ClickinWalk 2016 Auckland {New Zealand lifestyle wedding photographer}

Last sunday I been happy to took part in worldwide ClickinWalk in Auckland, New Zealand next day after shooting wedding in Hamilton NZ. A little bit more about it from official website:

"The online relationships that have blossomed within the Clickin Moms community of over 16,000 photographers are heartwarming. ClickinWalk is an opportunity for women who know one another in the virtual world to come together in the physical world and bond with others who share their passion for photography.  This event is designed not only to give women (and men) an occasion during which to nurture friendships and professional networks, but also to provide a chance to challenge both their photography and creative skills."

It was a great opportunity to us, lifestyle photographers to meet each other, had a relaxable walk and talk and capture some images along the way :) I been proud to be one of the ClickinWalk leaders with Clair and we been thrilled to met amazing women-photographers in our New Zealand ClickinWalk. Time went really fast and we met sunset at Auckland Viaduct and Wineyard Quarter.  

Enjoy this gallery!

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