The Creative fight - Book club {Auckland-Waikato-Bay of Plenty wedding photographer}

I just discover amazing book wrote by Chris Orwig "The Creative fight". Im not a reading person for a last time (shame to say years! during having 2 babies, and mostly read learning stuff online), but its so big pleasure just to hold in your hands a real book, especially THIS book and turn the pages! :)

The book content is amazing for people who think about photography, creativity, life and philosophy as well :)

Im shooting weddings a lot in Auckland, Waikato and Bay of Plenty areas and sometimes feel really tired if even I love my work. It's so busy and hectic and I really want to find beauty in details and harmony in moments. So idea about think different, outside the box and be creative with unfolding your interior feelings and open the eyes towards new ideas is really refreshing!

I'm reading chapter by chapter, week by week. Not because I don't have time to proper read it between shooting weddings (it's part true though), but also because I have the opportunity to think, do creative exercises and also discuss ideas with other photographers!

What a great world opens for us, if we want it to be open, of course ;)

If you want to change something start from yourself and your feelings about the situation (it's not a Chris Orwig quote, it's my feelings and thoughts :)

So just follow your gut!

The Creative Fight {Auckland lifestyle wedding photographer}

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