting parts of the wedding planning! Its feels so important and so right when you found a good fit. So how to choose wedding photographer for your couple?

I will talk about few steps which feels really important to me as a lifestyle wedding photographer.

1. Wedding Portfolio.

Check wedding photography portfolio - best photographs which represents photographer's style, favourite things to shoot, editing preferences {some of us love airy light images, another ones draw to moody dark atmosphere, or even do mix of both depending on session}. 

2. Check full wedding galleries.

You checked best images in photographer's portfolio, now time to see a full wedding from start to finish { getting ready, ceremony, formals, intimate bride and groom session, reception etc.}. You can find full weddings in the Blog or contact photographer via email and ask for pass online complete wedding galleries.

You can see how we capture moments, emotions, details, posed shots, unposed images etc. Its truly represent the ability to keep it up during this hectic day and produce amazing images which speaks from the heart.

3. One of the most important - Connection.

Get in touch with photographer and check the connection, communication and mobility {Im trying to answer for inquiries as soon as possible, often during first few hours}, but please allow a couple of days delay, especially on weekends, as we can be away on the road at destination wedding. :)

Sometimes really hard to get a personality via email especially if English not a mother tongue {I love to catch up with my awesome clients for cup of tea / coffee, have a chat and discuss their wedding plans}. We usually build a good trust and its make us feel comfortable during the wedding day {photographer the only one person who all the time with you without any minute of break, so its important to find the right person, feel relaxed and comfortable}.

4. Last but not least - Packages and Pricing.

Please contact photographer to find out pricing details and collections {how many hours, how many photographers, if there engagement session included, any prints | products what you would like to add}. Feel free to share your wedding plans and needs as a lot of photographers can create a custom package which best suits your needs.

For example I working in a team with my husband and have options with one or two photographers on the day, coverage from elopements with capturing just ceremony and bride and groom intimate session to full day packages including engagement - pre-wedding session and album + wall fine art print. There options for every couple!

You found your dream photographer, but can't afford your dream package? Still get in touch, tell about your wedding plans and planning date. There always a chance you can find the compromise as your wedding sounds just amazing and photographer in love with your couples personalities {you can also order prints | products when you discover your images, or make its a part of wedding registry}.

Follow your gut and go with the flow! Good luck with your wedding planning!

bride and groom under veil {Auckland wedding photographer} couples photography

Please contact me with any questions that you might have!


Bride and her father {Auckland-Hamilton-Tauranga wedding photographer}

Moment when father see his daughter for a first time after her getting ready moments one of most special for me on the wedding day. I travelling a lot around Auckland, Hamilton, Tauranga areas and meet beautiful people. Its really special for me to see their relationships and emotions!

Maybe because of emotions involved into it, maybe those special connection, or maybe because I never had the opportunity to have these moments myself as my father died when I was 5 years old. I always cried when I seen emotional moments in movies between kids and their dads. These are so special.

But back to the wedding theme. I love when bride have a moment with mum and bridesmaids, but also spent a few minutes during her getting ready with her dad. I also love when brides specially set up a first look with dad, because its so special moment for bride and her dad. I love these moments, stories and emotions. They are so treasured!

Enjoy this gallery from my recent weddings in Auckland, Hamilton NZ and Tauranga areas. No need any words! 

I also been honoured as one of my images completed a Fathers Day gallery by Fearless Photographers, best and such a talented wedding photographers in the world!

Another special detail - one of these pictures won an NZIPP Iris Awards in Wedding Classic category, what a honour! :)

Enjoy these images!

Contact me with any questions!


Ataahua Garden Venue open day {Tauranga - Bay of Plenty lifestyle wedding photographer}

Dear brides, if you still looking for perfect venue, I want to share with you amazing news: Ataahua {Tauranga, Bay of Plenty, NZ} is having an open day with a lot of wedding vendors and a lot of goodies to take.

Its truly beautiful garden venue with a lot of photography opportunities, I had a honour to capture special moments of Jess and Jase's stunning wedding there. Such a stunning couple, atmosphere and people around. I been truly amazed of level of service and attention to a couple and all wedding guests from Ataahua stuff. That was a treasured moments and beautiful memories!

So have a look at this stunning place if you still searching for perfect venue for your wedding!

Please contact me with any question! Especially if you want me to capture your special day moments! ;)

Ataahua garden venue {Tauranga wedding photographer}

Ataahua Garden Venue {Tauranga-Payes Pa wedding-couples-engagement photographer}

Wedding location have a huge influence on wedding day atmosphere and feelings. One of the best wedding venue what I been recently shooting in Tauranga was Ataahua Garden Venue on Payes Pa Road. 

What a beautiful place to be married! (and believe me as wedding photographer I been shooting weddings in a lot of different magical spots around New Zealand, but Ataahua have so much to offer to every wedding couple:

- warm atmosphere

- great stuff and service (smiley women met me on wedding day right at parking entrance and politely show the way around, everyone in the venue was friendly, helpful - brought snacks in basket for couple on location shoot, it was so helpful!)

- amazing garden area with beautiful fountain, fireplace in front of bride and groom on the ceremony, arches, metal gates, greenery walls, and much more, hard to describe all the details!)

- beautiful views and tall trees around (light just magic way move through them and creating so stunning pictures, its so important on couples and bridal party location shoot)

- its not enough words to describe each detail what make this location so stunning. If you planning the wedding in 2016-2017 around Tauranga area just visit this stunning place and contact me, I will be happy to have the opportunity to capture your beautiful wedding in this stunning garden venue!

Enjoy this gallery!

Contact me with any questions!


Second photographer on wedding day {Auckland-Hamilton-Tauranga lifestyle couples-engagement photographer}

I have a lot of questions from my couples about second photographer on their wedding, do they need it, what coverage better to order and what actually the point to have a second shooter on wedding day?

Im shooting weddings around Auckland, Hamilton, Tauranga and surroundings areas and can tell a lot of times I can cover wedding all by myself with all my activity, creativity, fast move around the space and try to capture all important for couple moments :).

But sometimes its just not enough, especially when you need a full day coverage, you having a big wedding with a lot of guests and events. So second photographer can capture:

  • groom getting ready when main shooter capturing bride getting ready on different location,
  • ceremony from different angles and sides (one photographer shoot bride with her father walking down the aisle, another photographer groom's reactions and even tears in their eyes, thats a priceless moments),
  • one photographer doing bridal party shots and intimate session, another one shooting them  from different angle with different focal length of the lens or doing receptions details shots and wedding guests candid shots (schedule always running late and often bride and groom enter the reception with main photographer when guests already took their places (so there is no time to capture all these beautiful details of decoration, cake etc.).

Don't forget a peoples factor: everyone can miss the moment, be tired, and just be in a different spot when something important happening. Thats why the ability to have a second shooter can save the day. I can also tell you a secret: everyone love to have a buddy at work so you feel less tired, more inspired and less stressful, wedding can be a hectic event :)

So its totally your personal choice, but I highly recommend to have a second photographer on wedding day (most of our packages offering it).

Im also like to help out other talented photographers in Auckland-Hamilton-Tauranga areas with shooting their weddings and be a part of couples special day, take of responsibilities of main shooter, don't waste the time on post-processing and enjoy creativity and fun of the day (if I have any free spots in my busy schedule, of course ;).

Have a look at these few images what I took as second shooter with Erica Jane for Kelly Oliver in Ataahua Garden Venue, enjoy this gallery!

Contact me with any questions!