One little girl and her big day {Hamilton NZ lifestyle photographer}

I want to share with you today and few lifestyle photographs from one big day of one little girl leaving in Hamilton, NZ. Yes, its my little one and I taking pictures for family storytelling and my 365 project what Im keeping up second year in a row.

Its amazing what moments, emotions and events you can capture when you just following your little one and keep camera close - ready for lifestyle moments to happen.

Sometimes images just unexpectedly happen: right moment at right time with good light and  composition :) Thats all what we need! 

Im so happy when I look back at photographs of last year 365 project and see how my little ones grow, so fast, its such a treasured memories! I just thought I need to capture how my little one love to dress up and change a few outfits during the day and only those ones what she really liked (where she took it from? Im not so fussy, believe me! ha-ha :)

Enjoy this gallery!

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